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Glenmore Hotels are a chain of budget hotels in Scotland planning to expand their business into the rest of the UK.  

However, there have been a number of common customer complaints into their facilities and services over the last 3 years and customer satisfaction rates are lower than the industry average.  

The board of directors would like to improve the quality of customer experience across the chain before expanding.  

You work in the Head Office of Glenmore Hotels. Your line manager has assigned you to examine the complaints and investigate principles related to improving ‘the customer experience’ and then write a report that recommends a step-by-step process for improving the hotel’s facilities and services.

Task 1.  

This task is intended to assess your ability to write in a formal and correct English.  

You are a supervisor of a customer service team. A member of your team has to write an email to a very important client, Mrs. Jane Smith an executive at British Petroleum. They have asked you to proof read their email before sending it. You will notice that there are many errors in it. Identify the errors and re-write the email according to the standards of professional writing, paying particular attention to the formality of the language and the structure of the paragraphs.  

Task 2.  

This task is intended to assess your ability to write a well-structured essay that directly responds to a task set in an assignment.  

Write an essay with reference list under the TITLE “An explanation of each stage in the procedure for writing an assignment.”  

Task 3.

This task is intended to assess your ability to take complex ideas and summarise them clearly into your own words

I.  Summarise the following paragraph in a single sentence and in your own words. Make sure that you add an appropriate citation.  

The first step of CEM framework provides original insight into the customer‟s world. For consumer markets, it is necessary to analyse the sociocultural context in which consumers operate including their experiential needs and wants, as well as their lifestyles. For business-to business (B”B) market, we need to analyse the business context including requirements and solutions that might impact the experience of customers. Management must relate broad-based lifestyle and business trends to the usage situations to ultimately to the brand - a process that I refer to as “funnelling.”  

II.  Summarise the following paragraph in a single sentence and in your own words. Make sure that you add an appropriate citation.  

The importance of “experience” in creating competitive advantage is fully discussed by Pine and Gilmore (1998, 2011), Schmitt (2003), Verhoef et al. (2009), Shaw (2005), and other experts. “Experience,” which refers to the new economic value or the fourth offering, after commodity, good, and service, is the new engine of economic growth for organizations (Pine and Gilmore, 1998, 2011). The proper management of customer experience can turn customers into advocates, upon which long-term competitive advantage and profitability can be achieved (Smith and Wheeler, 2002).

III.  Summarise the following paragraph in a single sentence and in your own words. Make sure that you add an appropriate citation.  

Portfolio relationships involve the „capture‟ of the customer using a variety of products or services. Banks, for example, work hard to establish a relationship with their customers by selling (and in order to sell) multiple „products‟, such as current accounts, loans, house loans, insurance and executor services. This provides the customer with benefits such as a single point of contact for their service/ product portfolio, discounts for new services/ products bought, loyalty bonuses etc. The downside for customers who wish to switch is often the difficulty in untying themselves from the set of services/ products. The benefits for the organisation are that portfolio relationships provide higher-value customers, a longer-term revenue stream, opportunities to cross-sell other services or products to customers who are already engaged with the organisation, and also valuable information from and about that customer base.  

Task 4.

Use only the texts specified below.  

This task is intended to assess your ability to incorporate researched material and provide in-text citations in your work.  

I.  Go onto the online library and locate the following text:  

Smith, S. and Milligan, A. (n.d.). 2015. On purpose. Delivering a Branded Customer Experience People Love. London: Kogan Page [online] available at: 

Using the specified text, explain what is meant by the term „infectious communication.‟ Ensure that you provide at least one direct reference.  

-  Paraphrase and use brief quotations  

II.  Go onto the online library and locate the following text:  

Wilburn, M. 2007. Managing the customer experience. Milwaukee, Wis.: ASQ Quality Press. [Online] Available at: Read pp24-33  

Using the specified text, explain the benefit to an organisation of a customer experience research programme  

-  Paraphrase and use brief quotations to convey the information.  

III.  Explain three ways, found in Wilburn and Smith & Milligan that Glenmore can improve the customer experience of the hotel.

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Answer :

Task 1

As the supervisor of the customer service team the email received from one of the team members which is to be sent to one of our most important clients Mrs. Jane Smith, has been corrected accordingly. There are many grammatical and spelling errors found in the document along with that the tone of the email also requires correction. Hence the email has been corrected accordingly.

Subject: Regarding booking of rooms in Glenmore Hotels

Jane Bateman
British Petroleum
With due respect this email is to confirm your bookings in   our hotel. This email is to check whether the information provided regarding   your booking in this hotel is correct and you have understood and has   affirmed to our organizational policies.
Your requirement was booking 20 rooms from Monday to   Friday for 6 weeks in the month of October and November. Please confirm the   dates that I have mentioned below
2nd to 6th October
9th to 13th October
16th to 20th October
23rd to 27th October
30th to 3rd November
6th to 10th November
I kindly request you to confirm that the mentioned dates   and as per the hotel policy you can avail the rooms anytime after 2 P.M and   we will be highly obliged if you let us know the timings of your arrival and   departure. As per our customer policy I request you to provide us with the   passports of the employees of your organization who are to avail our   services. It is customary for the customer records of our hotel.
Patrick Bateman
Customer Services
Glenmore Hotel

Task 2:

An explanation of each stage in the procedure for writing an assignment

Writing assignments can be daunting in the initial stages but following a structured procedure can be helpful in writing any assignment. An assignment needs to be informative as well as organized. Before writing an assignment one requires to plan and do the research accordingly. First step of writing an assignment is proper planning as it helps to be focused and keep a track of the proceeding.  The second step is to analyze the questions which are required to be answered. Often assignments are consisted of more than one tasks, in that case it is important to fulfill the tasks and meet the criteria in order to successfully meet with the learning outcomes. Analyzing the question is a crucial stage of the process, thus it is important to have a clear view of the topic and the questions. The third stage is to draft an outline of the structure of the assignment. 

For example for an essay assignment the outline can be introduction to introduce the topic, discussion of the topic and an appropriate conclusion.  Before beginning the research it is important to read critically and take notes for the assignment then plan of the writing needs to be initiated. The fourth step is before writing the assignment, seeking enough information on the topic. In the next step the assignment is being written following the outline of the draft which can be considered as the structure of the assignment and finally it is important to go through the complete assignment once more and check whether all the criteria have been met and then to proofread the complete document more than once. Categorizing any assignment based on the sub tasks can prove to be helpful in managing time and one can write the assignments more easily.

Task 3

Summary 1

CEM framework facilitates the understanding of the business to business market needs by analyzing the socio cultural aspects and its effects on the experimental needs of the customers. 

Summary 2

Several experts have opined that competitive advantage and sustainable profitability is depended on the customer “experience” regarding new economic value.

Summary 3

Portfolio and customer relationship is effective to provide higher value to the customer base of any organization for long type revenue and benefits.

Task 4

Infectious communication

Infectious communication indicates customers who actively share information of a particular brand and in a way creates positive awareness through sharing their views. As Smith and Milligan (2015) commented infectious communication is capable of providing an opportunity to build up audiences in order to generate a plan through the products and the idea. Infectious communication helps in the identification and developing the influences of the development plan. It helps in developing an idea which is beyond the development plan. As far as the present market scenario is concerned; the development plan can be structured through the market experience and creativity.

Briefly explain the benefits of organization for customer experiences research programme

Customer experiences research programmes help the organizations to understand the customer needs and the requirements. Along with their needs any organization can understand the factors of their business that appeals to the customers and the possible areas of improvement. As Wilburn (2013) has stated transaction study that is used for analysis of the development plan, the customer experience is helpful to develop the operational plan. It also helps in the improvement of the management plan of the organization. The research programmes are conducted in order to strategize the management plan and creating the organizational strategy accordingly based on the experience of the customers.

Explain three ways, found in Wilburn and Smith & Milligan that Glenmore can

improve the customer experience of the hotel. 

The customer experience and the customer satisfaction help in the improvement of the organizational policies and strategies. Smith and Milligan (2015) in their pertinent work mentioned that improving customer satisfaction help in generating the development plan as accordance with the organizational policy in order to develop the plan for the operational management.

As evident from the study the customers of the hotel are not fully satisfied with their services and there are a number of negative feedbacks regarding the cleanliness and customer services. Therefore the hotel can improve their services in many ways. As mentioned by Smith and Milligan delivering branded customer experience can help in the successful commencement of the business purpose. Glenmore can improve their service accordingly the customer review and change their operational policy in order to deliver quality services to the customers of the hotel. With better food services and room services along with customer and front stage employee communication the customer experience can be upgraded. It is important for the hotel to provide quality service to the customers and also provide them with the branded experience. It is difficult for the hotel to provide branded facility as this is a budget hotel. In spite of being a budget hotel it can attempt to provide some of the achievable services which are not provided by the other hotels of the similar category in order to improve the customer experience.