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Make a report on MUSICAL museum in­clude ART museum.

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Document management

Project registration

1. Project name- The name of the proposed project is Noosa Musical and Art Museum

2. Project Identifier: The unique project identifier is NMAM_541.

3. Project Creation date- The proposed project plan Noosa for the Musical and art museum commenced on 17th of June 2017. The initial project leader and head is Mr.  Shaikh Madina Siddiqui.

4. Name of sponsors and clients- This project plan has good amount of cost involved for this purpose Dyldam Developers will fund the development process. Apart from these, other financial funding will be procured by banking institutes.

5. Project- The project is about developing the musical museum in such manner that it contains world's foremost collection of self-musical instruments.

6. Project managers- The project will be headed by Shaikh Madina Siddqui.

Executive summary


  • Betterment of tourism in Noosa: - Tourism in Noosa is a very important aspect of its economy so with the development of this museum it will attract the tourist towards and will enhance the economy of the museum with it. Better recognition of traditional love for music- The music in Noosa is one of the subject based on which this development of museum took place. The people of Noosa are emotionally attached to their music which is why this development of musical museum took place to give  better recognition and emphasis on music.
  • Unique project- Musical museum development is very unique development project people will be attracted towards it because of it uniqueness which will enhance the performance of the museum economically.    

Business Drivers

  • Cultural and musical Highlight: - The love for music in Noosa, will give this project to achieve success. As Noosa is culturally incline towards music and musical instruments will help this unique project of developing a musical huge success.
  • Local Government support: - The music culture of Noosa has given access to project as it has been supported by the local government of Noosa . It will help the project to develop the musical museum to develop efficiently creating opportunities for other unique projects.
  • Focus on collecting creative instruments- The focus of this musical museum is to collect various and different creative musical instruments which will help in finding new various kinds of musical instruments.  

Justification Criteria

The museum is made with purpose of increasing tourism in Noosa as it is considered as tourist spot for its beach but with creation of this museum the tourist will get attracted to this unique museum and the economy of Noosa will increase. Noosa valley’s economy is dependent on tourism.  

Proposed Solution

There are many issues that the project may face regarding the authenticity of the musical instruments and music which the development project of the musical for these issues the proposed solutions are the formulation of a musical association to deal with these issues and Gathering all the musical instruments under one roof.    

Key Objectives

The main objective of the project is to create an cooperation between various musical organization so that it can represent various multicultural music under one roof. The other main objective of the museum is to promote its native culture of music Worldwide. Promoting Music is also an objective of the project.

Priority Status

The museum is made with a focus of promoting tourism in Noosa and with it it is also promoting the cultural heritage of Noosa by portraying its love for music. Therefore, the project is very important for both the organization and the government of Noosa. The government is supporting this development.   


There are various benefits of this project it will promote music and the musical heritage but with  it will also encourage new musical artist and will also show the history of musical legends and their legendary performance. The museum also portrays the and encourages the growth of musical field and will unite the musical legends under one roof with different musical instruments.   


There will be a very good platform which be set for the new music artist to portray their music talents via this museum and various people visiting this museum will get a sound knowledge of music and will get to know about the rich history of various musical instruments. The tourism in Noosa Junction will increase and the economy will increase.


Various stakeholders are interested in the development of the museum music artist and government being in them. Various music organization are also interested in it music company like Yamaha Music products and Zoom Corporation.

Project Information

1 Integration Management

1.1 Methodology: The project will use Prince2 method of project development through which they can chalk out their aims and plans to achieve their goal of development efficiently. Through this method, they can set their short-term goal in order to achieve them by a process they can assess their work easily and can exercise control over the development process. For this purpose, the project manager chose Prince2 method of development (Too  & Weaver, 2014).   

1.2 Change Control: Change in control means controlling, implementing, and proposing the subject that is to be changed, to asses and control the development process efficiently and coordinating every aspect of the process by changing staffs and manager according to their respective efficient fields so that they perform better and complete their individual goals . This will help the project manager to evaluate and exercise proper control (Turner, 2016).

1.3 Performance Reporting: Performance of each work will be assessed and evaluated to know. Short-term goal and then will be reported and assessed after its completion to evaluate its performance level. According to this process then the performance of each staff will be checked and reported to the leader that this will be done to rectify the strength and weakness of the staff to help them overcome their weakness and applying their strengths in proper fields to achieve employment efficiency.

1.4 Audit: Internal check system will be established in development process to check everything relating to financial statements, cost evaluation, safety of the employees and work environment to asses that everything is properly reported and to check whether all the transaction recorded are fair and not overvalued (Balai & Singh, 2013).

1.5Document management

Distribution list

Ajay Anand kumar
Project Leader

Jyoti Chopra
Project team member

Priya Minhas
Project team member

Amanpreet Kaur
Project team member


: In this project their wi9ll the Resolution manager and is dependent on his team of 10 members in completion of work on time the project also dependent on the funds which it will be getting from the Stakeholders it is highly dependent on the funds (Selander Arvidsson RODRIGUEZ & Eld, 2017).

2. Scope Management

2.1 Deliverables:

It is highly important that important process and key process have to be recorded as milestones in the project life. Deliverables like output by each process has to recorded. It will help the organization to record and analyze the future prospects of the development process. They are as follows-


Time required
Starting Time
Ending Time
Cost Incurred
Building Musical instruments statues
15 days
Cinema projectors
10 days
Meetings with different musicians
30 days

2.2 Task Break Down structure

2.3 Product break down structure:-

2.4 Inclusions:

The marketing process in this development process because the market of instruments will determine the cost that can be incurred in the development process. The marketing process will hugely determine the development of the museum. The organization will install new musical instruments and new statues of musical legends.   

2.5 Exclusions

The organization will exclude parking zone and inside cafe in the museum for the development process as it is not necessary for the organization things in museum, which is not related to the development of the museum structure.

2.6 Handover:

Documents related to the development will be reported, checked and will be properly will be handed over to the proprietor at the end of the project. All the cost, which has been incurred in carrying the project, will be submitted and handed over to the funding institutions respectively to increase the reliability of the cost incurred in the project. Proper accounting statements that have been maintained during project will be handed over to the auditors at the time of auditing to look at the fairness of accounts, which is prepared (Nicholas & Steyn, 2017).   

3. Time Management

3.1 Schedule:

Time require in days
Starting Date
Ending Date
Initializing the   work of the museum
30 days
Establishing key requirements of the museum
40 days
Modification of   the work of the museum
40 days
Planning of the   work of the museum
25 days
Defining Responsibilities   to every official
30 days
Starting the work of the museum
30 day
Purchase of Instruments for the museum
60 days
Foundation layout of the museum
50 days
Building  statue for the museum
160 days
Basic structure construction of the museum
90 days
Painting the   museum
15 days
Installing roof to the museum
30 days
Completion The   work of the museum.
43 days

The above time schedule shows the task that will be carried out by the organization for the development of The Noosa museum (Kerzner,2013).

3.2 Milestones:

Due dates
Museum Building planning
Government Approval
Establishment of statues of famous artists
Arranging Instrument
Promoting online resource

The following table shows the key milestones of the development process 

4 Cost Management 

4.1 Budget 

Estimated budget
1. Planning of the museum 
Main requirements of the project museum work
Basic things require at the project museum
Task planning of musical museum
Involvement of different task in carrying out the musical   museum
Duty required to make the musical planning
Resources available for the project work for musical museum
2. Market survey of the audiences interested in musical museum
3.  Raw material required to build the museum
4. Excavation made on the project work of the museum
5. Museum building formation 
6. Decoration on the interior walls of museum
7. Museum structure
8. Construction of plumbing in internal areas of museum
9.Electricity required in museum 
10. Construction of plumbing based on external   areas of museum
11.   Basic work made on project work in musical museum
12. Installation of wallboard in musical museum
13. Painting on the interior walls of the museum
14. Musical instruments
15.Installation of proper lighting in museum
16.Painting in outside walls of the musical museum
17. External doors fittings of the museum
18. Internal walls fittings of the museum
19. Roof decoration of the museum
$ 10,000
20.Furniture installation in the musical museum


 4.2 Estimating Methodology:

In order to carry out the budget of the project work, there is an involvement of many assumptions that are based on the experiences made by the audiences. Moreover, planner of project has made planning of the resources that arises in the project work. This is based on the exact market survey made by the planner (Potts & Ankrah, 2014). Moreover, there are certain consumptions made from many business planning. In addition to that, the planners are hired especially to make the exact control of the project work.

4.3 Confidence level:

In order to carry out the project work, there is a huge requirement of the confidence level. It can be referred as planning that helps in raising the confidence level to finish the project work set at a given time (Yim, 2014). This includes with the planning of the audience that appears in the museum. 

4.4 Contingency:

While carrying out any business or project working, there is a high requirement of the contingency planning that is required at the time of project. Moreover, the project managers could easily identify the problems and need to implement the planning in the contingency. The exact contingency plans helps to carry out the project in future. This could be known from the demand of the audiences supporting the music's (Fu & Teng, 2014). This creates a high growth of the project work and helps in the proper execution of the project work. 

4.5 Source of Funds:

In the given case, the funds are required to carry out the successful proposed project planning. The main sources of funding are provided from the owners that is Dyldam Developers. The owner has invested the maximum source of funding to carry out the musical museum that contains with the self-made musical instruments. Other sources of fundings appear from the audiences that would appear at the time of project work. There would be huge requirements of the funding as the owners tries to earn the maximum profit from the project work. Moreover, the market planner could make the exact planning that helps the owner to earn the maximum profit.  

4.6 Cash Flow:

The cash flow requires at the time for making the project planning that is musical museum. The cash flow funding depends on the startup costing that provides the funding in making the building in the museum (Kujala,  Brady & Putila, 2014). Moreover, the funds would flow at the time of proper marketing planning This creates the profit that are made at the time of audience appearing after starting of the museum. Cash flows appear from the as much funding that appears from the audience appearing at the time of starting of the project to the ending time. 

5. Human Resource Management: 

5.1 Stakeholders: 

Stakeholders are the people who are interested in the development and will give their help in the developing process. In this development process Of the Noosa museum, the stakeholders or the interested parties are as follows:

·         The project manager is the leader of the development work who will analyze and pass different orders to manage the developing process

·         The development team will help the manager in the developing process.

·         The architecture group will help the developing of statues

·         The database administration will administer the data and information available for the development process

·         Computer operatives to analyze the process a group of people will help the manger in the development process.

·         Management support staff will help the management to exercise proper control on the development

·         Administrative support staff will help the administrator to efficiently administer the development

·         Control and organizational group will help the worker to coordinate in the development.

·         Functional analyst will analyze the functions of the development to make it more efficient.

·          Construction Manager will  manage the construction work of the development

·         The site manager will manage issues regarding the development site programs.

·         The method analyst will analyze the method to make the development process easy.

These are the entire stakeholder who will take care of the development process.

5.2 Resource Capability:

The developers who are investing in the project will provide the labor. The construction engine will recognize the amount of resources that are need in the project. Market of resource will be properly analyzed before buying resource to get resource at good quality and best prices.  

The project needs resource to start and work on the development process and efficient resource will help the development process to reach its destination and desired goal and to help the process to work efficiently. The Project management will keep record of the amount of resource available and will keep updating through methods of stock levels, which will help them to reorder the resource when the resource reaches the reorder level it will help them to record and purchase the raw material and resources efficiently. The project management will also keep record the resource which is needed by each department of work in the development process to record it output. It is also the responsibilities of the project manager to keep in check that no resource is destroyed and wasted and optimize usage of scarce resource take place. The resource will be buyer from the funds, which have been raised by the developers. The cost of the resource will depend on the market position. The resources used will be of good quality to make sure the quality of work is fine and well established.

6 Communications Management 

6.1 Organizational Structure:

The exact organizational structure is required to achieve the desired goals that includes with the hierarchical structure that depends on the merits of the workers. This are required at the time of completion of the project work (Balter, Gottman, Botzong & Sullivan, 2017). The proper organizational structure helps in achieving the success that are coordinated with the Bureaucratic structure that helps in carrying out all the activity and planning in an organized manner. The project manager has provided the proper frame of the structure that helps in the better working of the organization.

6.2 Escalation:

In order to achieve a high development of the organization, there are certain conflicts and issues that are rises in the company (Holsapple, 2013). In order to mitigate these problems, there is a requirement of the persons that can deal with the problems related to organization.   

7. Procurement and Contracts Management

In the procurements and contracts, planning depends on certain problems based on the management. These are follows as-

a) Procurement planning:

The procurement planning provides in the planning that are required at the time of buying of certain products related to the fulfillment of the expectations (Lonsdale, Sanderson, Watson & Peng, 2016). These are followed with certain steps that help in the planning of procurement. These are deciding the steps that needs to procure, choosing of the exact vendors, assigning the exact responsibility and given roles and requirements required at the time of given contracts.  

b) Solicitation planning:

In the solicitation planning, it includes with the developing and exact planning related withy process of the project management. 

 c) Solicitation:

Solicitation refers to the offers that are used at the time of getting the products, service that are related to the goods (Lewis-Faupel, Neggers, Olken & Pande, 2014)

D)Source selection:

The source selection depends on the certain plannings that are made at the time of working of the selection of the particular sources. 

e) Contract administration:

Contract administration depends on the set contracts that are made by the management of the company. These contracts are based on the vendors, employees and consumers (Potts & Ankrah, 2014). These provide the exact reflections of work at the time of training programs. 

f) Contract close out:

The contract close out depends on the closing of the contract that is made by the administration due to problems made by the vendors or employees. Moreover, this are the actions taken by the administration for the better working (Caldwell & Howard, 2014)

8. Risk Management 

8.1 Constraints:

The constraints of project plan depends on certain planning, this includes with scheduling of time, limitations and the required scope. The project is all about the musical museum that contain world’s musical instrument. While making of the planning in the project, there is a wider scope to complete the project work (McNeil, Frey & Embrechts, 2015). Moreover, there is huge requirements of the time constraints and estimation of the budget that helps in the proposed project work in music. There is a huge necessity to control the budget to make the project work complete. The constraints also lie with the due date that lies with the completion of the project work. Moreover, lack of communication with the different stakeholders creates other constraints of the planning of project work.  


8.2 Assumptions:

There are certain assumptions made on the project planning of the music. These includes with the based assumptions that are helpful for the completion of the project. This includes-

a) The first assumptions are based on the sponsor of the project named Dyldam Developers provide the cost up to $ 4,00,000 for making a high financial services. This cost includes with the museum building, different inventories, building interior decoration and instruments required in music (Bromiley, McShane, Nair & Rustambekov, 2015). These things are highly required at the time for the completion of the project that is Musical museum, which contains with the world’s best collection of the self-played musical instruments. 

b) The second assumptions is made that the project work in musical museum has been completed in the set time.

c) The third assumptions are based on the security of the instruments of the musics that are kept in the museum at the time of project work. 


8.3 Potential Issues:

The main potential issues that are based on this musical museum project. The proposed project is the Pride Noosa Musical Museum includes with certain problems that creates a high project for the completion of the project work. This is as follows:-

a) These includes with the loss of inventory that can cause a high potential problems in the musical museum project. 

b) There is another potential problem that lie with lack of resources (Bolton, Chen & Wang, 2013). The musical instruments require high resources in continuing the project work. 

8.4 Dependency:

While carrying out the musical museum project work there is a huge necessity of the dependency. They help to complete the project work. The different dependencies that are followed in the project work are follows as-

a) Engineers that helps in the construction of the museum buildings.

b) The sponsors and stakeholders that are involved in the project works. 

c) Raw materials provided by the company, in order to make the musical project successfully presented among the audiences.

8.5 Risk:

A huge involvement of certain risks comes at the time of working of the project works. This risk can creates improper planning of the project work (Teller, Kock & Gemünden, 2014). These risks are based on the internal and external sources that rise in the risk. There are three type of risk that rise in the proposed planning of project work. These are as follows:-

a) Financial risk:

The financial risk includes with the problems that arises with the raw material costing, internal designing that are associated with the finance of the project. Moreover, the sponsors providing enough capital to run the project work could tackle financial risk. At the time of building museum, musical instruments require huge capital that could be lack at the time of the project works. In the proposed project work, it is very important to identify the financial risk that may hamper the project operation for completion.  

b) Lack of human resources:

The lack of human resource can creates another risk that arises at the time of project work. This lack of human resources lies with external sources of risk. Moreover, these human resources includes with the entire person that helps in the operation of the project work. These human resources includes with the construction engineers, marketing planner, interior designer etc. The lacking of construction engineers creates problems at the time of building of museum that is required at the time operation. Moreover, there is a huge requirement of the interior designer to complete the designing area after construction of the museum building (Li, Fan, Lee & Cheng, 2015). The marketing planner provides planning of the operation that are based on music in the museum. This planning helps to bring the musical audience at the time of starting of programs. 

c) Losing the support of the stakeholders:

There are high risk factors of losing the support of stakeholders. This lies with the external sources of risk. This stakeholder includes with the sponsors as well as human resources that helps in the operation of the project work.  

9 Quality Management

The quality of this project work depends on the outcome that could ensure different progress in supervision of the project work. The performance of the management depends on the exact planning and monitoring of the project works (Goetsch & Davis, 2014). This helps in building up of high work in the project work.  


10. Recommendations:

It has been recommended that a building of the unique museum helps in providing huge audiences. Moreover, this unique feature helps in bringing a large amount of tourist. It has been recommended that making good relations provide unique features among the stakeholders. Moreover, this helps in completion of the project work at the set time. It has been also recommended that the guide can provide help to the tourist person to communicate properly. This helps the tourist to know about the music more clearly. This would build up a better relationship with the tourist and the guides.  

11. Approval

12. Sign Off


Shaikh Madina Siddique
Project Manager
Sandeep Singh
Legal Advisor
Mohd Ilyas
Love Preet Singh
Assistant Project Manager


 13. Conclusion

The development of this musical museum will enhance the music culture of Noosa junction and will promote music there. The project mainly focuses developing the musical museum by installing new musical instruments and statues of legends, which will relate to their legendary history. This study has evaluated on various aspect of project management and discussed it broadly. A detailed study has been done to evaluate on this aspects.