Reflective Essay: Significance Of The Service Encounter And Managerial Implications

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Write a reflective essay on the significance of the service encounter and managerial implications.

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A successful service management depends on the perfect service encounter that consists of the backstage encounter and the front stage encounter of the service organization. The front stage service encounter determines the quality of the service experience of the customer. Activities of the backstage influence the front stage interaction of the employer and the customer. Here I attempt to evaluate the backstage and the front-stage activities of a local Australian restaurant to through a flow chart of their front and backstage activity in order to find their quality of  final service encounter. Henry and the Fox is a modern Australian restaurant situated in Melbourne Australia. Speciality of this restaurant lies in the spacious infrastructure and their quality food servings to the customers. Their great public dealing plays a vital role in achieving the success as a service organization in this locality. My focus therefore will be completely on their public dealing skills and as well as their backstage and front stage activities.

Reflective essay on the significance of the service encounter and managerial implications

1.Flow chart

With the help of the following flow chart I am attempting to establish a relationship between the front and backstage activities and how they function in serving the final product.

Distance to frontier score

Figure: 1 correlation of the backstage and the front stage in revealing ‘the moment of truth”

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Analysis of the front-stage and backstage activities

The activities of a restaurant depend on the working in the back of the house and the workings of the front of the house. The activities of the back of the house are performed by the cooks and the chief chef of the restaurant where the front house activities are performed by the waiters and the manager of the restaurant. The entire network service of a multi cuisine restaurant depends on the back and front stages and it compliments the service encounter. The backstage activities and the front stage activities of Henry and the Fox restaurant are analyzed in details in my essay. I am providing a detailed discussion of each activity.

  • Backstage activities:

     Dan Sullivan compares the backstage activities of a restaurant are compared to the stage hands and the front stage activities to the actors. In backstage of a restaurant multiple hands responsibly handle the actions of cooking and the preparations that lead to the final mouthwatering delicacies served to the customers. More than 25 cooks under their chief chef work through the day in order to present the customer with their requested delicacies. Henry and the Fox offers exotic breakfast menus and for that the cooks of this restaurant have to work from the early morning hours because the opening hours of this restaurant is nearly 7 o’clock to 8 o’clock in the morning. 

  • Front stage activities:

     Front stage activities play a large role in establishing a successful public relationship with the customer. The CEO of the restaurant and the manager are the active role players in front-stage activities. In the restaurant services the quality depends on the service delivery. “The moment of truth” is determined when the service is delivered 0r “co-produced”. The Henry and the fox is famous for their great public dealings which ensures the high customer rate of the restaurant. The quality of the food and the behavior of the waiters towards the customers help maintaining their quality in the business. The front stage reflects the customer or the service consumer’s interaction with the service. The manager of this restaurant maintains a cordial relation with his new and regular customers as well as with the waiters and the cooks. The well behaved waiters and their patience ensures the friendly ambience of the restaurant.

2. Significance of the service encounter

The service satisfaction lies mostly in the service encounter among the consumer and the provider. In restaurants the service satisfaction depends on the encounter of the customer with the waiters as well as the managers. A good service encounter indicates satisfactory customer services which paves the way for the successful business of the restaurant. The “frontline employees” in this case the waiters and the manager play a vital role in establishing a successful service quality. Customers also have a role to play in order to be catered with a good service. If the front employees lose control of the self they might receive negative responses from  the customers which can affect their reputation as a service organization as well. The waiters and other frontline employees of The Henry and the Fox restaurant maintain their patience even with the ‘not so easy to please’ customers and their cordial behavior helps in the development of the restaurant as a respectable one. You can always expect some customization which helps in maintaining their treatment to the customers as “have everything in the customer’s way.” the customers of this restaurant are rarely disappointed by the services. The “moment of truth” which implies the revelation of the service quality and the service quality of this restaurant is higher than average. It is very clear from fact that they have been rated as 4 star one. The frontline employees offer greetings to the customers and the customers are always welcomed in the restaurant with a smile.

3. Analysis of the managerial implication

The Henry and the Fox restaurant of Australia which is part of the worldwide the Fox restaurant concepts offers the consumers with large variants of deals and combos. The restaurant offers breakfast services and fine dining at the same time. As their business policy offers a meal in the neighborhood according to their tagline, it offers the customers from casual coffee or breakfast to brunch and also fine dining and bar services. The manager of the restaurant stated that the success of their business lies mainly in different customer policies and service policies which the Fox group owns. The marketing policies of different restaurant groups work with several discounts and deals. This restaurant provides happy hours which means 50% discount on the drinks on selected days of the month. 

The Henry and the Fox also offers a special service called as “Fox’s Den”. Fox’s Den is a private place that is a perfect allocation for having a customized private party or a business meeting. This private space for meetings and parties attract a lot of multi-national companies to select this particular restaurant for their board meetings and it helps the restaurant to achieve a global recognition in this sector. Henry and the Fox claims to have a wide range of exotic wines and spirits and they also serve several different type of beers as stated by the manager. The Henry and the fox has included different segments in their menu which is a strategic policy for attracting customers. The menu is been divided into subsections like breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks and function. Such division is the eye catching and attracts people with fine taste. This restaurant has become an usual choice for fancy dinner parties and special celebration.


After attempting a detailed analysis of the backstage and front-stage activities, service encounter and the managerial policies of the Fox group I want to conclude my discussion with this restaurant’s further development scope in the worldview of restaurant business. Their target market clearly is the people who expect fancy and luxurious dining services. Fox group has their restaurant services in different countries and specially when i am talking about the branch situated at the prime location Melbourne, Australia, it focuses in meeting the needs of not only the local people but it also concentrates in spreading their fame worldwide.