PUBH6002 Global And Environmental Health Issues: Quiz 1 Answer

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Subject Code and Title: PUBH6002 Global and environmental health issues

Assessment: Quiz 1 

Individual/Group: Individual 

Length: 5 questions 

Learning Outcomes: A. Understand the concept of environmental factors influencing health, and the relevance to public health from the global to the local levels. B. Describe key agencies, institutional structures, political processes, influences on and challenges for environmental health. C. Understand the relationship between health, trade and foreign policy, and the relevant policy and legislation that governs these relationships. D. Understand the way in which globalisation and the social, economic and political determinants of health influence disease, including identification of vulnerable groups. E. Understand the concept of sustainable development

Weighting 15% 

Total Marks 100 marks

Context: This assessment explores your understanding of some of the key concepts introduced in the first three modules.

Instructions: This quiz consists of five questions. Please complete the questions and submit the assessment using the Blackboard test in the Assessments page.

Quiz questions: One of the greatest public health challenges related to climate change is the management or emerging or increasing vector-borne disease resulting from increasing temperatures and rising water levels. Read this web article and answer Questions 1 and 2. Question 1 (multiple choice) Which are the three key components that determine the occurrence of vector-borne diseases? a) Vector and host abundance, local prevalence of disease-causing parasites and pathogens and human population behaviour and disease resilience b) Prevalence of vector-borne diseases and parasites, disease resilience abundance and vector and host resilience c) Human population abundance, local disease-causing parasite and pathogen resilience and vector and host prevalence d) None of the above.

Question 2 (short answer within 300 words): In your own words, explain how climate change influences these three components to increase the rate of vector-borne disease.

Question 3 (multiple choice) The ozone layer protects the earth from excessive: a) Radon exposure b) Ultraviolet radiation c) Nuclear radiation d) Chlorofluorocarbons

Question 4 (multiple choice) Globalisation has affected food around the globe in several different ways. Which of the following are not one of the food-related impacts of globalisation that we explored in Module 2?

a) Contaminated food due to differing standards and production practices b) Spread of obesity worldwide due to the global trade of unhealthy food and lifestyle choices c) Increased pollution due to food transportation d) Increased trade of harmful or illicit substances e) Sustainability of food production, also impacting sustainable development goals.

Question 5 (short answer within 500 words) Foreign policy can have a profound effect on public health and the management of public health hazards. In your own words explain three ways in which foreign policy can influence public health issues and any agencies involved; you can use examples to demonstrate your points.

Assessment criteria for short-answer questions: 

Knowledge of concepts, agencies and relationships between environmental factors and health: 40% Critical analysis through effective application of concepts, including use of examples: 40% Writing quality and clarity, including adhering to the word limits set: 20%

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