PUB015-6/STI015-6 Appraisal On Research Papers: Public Health Intelligence Assessment 1 Answer

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Public Health Intelligence

Assignment 1: Critical Appraisal

Assessment 1

  • Critical Appraisal

-1,500 words, 40%

  • Write a critical appraisal on one of the research papers provided on the Assessment and Feedback page of the unit shell on BREO
  • Choose the article you are the most interested in, either due to:
    • Research study design
    • Focus of the article (frailty, COVID-19, diabetes, sarcopenia, wellbeing of vulnerable mothers)

Assessment 1: Article Choice [1-3]

Study Design
Yu, R, et al. (2020). Effects of a multicomponent frailty prevention program in prefrail community- dwelling older persons: a randomized controlled trial. J Am Med Dir Assoc, 21(2): 294.e1-294.e10.
Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT)
Du, R-H, et al. (2020). Predictors of mortality for patients with COVID-19 pneumonia caused by SARSCoV-2: a prospective cohort study. Eur Respir J, 55(5): 2000524.
Safabakhsh, M, et al. (2018). Fruit and vegetable intake and pre-diabetes: a case–control study.Eur J Nutr 57(8): 2953–2962.

Assessment 1: Article Choice [4-5]

#ArticleStudy Design
4Kim, H, et al. (2016). Prevalence and risk factors of sarcopenia. Geriatr Gerontol Int, 16: 110-122. Cross-sectional
5Balaam MC and Thomson G. (2017). Building capacity and wellbeing in vulnerable/marginalised mothers: A qualitative study. Women Birth, 31(5):e341-e347.

  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the research study

  • Use a relevant appraisal tool that is suitable for the type of research study being appraised
  • These will be discussed in class and include:
    • CASP Tools
    • PEDro
    • JADAD
    • GATE
    • JBI
  • Attach the appraisal tool you used as an appendix

  • Format your appraisal
    • Title Page
    • Introduction
      • Tell the reader that this is a critical appraisal and make sure you cite the article you’ve chosen to appraise
  • Appraisal
    • Follow the format of the tool, including subheadings
    • Example (CASP Cohort)
      • Are the results of the study valid?
      • What are the results?
      • Will the results help locally?
  • Conclusion
    • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Refer to the threshold expectations for guidance
    • Relevant literature to support your arguments
    • References should be cited both in the text and at the end in a reference list
    • Don’t forget to reference the article you’ve appraised
    • Presentation standards
  • If you have any questions use the surgery hours or the face-to-face workshops

  • Use the appraisal tool for guidance
  • Try and prepare a draft at least 10 days before the submission is due
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