PUBH6012 Capstone B: Applied Research Project In Public Health Assessment Answer

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Subject Code and Title
PUBH6012: Capstone B: Applied Research Project in Public Health
Assessment 2: Presentation
15 minute presentation
Learning Outcomes
This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes:
  1. Integrate and apply their knowledge and skills in public health
  2. Apply research skills to a public health issue
  3. Analyse the results of data collected from research, taking into consideration prior evidence and theory
  4. Understand the ethical implications for conducting a piece of public health research
  5. Present the results of findings to peers and seek feedback
7. Collaborate with other students in a small team environment in order to progress their research


For this assignment, students will present the findings of their research, via Powerpoint/Collaborate/Zoom. Other students will be invited to feedback on the findings of this research. Presentations will be 15 minutes. Presentation format may follow the format of the final research report, e.g.

  • Summary/Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Research design and methods
  • Results
  • Analysis

Assessment Criteria:

  • Clearly communicates the research purpose, justification, methods, results and analysis (10%)
  • Adapts the presentation for the specific audience (10%)
  • Presentation is well structured and easy to understand, with logical flow across sections (10%)
  • Presentation maintains interest of the audience, via creative delivery, use of presentation aids, eye contact, emphasis on key points of interest (20%)
  • Demonstrated interpretation of findings in light of previous research/theory (20%)
  • Presentation stimulates debate among audience (10%)
  • Presentation keeps to time allocated (15 minutes) (10%)
  • Student provides constructive critical feedback on other students’ presentations (10%)
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