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What is Redis?

  1. Redis is a key value NoSQL database
  2. Redis is an open source, advanced key value store.
  3. In memory data structure store
  4. Actually stands for REmote DIctionary Server
  5. Supports built in replication, Lua scriptiong, on disk persistence, limited transaction
  6. Written in ANSI C, supports multiple plateform
  7. Offers high performance, replication and inique data model
  8. It is very cool value types;

            - List
            - Sets
            - Sorted sets
            - Hash tables
            - Append able buffers

First set of commands:> ping
PONG> echo "hello   world"
"hello world"> quit


STRINGS are similar to strings that we see in other languages or other key value stores.

Sets the value stored at the given key
Fetches the data stored at the given key
Delete the value stored at the given key
Sets the value of multiple keys
Fetches the data of multiple keys
Increses the integer value of a key by one
Increase the integer value of a key by the given amount
Decrease the integer value of a key by one
Decrease the integer value of a key by the given amount
Gets the length of the value stored in a key


  1. Redis lists are simply sequence of strings
  2. Ordered by insertion order
  3. Allows duplicates


  1. Similar to lists, redis sets are simply sequence strings
  2. Does not allow duplicates
  3. Redis sets are unordered

Finding the Features of Redis online service to Redis Assignment Help:

1) Managed redis experience

    Console, API, and CLI options to create and manage redius nodes
    Monitoring and node replacement
    Cloudwatch metrics

2) Transactions possible

     Execute commands in a single step

3) Many programming

     Ruby, python, java, lua, c, perl, node.js, scala etc

4) Sentinel server monitoring

5) Keys can have expiry time

6) Public / subscribe system