PUBH6007 Program Design, Implementation And Evaluation: Assessment 2 Answer

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Subject Code and Title: PUBH6007 Program Design, Implementation and  Evaluation 

Assessment: Assessment 2: Presentation/Report Program Design and  Implementation

Individual/Group: Presentation and report submission on discussion board;  peer evaluation (via discussion board). 

Learning Outcomes: This assessment addresses the following learning  outcomes:   b) Describe and construct a program theory and program  logic diagram for a program based on prioritised need  c) Construct a clear program plan using goals, objectives,  strategies and indicators in preparation for implementation  and evaluation  d) Design the implementation of a program, including;  stakeholder engagement, communication strategies, and  budget and time management strategies  e) Understand and explain the principles of evaluation, types  of evaluation, ethical issues and roles of an evaluator  f) Develop knowledge of how to conduct an evaluation of  processes, impacts and outcomes of a program.

Total Marks: 100 marks 


For Assessment 2, you will give a presentation on a designed program – planned to address an  identified need in your community, or service. You will focus on a prioritised need for developing this  plan.

Assessment Description: Presentation

PART 1:  A program logic diagram for a program based on prioritised need

PART 2: A clear program plan that discusses the following: 1. The overarching goal of the program (the overall aim that you want to achieve via  your program),   2. Objectives (specific desired changes that will help to meet the overall goal). There  should be at least 3 objectives   3. Strategies (how you will go about achieving your aim and objectives; the activities  that will contribute to the achievement of the objectives);   4. Risks or Challenges (Identify any potential challenges to the program)  i. What may occur that can put the program at risk, what are the  challenges, and how will you address them? (for example, people may  not enrol?)  5. Resources required (Financial, Physical, Human)   a. (use this link for budgets‐a‐project‐and‐ evaluation‐plan/budget/budget_overview.cfm  

PART 3: Summaries/self‐peer evaluation (20%)   Prepare a 2 page (1000 words) summary report  incorporating all the sections of the  presentation in brief. Use the same headings as the presentation.   Complete the self and peer evaluation forms  Combine the 2 documents (summary and self‐peer evaluation forms) into one PDF file, and  submit on Blackboard.  

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