Reflection Paper On A Project Based On Cyber Security In Business Organizations

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Write a topic on "Reflection Paper on a Project based on Cyber Security in Business Organizations".

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Reflective writing is required for evaluating the experience by learning of individual on certain specific topic. Individual can discuss own experience through the learning and by providing the valuable reflection of his or her activities. This reflection would provide the information on the constructing assignment on the cyber security. 

Usefulness and effectiveness of the personal experience

Within this session, I did complete the project related to the challenges in the cyber security. This is the period of technology, which is emerging heavily, and rapidly. The organizations are in the trend to acquire the modern technology and hence they utilize the information technology as their major requirements in the business. In the recent times, the organizations depended over the online channels for making promotion of their services and products towards their target customers. Using the online channel for organizational process is not safe as there are different methods that create threat for the organization and its business. Businesses require protection for their websites as well as for other online accounts from the attack of hackers, viruses and malwares. Making this specific project, I acquired knowledge on the challenges, which are faced by the organizations, which can conduct operations through the online mode and proceses, they can implant for protecting their operations. 

Experience by the learning is effective and my supervisors and mentors did help me a huge for constructing the project in the correct manner. I used the secondary sources for collecting data for the study. They helped me choosing the correct sources and collecting the useful information from them. In addition to this, the analysis of the data and establishing the conclusion was effective by the help received from them. hence the total experience was nice and I would use them during the future in developing my career and also during the pursuing the higher educations. Along with that, I learnt the methods for conducting the research. This helped me to learn conducting different kinds of research. The research process has helped me lot which would allow me to conduct future research with more ease and reduce various challenges that I faced during this particular research. Through this research I did learn the processe4s of data collection, analysis of them and evaluating the chance, objectives and make conduct of the entire research. 

Effectiveness of the learning process 

By the learning process, this would help developing my career and other higher education. Underneath I am providing the discussion for the usefulness of the learning experience. For completing this course this is essential to have the learning experience. The experience does help me for gaining the knowledge on the business organizations, the cyber security system as well as methods to conduct the research. Hence, I have achieved huge knowledge by various aspect that facilitate to me for completing the course successfully. 

The learning experience helps to attend various research programs in the future. This may be the type of education program or any other project and internship. This learning on the specific topic helps me to gain information on the business and the cyber security that helps me for pursuing further higher education over the similar topics. I can further elaborate the research project in the future and can mange filling the gaps to display this on the larger platform. 

This learning experience will help in the future during establishing my career. This experience by the learning will help me to establish effective future and will reduce the challenges that are generally faced by obtaining any new topic for the research process. I have produced variety of knowledge on the business processes, using the cyber platform as well as the challenges from the using of cyber platform. This learning helped me to understand the research and the topic that has been provided during the course. Apart from these benefits, I can utilize the learning experiences for exploring various other topics and achieve more information and knowledge. This helps be more effective for choosing my work field in the future. 

Assessment of the learning

For constructing the research project I require choosing the topic at the first instance. For the research purpose I did choose the topic as the challenges of cyber security for the business. This is because within the business environment the cyber security is important in the current days. Huge numbers of organizations are utilizing the online platform in order to reach the stakeholders by websites and accounts of social media along with various other channels of online technology (Moniz et al. 2015). The businesses had to face the threats from the cyber attack such as malwares, viruses and hackers. This requires the security system that can protect the business and its important information from stealing and destroying. Hence, detecting the threats is important and this topic is quite interesting to me. The challenges and the remedy provided the information that is quite interesting to me. My mentors and supervisors also helped me to choose the specific topic. I did use the secondary research methods to collect the information and analyzed the same, which have perfectly drawn the conclusion. From  the research I gained knowledge on various research methodology like the secondary, primary, quantitative and qualitative research. I understood the purpose and usefulness of different research methodologies for the different research projects. In addition to this I am able to establish proper objectives of the research for the conducting of research. 

Justification of the learning process

Within the learning process, I did use the secondary information by various previous journals and articles. This has provided me with wide information on the cyber security and the challenges of the threats that can have over the business organizations. I require to make research proposal along with actual research project. My supervisor had approved the research topic before my conduct on the specific research topic. For effective researching, I require proper information, many previous research works on the same topic. I also require to find the research scope as well as the research gaps that can help conducting future research on the same topic.

The corresponding study suite proves effective and imperative for me in order to fulfill the underlying course successfully. This is because the moot intent of the corresponding suite shares a profound network with several other aspects of my curriculum. Furthermore, this research suite has endowed me with the requisite knowledge and understanding that appear imperative and indispensible regarding my curriculum. On that note, I feel a moral obligation to admit that my supervisors and mentors are extremely cooperative and helpful since in every of phase of the study they have encouraged me with essential information. Moreover, they have exhibited me the appropriate way of conducting a project and the corresponding data analysis. They have further enlightened me with the imperativeness of the Hypothesis as it an indispensible component for the research suite since it needs to be triangulated with the deduced conclusion and exhibit the validity of the research. This is the prime fact because of which I have been able to conduct the project seamlessly and to acquire the comprehension for further studies.  

Appliance of learning

In the advent of rising volatility in the business ambience, the notion of cyber security is very essential to develop awareness for the public and private sectors. Furthermore, apart from the business ambience, the virtual portal is equally volatile and simultaneously imperative to reach a rich customer base altogether. These sectors used to input some information in some private or public servers that are confidential. In order to ensure the security of that confidential information, the respective organizations need to develop the acumen to identify the possible cyber threats and several other cyber invaders (Von Solms and Van Niekerk., 2013). Moreover, they need to install several software to protect their device from hackers,  malwares and several other virtual invaders.

 The corresponding study suite enables me with the knowledge of the possible methods and way outs that might potentially help to combat these cyber threats and virtual invaders. Furthermore, the apprehensions of this study endow me with the understanding that I need to exercise this acumen in a regular basis in order to protect my device from instantaneous threats. These apprehensions, furthermore, can be fruitful to the corporate and other business sectors which might ensure their business status with competitive edge.  


In the light of the above study, it can be easily concluded that the corresponding study suite has been posed as a guideline to gain the nominal awareness about the possible cyber threats. In order to accomplish that acumen, I have gone through several articles and journals related with the issue and enjoyed a sincere support from my mentors and project moderators. This suite might appear helpful for the business organizations who were struggling to cope with the necessary evil of virtual invasion since thius suite is embellished with prudent and effective recommendations that might pave the respective concerns towards their ultimate business objectives while ensuring relative competitive edge.