PUBH6000 Social, Behavioural And Cultural Factors In Public Health Assessment 1 Answer

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Subject Code and Title

PUBH6000: Social, Behavioural and Cultural Factors in Public Health


Assessment 1: Report ‐ Social Determinants of Health




1,500 words (+/- 10%)

Learning Outcomes

This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes:
  1. Analyse the impact of social, environmental and behavioural factors on the health of different populations
  2. Analyse population health outcomes and the major social, economic, political and cultural forces that contribute to healthinequalities
  3. Apply theoretical frameworks to develop effective health promotion interventions.


  1. Choose one population group in Australia (e.g. men/women, low socioeconomic status, rural/remote, people with disabilities/mental illness).
  2. Select one of the common chronic diseases in Australia from the following list:
    • Arthritis
    • Asthma
    • Back pain
    • Cancer (please specify such as lung cancer, breast cancer etc.)
    • Cardiovascular disease
    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
    • Diabetes
    • Kidney disease
    • Osteoporosis
  3. Describe the burden of the selected chronic disease within your chosen population. Please describe burden of disease in terms of any two of following: incidence, prevalence, mortality, morbidity, survival or quality of life.
  4. Discuss how the social determinants of health can explain the burden of the selected chronic disease within your chosen population.
  5. Propose a public health intervention to prevent the selected chronic disease in your chosen population that addresses at least one social determinant of health (e.g. working conditions/ unemployment, social support, transport, housing conditions, education, access to healthcare).
  6. Explain what other sector/s aside from the health sector could be involved in your public health intervention.

Please see the template below for more details and guidance on how to address this assessment.

Assessment 1 Template

Please use this template to develop your assignment 1

(Title of your assignment)

Assessment 1: PUBH6000: Student name , Student ID


Provide a short introduction which gives the reader an overview of the whole assignment.

Briefly introduce the public health problem of the selected chronic disease and identify the specific population group that your report will focus on. Explain that your report will propose an intervention to address a social determinant of health for this population group.

(Introduction should not longer than half a page)

Social determinants of (selected disease) for (chosen population)

Burden of (selected disease) within (chosen population)

Provide an overview of the burden of selected chronic disease in your chosen population: referring to two of the following: incidence, prevalence, mortality, morbidity, survival or quality of life. In this section, you should summarise and appropriately reference information you have found from sources.

Influence of social determinants of health on the burden of (selected chronic disease) within (chosen population)

Discuss how the burden of the selected chronic disease in your chosen population can be explained by social determinants. Consider health inequities and the social gradient here, and how disadvantaged or advantaged your population is relative to general Australian population. Identify any particular social determinants that are relevant for understanding the burden of selected chronic disease in this population group. Make sure you support all your points with evidence from appropriate sources.

An intervention to address social determinants of (selected chronic disease) for (chosen population)

Public health intervention to prevent (selected chronic disease) in (chosen population)

Propose an intervention to prevent the selected chronic disease in your chosen population. This can be a completely new idea, or you can draw on ideas from research you have done on existing interventions. Describe aims and health promotion activities of your intervention.

Address one social determinant of health that you have explained in section one. Critically analyse how your proposed intervention can contribute to reducing the selected chronic disease, and why taking action on the particular social determinant of health is important.

Collaborations with other sectors

Identify at least one of the other sectors that could be involved in your intervention. Examples: education, housing, transport, local government. Clearly critically explain how this sector/s would be involved in the intervention and justify why including this sector is important.


In a short paragraph, provide a useful overall summary of your assignment for the reader. Do not introduce any new information/ideas.

Assessment Criteria


  • Use specific template for this assessment
  • Use headings as suggested in the template
  • Font style : Arial or Tahoma
  • Font size: 10 for paragraph, 12 for headings
  • Font colour: Black
  • Space: 1.5
  • DO NOT include running head, table of content, executive summary/abstract
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