Racial Discrimination At Workplace

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Intended Learning Outcomes: 

1.  Demonstrate and justify the use of management skills to solve a contemporary social problem in a dynamic business environment.

2.  Communicate effectively to a culturally diverse audience through a structured written argument in a professional report format.

3. arch for, locate and evaluate discipline specific information.


i. Highlighting how your studies fit into the larger global picture.

ii. Presenting you with the diversity of values and viewpoints on a range of issues around the globe.

iii. Providing you with experiences to develop skills to effectively work and communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds.


The purpose of this assessment is to enable and actively engage students to lead their own action. Along with applying the knowledge and skills gained from learning about local, national and global issues, students will be supported in the development of the necessary skills of problem identification and action planning, necessary to be pro-active in making a positive difference in the world. This is also designed to provide an opportunity for students to work collaboratively and respectfully with a range of students from diverse backgrounds. 

 Each group will collaborate together to choose ONE socially-based problem in business from the list below. The group should assume that they are the Human Resources department of an organization* that is currently facing this issue and is required to provide a solution from an organizational perspective. The report generated is to be presented to the Board of directors outlining the action plan for approval. These issues could be applied in a local, national or global context (based on the type of organization) and cover aspects of diversity, equity, social inclusion and engagement, which requires a proposal for a solution or offers an opportunity for development that will involve an aspect of social advancement. Each group is required to choose ONE issue from the following list of 5 social business issues:

 1.  Gender discrimination in the workplace

2.  Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in the workplace

3.  Racial discrimination in the workplace

4.  Bullying and harassment in the workplace

As a small group**, you must be able to define the scope of the issue through inquiry/research, critically analyse the issue and arguments regarding the nature/importance of the issue; and offer solutions to the issue or a means of realising the opportunity.  

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Answer :


Promote and build opportunities for people to heal the hurts they have suffered as the victim of racism

 Racial discrimination is still occurring at many large organizations even today.  Despite of imposing strict rules and countless effort, the level of the problem has not been mitigated to a satisfying level. It is intended to highlight the problem is broader spectrum and analyze its impact on the employees. Along with this, The objective is  to promote and build  strategies  for the victim of racial discrimination which when applied can lower the problem. 

Racial discrimination is considered by many experts as one of the biggest factors which make the life of the targeted audience face serious health and mental problem later in their live. For most of the employees, workplace is a location where they tend to spend most of the duration of the day, and hence, facing such immoral activity can severely lower their self esteem causing them to fall under the grasp of mental disorders which makes them difficult to pursue normal lifestyle.  The after effects of the problem can leave a lasting impression of the victim as well. 

In general, the victims belong from a foreign ethnicity that pursues their professional career at distant land. This makes them easy targets. In most of the cases, the senior management of some organizations targets a specific individual who belong form a different culture. In extreme cases, the victim might face even physical harassments form others.

Proposed Action

  1. Organize a counselling session for the victim of racial discrimination-- The higher management of any organizations working with a diverse set of employees will make sure that effective couselling will mitigates stereotyping a particular ethnicity.
  2. Organize a “Say No to Racial Discrimiantion” campaigns in various organizations- The higher management will initiate numerous programs for campaign at the workplace on a regular frequency to organize a gathering where a candidate will represent their culture with a representative of another foreign culture.
  3. Promote workforce diversity

Change in relevant HR policies, which promote organization to hire people from different cultural background as well as providing equal opportunites.

Anticipated outcome 

1.The outcomes of consulting with an experienced counselor which is the most important resource here might help the victim to overcome the trauma they faced at workplace. 

2. The anticipated outcome is to lower down the tension among the employee and can build up strong trust issues among the employees. These workshops can be set up well within and outside of the workplace.  

3. Anticipated outcome is workplace where everyone gets equal opportunity to grow regardless of cultural background


Financial- The adequate funds are required to initiate campaign and counselling workshops

Human Resource- Experts and trainers are required, meeting with HR

Material- Campign posters, counselling workshop furnitures are required.


Today1 yearNext 3 years
Short termMid-termLong-term 
Tactical- Hiring people from different background
Strategies- A peaceful and respectful workplace where individual get opportunities to grow on the basis of talents not cultural background

Strategies- Annual review of policies, 

Tactical- Recruitment policies which promote workforce diversityTactical-Arrange frequent counselling session, and campaign to change the perception towards different culture

Key Risk Associated with Proposed actions

Organize a counselling session for the victim of racial discrimination

Slow and delayed results- Depending on the severity of the problem the victim might take anywhere between 6 months to a year to get along. 

Poor management of counselling workshop

Lack of interest of victims to attend the workshop- The biggest risk to such workshop is that the victim might feel uncomfortable to share their experience in open thus, the entire purpose of these counselling session might not deliver promised result.  (Wallace et al. 2016, p.1296). 

Counsellor’s expertise- Results of the workshop is dependent on the Counseller ‘s expertise. The low level or inexperienced couseller can be risk for proposed actions.

Organize a “Say No to Racial Discrimiantion” campaigns in various organizations

Difficult evaluation- Campign within organization is difficult to evalaute. Apart from this, Regualr campaigns are necessary to bring a change in the peception of people towards racial discrimination.

Promote workforce diversity

Poor support from top management- Results might vary and it is entirely dependent on the top management. However, the biggest risk involved with this method is that the  it take time to build up positive perception (Apfelbaum et al. 2017, p.100).

Evaluation Method

Organize a counselling session for the victim of racial discrimination

Interview from vicitm is best evalaution method to know the change in stress level or behaviour. During feedback,  victim should be asked about his/her stress level, positivity, mood swings. A stuctured interview is good option to get detailed information from victim to get deep insights about effectiveness of counselling session.

Organize a “Say No to Racial Discrimiantion” campaigns in various organizations

A survey from employees of particular situation is an effective evalutioan method to analyse the impact of campiagn within organizaton. If the survey results show a change in the perception of employees and policies of organization towards racial discrimination, it would be considered as successful campaign.

Promote workforce diversity

Review of policies will be done every month. Employee turnover rate will be observed and exit interviews will be analysed.