PUBH6004: Assessment 3.1 Group Assessment Applied Leadership Answer

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Subject Code and Title: PUBH6004: Leadership and Effecting Change in Public Health 

Assessment: Assessment 3.1: Group Assessment – Applied Leadership Group Assignment

Individual/Group: Group Assignment

Length: 15 minutes

Learning Outcomes: 

4. This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes: 4. Apply strategies to effectively lead change and facilitate collaboration and the empowerment of others
5. Analyse the relationship among leadership, power, ethics, values and different forms of accountability
6. Apply strategies for effective change management with individuals, teams and organisations

Submission: On Campus: Presentations and submission due in Week 11 in class on a day arranged by learning facilitator
Online class: Presentations and submission due in Week 11 by Sunday 11.55 pm AEST/AEDT *

Weighting: 30%
Total Marks: 100 marks

*Please Note: This time is Sydney time (AEST or AEDT). Please convert to your own time zone (e.g. Adelaide = 11:25pm).


This assessment requires you to apply leadership skills and strategies explored in the subject as a team. You will be divided into groups. The teams will be provided a public health scenario in which collaboration and change management is required. The scenario will describe a public health related problem where a change is required, and different types of leadership roles are in consideration. Your task is to apply knowledge from this subject and critical thinking on how to respond to this scenario as a team.

Part 3.1 of the assessment required you to apply leadership skills and strategies explored in the subject as a team and deliver a group presentation (30%).

Part 3.2 is an Individual Reflection task (see dedicated brief for instructions).

Part 1: Group Presentation (15 mins; 30%)

Focusing on the challenges in the scenario, each team will present an analysis of how leadership, power, ethics and values affect each other and subsequently, provide strategies for collaboration and effective change management. (Please note that each scenario has to be addressed by the team focusing on that specific context)

You need to discuss 3 aspects from the perspective of your team leadership level:

  1. Power: In the context (scenario provided), what type of power do you have as a team?Over whom do you have this type of power? What values should you hold, and what ethical considerations should you be aware of?
  2. Collaboration and empowerment: With whom do you need to collaborate as a team? What strategies (plans of action) can you use to facilitate collaboration? How can you empower the people you lead? How can you have good governance (sharing responsibility, accountability and power)?
  3. Change: What strategies (plans of action) could you use to facilitate change management to respond effectively to the scenario?

Note: It is mandatory that each group member will present (speak).

Assessment Criteria:

Your assessment will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Effectively explains the relationships among leadership, power, ethics and values in different
    leadership roles (25%)
  • Effectively applies strategies to facilitate collaboration and empowerment of others and
    governance (including accountability) (25%)
  • Effectively applies strategies for effective change management (25%)
  • Effective Communication (25%):
    • Logical flow and order in presentation
    • Keeps to the time limit for presentation
    • Audience engagement – visual aids maintain interest, each person speaks clearly and
      is well prepared for their part
    • Written materials – accurate spelling, grammar, sentence construction
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