PUBH 6007 Program Design, Implementation And Evaluation: Online Quiz Answer

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Subject Code and Title: PUBH 6007 Program Design, Implementation and  Evaluation 

Assessment: Assessment 3: Online Quiz 

Individual/Group: Individual 

Length: 1 Quiz  Quiz consists of 10 Multiple Choice Questions and 5  Short Answer Questions 

Learning Outcomes: 1. Understand the principles of needs assessment, different types of community needs and analysis leading to prioritisation of health needs 2. Describe and construct a program theory and program logic diagram for a program based on prioritised need 3. Construct a clear program plan using goals, objectives, strategies and indicators in preparation for implementation and evaluation 4. Design the implementation of a program, including; stakeholder engagement, communication strategies, and budget and time management strategies 5. Understand and explain the principles of evaluation, types of evaluation, ethical issues and roles of an evaluator 6. Develop knowledge of how to conduct an evaluation of processes, impacts and outcomes of a program 7. Understand concepts of effective evaluation reporting and dissemination

Weighting: 20% 

Total Marks: 100 

This assessment requires that students complete one online quiz. The quiz is comprised of 5  multiple‚Äźchoice questions (8 marks each) and 5 short answer questions (12 marks each).  Responses to short answer questions can be up to 200 words. The quiz reflects content from  the learning resources and facilitated content delivered throughout the study period.  Students have two hours to complete the quiz.   

Assessment 3 is due in week 12.  


Students must access the quiz via the Blackboard site, and complete before the allocated  due date (specified on Blackboard).  Please note that the quiz.

Assessment Criteria  

Multiple Choice questions are correct or incorrect.   Short answer questions will be assessed according to: level of knowledge/understanding  demonstrated (70%), and effective communication (20%) (see Learning Rubric Below).  

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