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Information about Queensland Institute of Business and Technology

Queensland institute of Business and Technology has got two campuses one at Mount Gravatt and the other one is located at Gold Coast which means that the students gets to select the campus that they prefer to study in. they can either choose to stay at bustling city of Brisbane by selecting the Mt Gravatt campus or they can choose the more relaxing environment of the Gold Coast by selecting the other campus. Whichever suits the students best they should pick that. Of late the institute is known as The Griffith College. 

The college is partnered with the university with the same since 1997 but the change in name only happened in the December of 2015. The college has helped no less than 14,000 students to realize their dreams. The college gets its approval form the Australian Government’s Education Department. The university understands the difficulty that a student faces while trying to cope with the studies of the university and therefore offer a huge help to the students who are finding it difficult to adjust in such environment. 

Some learning and also mentoring support services are available so that the students do not find themselves at a complete loss. 

These assignment help services are there so that the students can have a smooth transition into their university life. Students who are facing certain difficulties regarding their studies should contact the support service for learning as they are there to help them understand the skills that they will require to complete their course. The University supports all round development of its students; they therefore offer consultations by trained counselors and they will come up with a solution for whatever problem a student is facing. 

It can be a personal problem or if they are finding their studies difficult. If any student is feeling unsafe then they are advised to consult with the counselors immediately. The counselors will talk to the students about things that are bothering them. Students who are coming from abroad should know that the University does not compromise with the quality of education that they provide. Around 53% of the student population in the university is of foreign students. Not only the education but the students will also get a first-hand experience of the lifestyle the country has to offer. The two campuses have two very different environments. Mt Gravatt, located in Brisbane, has numerous parks in which the students can relax or play any kind of sport that they like. 

In Gold Coast they can really take their load off by visiting the beautiful sea shores. Near both the site of the campuses there are a large number of medical services for the international students as well as local students.

Courses Offered On Queensland Institute of Business and Technology

Students applying for a place in the institute should know that the college has four level of program that the student will have to go through before passing out of the college. These are:

  • The Foundation Program
  • Diploma(select from the wide range of program)
  • Associate degree in Commerce and Business
  • Masters qualifying program


The students can select from a vast variety of subjects, such as:

  • Arts and Communication
  • Criminology and criminal justice
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Health care
  • Hotel management
  • Science
  • Health Science
  • Commerce
  • Information Technology
  • Social and Psychological Science

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