R/602/2064: Pearson BTEC Level 7 – Diploma In Strategic Management & Leadership Unit 6 Answer

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Assignment Cover Sheet


Course/Unit Information
Course Pearson BTEC Level 7 – Diploma / Extended Diploma   in Strategic Management & Leadership 
Unit   No.Unit 6
Unit   NameCreative and Innovative Management
Unit   codeR/602/2064

General Guidelines

(Please read the instructions carefully)

  1. Complete the title page with all necessary student details and ensure that the signature of the student is marked in the declaration form.
  2. All assignments must be submitted as an electronic document in MS Word to the LMS (Use 12 Times New Roman script).
  3. Assignment that is not submitted to the LMS by the prescribed deadline will be accepted ONLY under the REDO and RESIT submission policy of Westford. 
  4. You will PASS the full assignment task only if you achieve “AC Met” in each of the Assessment Criteria. 
  5. The results are declared only if the student has met the mandatory attendance requirement of 75% and/or a minimum of 50% under extenuating circumstances approved and ratified by the Academic Director. The student has to repeat the module (with additional fees applicable) if the attendance is below 50%. 
  6. The assignment should not contain any contents including references cited from websites like www.ukessays.com , www.studymode.com, www.slideshare.net, www.scribd.com . 
  7. Students can refer Wikipedia as a source of information, but the references cited in Wikipedia has to be mentioned. 
  8. Submit the assignment in a MS Word document with the file name being:

First Name Last Name_ abbreviation of the subject. 

Example: John Smith_CIM. 

Task 1: Report covering LO1, LO2, LO3 & LO4.


Assignment titleCreative   and Innovative Management
Scope   (LOs and ACs) of this assignment: 

Learning Outcome 1: Understand the importance of   creative and innovative management in organisation.

Learning Outcome 2: Be able to support creative and innovative   management processes for an organisation.

Learning Outcome 3: Be able to influence others to effect change   in an organisation.

Learning Outcome 4: Be able to plan to overcome barriers to   implementation of creative and innovative management ideas in an organisation.
Read   the following Scenario, and prepare a report with the guidelines provided. 

Scenario:   Choose   any organisation of your choice, preferably where you are working or familiar   with and should be Product oriented / Service oriented / Knowledge oriented. The   chosen organisation should have scope for promoting and implementing creative   and innovative management ideas. Understand the chosen organisation, its   purpose, vision, mission, objectives, goals and its area of business. Also analyze   the organisation’s intention to be creative and introduce innovations in its   area of business. 

Note: The organisation can be a domestic (or) international   (or) Multinational (or) Global organisation.

Based on your   understanding of the creative and innovative management practices in the   chosen organisation, prepare a report by addressing all the questions given   below: 

The   report should include the following:
1)    Executive Summary
2)    Introduction of the   chosen organisation along with overview of CIM activities
3)    Understand the   current CIM processes in the chosen organisation and evaluate them. 
4)    Provide a detailed   explanation on the steps you would take to lead others in the chosen organisation   to positively embrace innovation and change. 
5)    Explain the Vision   and Mission of the chosen organisation and assess the influence of it on CIM   processes. You can choose any specific department if it’s a multinational   company with different products and services. 
6)    What are the   analytical tools that you would use to identify the potential creative and   innovative Management ideas in your chosen organisation? Assess the risk and   benefits of CIM ideas.
7)    Who are the stakeholders   of the chosen organisation? Identify them and produce an appropriate reason   and logic to persuade them on the benefits of CIM idea and communicate the   CIM idea to them.
8)    List few steps you   take to collect the feedback from the identified stakeholders and establish   key goals and priorities for implementation of CIM ideas which have been   decided/finalized. 
9)    Whenever there is a   change process to be implemented in an organisation, involving CIM ideas, it   is resisted and barriers may arise.Assess the barriers to the implementation of CIM ideas.  What will be the change models that you   would like to use to support the implementation of CIM ideas?  
10)  Give a strategy plan for smooth   implementation of CIM which can overcome the identified barriers that you have   assessed, and explain how the decided /finalized plan will ensure that the   innovative change is achieved. Also explain how will you communicate a   strategy plan for overcoming barriers to identified stakeholders 
11) Conclusions and   recommendations.
12) References (Adhering   to Harvard Referencing Format)

The report shall not exceed 5,000 words and   should include relevant examples and illustrations.


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