PUBH6013 Qualitative Research Methods: Assessment 3B Investigation Presentation Answer

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Subject Code and Title: PUBH6013: Qualitative Research Methods

Assessment: Assessment 3B: Investigation Presentation

Individual/Group: Individual

Length: 500 words (+/-10%)

Learning Outcomes: This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes: c) Apply qualitative research methods through undertaking data collection through, e.g. focus group, interviews, observational methods d) Appreciate cultural and ethical considerations for qualitative research in Public Health e) Understand sampling techniques, bias and rigour as they apply to qualitative research f) Apply coding and analysis techniques to qualitative data.

Weighting: 10%

Context: This assessment involves preparing a report with data analysis/discussion of interviews and a brief presentation. There are two steps for this assignment. 

Part A involves writing a report and 

Part B involves a 10 minute presentation in class. 

Assessment 3B advances skills in presenting the rationale, process, and results of a qualitative project. Key understanding includes how to present key information from their project design and results in a concise and effective fashion, and how to deliver a presentation effectively. The assessment prepares students for an important task common to the public health practitioner role.


Summarise your research question, methods, interview process, data analysis and results in a 5 minute presentation.

You can use the presentation mode of your choice ie PowerPoint, Prezi

Note: Online students may find PowerPoint easier to use, as it allows you to record narration to each slide. 

Submit Part A by uploading them via the Assessment 3 submission portal in Blackboard. On-campus students will submit Part B through an in-class presentation. Online students will submit Part B by uploading their recorded presentation to the relevant forum thread in Blackboard.

Assessment Criteria:

• Understands the purpose of the presentation, and includes the content required in a professional manner (40%) 

• Effective presentation skills (60%)

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