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Write business charter based on a fictional IT Consulting firm which offers cybersecurity services.

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Part I: Project Overview

Project Manager
Project Name
Creation Date
Created By 
Approved By 

RZG’s IT Consulting

Mission Statement 
To be the leading   Information Technology (IT) Consulting Firm in Northern Virginia by providing   specialize expertise and services to our clients.With the power of RZG’s IT   Consulting teamof talented individuals, our mission is to unifybusinesses and   workforce topromote revenue growth and job security. Every industry is   competing with technology, inflation and other factors that requires growth   to compete. RZG’s IT Consulting is dedicated to offering exceptional customer   service, quality products and services which will better manage and secure IT   infrastructure. 
Business Case
The organization is performing   their activities since last two years in the IT market. Recently they have   decided to put focus over the security aspects as the number of intrusion   activities is being increased day by day. Therefore, the organization is thinking   about to build a project that can ensure the security aspects of their   organization. They are mainly focusing over the security aspects regarding   their database that they have shifted recently to cloud environment. In   addition to that, they are also planning to increase their network security   so that the intruders find it tough to break into their system.
The above project has two   different scopes. One of them is the internal scope and the other one is the   external scope. When it comes to the internal scope, it can easily enhance   the security aspects of the organization that can provide the organization with   the competitive advantage over their rival organizations. On the other hand,   the external scope mainly enhances the satisfaction level of their customers   and the enhancement in the skills of their employees.
Project Goal
The project mainly aims to satisfy   the safety requirements of the organization, RZG IT   Consulting. The safety here mainly signifies the safety regarding the   different cyber threats. As the number of intrusion is getting increased day   by day, therefore the organization has decided to implement the different   cyber security aspects so that they can make the entire system safe and   secure from the intruders.
 Students
 Faculty
 Staff
 Researchers
 Community members
Project Manager and Team 
There   needs to be some teams who can handle the entire project smoothly. These are;
  1. Equipment team
  2. Database management   team
  3. Network management   team
  4. Financial team

Part II: Details 

1.)   Security Program & Strategy Services: According to Boyle (2017), when it comes to the different security program   and the different strategy, the organization needs to decide a plan from   where they can start this process such as the cloud environment and the   network security.
2.)   Identity & Access Management: The proper access management is required in order to   identify the different risk factors. Along with that, it also defines the   people with their proper job role.
3.)   Cyber security Intelligence Response Center: This particular research center can help the   organization to provide a proper response to the IT management team regarding   the security services.
4.)   Data Security & Privacy Management: Management of the data security along with the privacy   management is required in order to enhance the safety measures of the   organizational data.
5.)   Vulnerability & Penetration Testing: Vulnerability testing mainly signifies the fact the   testers would identify the areas that can be attacked by the intruders. Based   on this aspect, they need to strengthen the factors that that are prone to be   attacked.
6.)   Incident Response & Forensics: This particular deliverable is required in order to handle   the cyber threats and produce a proper report regarding the cyber attack to   the IT management team or the project manager (Young, 2016). Based on that report, the project   manager can identify the areas where they need to provide enough strength to   enhance the security features of the organization.
Insert a flow chart of Team   Members roles and responsibilities in the IT Consulting firm project which   will provide Cybersecurity services as followed:
Roles of team members in IT consulting firm
Tasks and Activities:
In order to maintain the security   of the network, the organization needs to consider some different aspects   such as different processes along with tools and technologies. First, the   organization needs to provide the proper security to their database as they   have recently shifted to the cloud environment. Moreover, they can use the   Cisco series routers and switches for their network security purpose. Along   with that, the implementation of the firewalls in between the sender and the   receiver can also enhance the security for the data transmission process. In   addition to that, the organization also needs to be aware of the different   phishing attacks or DoS attacks. Therefore, the IT management team needs to   be aware of the different security aspects that can provide them with an   ample amount of advantage regarding their rival organizations. The project   management team needs to take every security aspect very minutely so that   they can enhance the level of security in terms of data breaches and the   different cyber threats.
Project Schedule (Milestone):
In order to define the project   milestones, the project management team needs to identify he different areas   that are measurable.
One of the expected outcomes of   this project is that it can enhance the cyber security of the organization.   Therefore, according to Kerzner   (2013), the organization needs to implement different tools and techniques   that can enhance the security aspects.
Along with that, the network   security can also be taken into account when it comes to the security   features of the organization. Therefore, the organization needs to use proper   routers and the switches to provide proper strength to the security.
In addition to that, one of the   important aspects of this project is that the employees are enhanced in their   skills regarding the usage of the different tools and techniques.
Moreover, with the increased   security in terms of overall system, the customers also get satisfied.
Finally, with the enhanced level   of security the organization can have a competitive advantage over their   rival organizations. That can enhance their business performance (Burke, 2013).
Success   Factors: 
Some factors can be considered as   the success factors for this particular project. One of them is the customer   satisfaction. Having the proper security in the overall network can make the   customers satisfied. Along with that, the stakeholders may also get satisfied   with the proper security services to the network. In addition to that, the   project may also enhance the skills of the employees. therefore, it can be   said that the engagement of skilled employees can easily complete the entire   project within the stipulated budget and the proper time period.

Part III:

Budge Performance:
Budget PerformanceThe above graph derives the   different expenses regarding the project. It can be seen that, the cost   regarding the operational process in increasing from year to year as the   organization tries to strengthen their operational processes. The same thing   happens regarding the cost of maintenance and the equipments that are   required for the project completion. In addition to that, the organization   would also increase the network security costs, as they are likely to   strengthen their network security more. Along with that, the risk assessment   also needs to have an ample amount of funding; therefore, the amount of the   risk assessment also is increased in the upcoming years.
Risk Management and Assessment:
In order to find out the different   risk factors, the project manager needs to go through all the different   aspects regarding the project such as the requirements for the project   completion. According to Kusteret al. (2015), the risk can be in   the form of unskilled employees. Without providing proper training, the management   cannot take any certain employee to the project management team. Therefore,   the manager needs to know the background of the employees who are in the   project management team. Along with that, the installation of the different   IT equipments such as the switches and the routers needs to be done properly;   otherwise, the intruders may find it easy to break into the system. Moreover,   the cloud platform is new to the employees. Therefore, the project manager   needs to provide the proper raining to the employees regarding the fact that   how they can handle the cloud platform.
Risk Identification and   Assessment:
In order to identify the risk   factors, the project manager needs to know the actual factors that can cause   risk to the entire project. In order to assess the risk regarding the   project, the manager can have a proper look at all the different aspects of   the project. The improper implementation of the different network security   tools can be a risk factor for the project. Along with that, the manager also   needs to know the strength and the weaknesses of the project management team   (Schwalbe, 2015).   Therefore, he or she can define the proper job role to every team member.   Moreover, the cyber security aspect needs to be implemented in such a manner   so that the clients and the other stakeholders of the project find it   satisfactory. The database can also be a factor that can cause risk to the   project management team. Proper maintenance of the database system can reduce   the risk factor for the entire project management team. However, this project   does not have any kind of physical risk; therefore, the managers can easily   focus over the cyber security aspects of the organization.  
Risk Register:

Risk factors
Risk regarding employee experience

Risk regarding intruders

Risk regarding implementation of the equipments

Risk regarding the budget and project completion time

Quality Management and   Performance:
In order to complete the project   regarding the cyber security of the mentioned organization, the project   management team needs to assure the proper quality regarding the project. In   addition to that, the performance of the employees also needs to be taken into   account by the project management team. The quality mainly signifies the   quality of the employees and the equipments that are going to be used in the   project. Moreover, the quality also signifies the fact that that is related   to the cyber security. According to Šmite (2014), the network management needs to be proper so that   the intruders find it tough to break into the system. Along with that, the   proper maintenance of the cloud environment is also required in order to   assure the quality. In addition to that, the skilled set of employees can   also provide quality by their performance such as the implementation or   handling of the different tools and technologies.
Project Completion 
First of all the project needs to   define their documents that have been used in order to complete the project.   This signifies the fact that the project manager has maintained the   confidentiality in terms of the documents that no documents have been   outraged. Along with that, there needs to be a proper measurement of the fact   that what the condition of the oprganisation is now after completion of the   project. They need to identify the differences from the earlier scenario. The   measurement of the differences can easily help the organization to identify   the areas in which they have really done well. Based on the measurement, the   project manager can easily recommend some future planning regarding the   project that can enhance the performance of the entire organization.
The entire project mainly defines   the different parts of the project management of the organization that deals   with the different IT services. The study also describes the areas in which   the project manager of the organization needs to focus. The employees need to   be skilled enough so that they find the project interesting. Along with that,   the study also defines the scope of the project and the different   deliverables that are required in order to complete the project.