Reflective Essay: Use Of Big Data In Health And Social Service Sector

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Conduct a detailed reflective essay in relation to use of big data in Health and social service sector.

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As per the apprehensions of the previous trends in the virtual domain that has been discussed and evaluated the previous works, the current study is supposed to explore the apprehensions of realizations that might pave this current study with the seamless exploitation of the procured acumen. It is an exaggeration to admit that the previous works are directed towards the employment of the Big Data analytics in the domain of treatment of the senile citizens (Groves et al. 2016). This study is also driven by the impulse to reflect the amusement regarding the realization that consolidates the effectiveness of Big data as a prudent tool to employ in the health and social care services. Moreover, this study can also be posed as a draft to reflect the usefulness of my study that might cater the pursuits of several other research suite on the respective discipline.   

Evaluation of the effectiveness and usefulness of the learning experience

Big data is supposed to scrutinize the massive exposure of information that is potentially inaccessible while imparting an dimension of arrangement on the unstructured strata of information. Several experts and technological advisors has forecasted that the creation of data will be magnified by 800% in the upcoming decade. This mass creation of Data can be characterized as the inevitable aftermath of the advent of technological expertise that facilitates the affordability and accessibility of devices and several other apparatus which is potent enough to capture information. The consequence will be a magnificent metric of unarranged information that is potentially inaccessible to the universal archive of information. In the advent of these, several softwares has been invented such as Hadoop to monitor this process of information generation, to sort the relevant ones and contribute it to the virtual archive information, In a reflective note, I wish to address this brimming bank of information has been able to transform the protocols and modus operandi that the health care units are prone to employ prevalently. The prudent apprehension of Murdoch and Detsky, (2013) in this discipline suggests the healthcare industry is the most privileged section of the society in accordance with the invention of Big Data since the progressive analytics of the big data Softwares have literally revolutionized the healthcare industry. 


Usefulness of the learning experience

The utility of the acumen that I have been able to acquire from this current study can be characterized in terms of the comprehension regarding Big Data Softwares and the manners of deploying it in the domain of health care services. It has encouraged the healthcare units to shape their services in accordance with the value and enable the services to be oriented with the specifications dispensed by the patients. It directly caters the moot objective of the healthcare services simply by optimizing the services through the sensible use of the prevalent as well as the new technological expertise of information. Furthermore, it considerably improves the quality of the quality of services simply by improving the camaraderie and the internal coordination since it significantly produces contemporary and consistent professional experience (Zhang et al. 2017)

What I have been able to discern from my personal experience is reduce the health care costs in a considerable amount simply by avoiding the excessive use of health care equipments. In accordance with the individual acumen, the deployment of Big Data analytics can be programmed to serve the requisite support that indulges the reformation of the payment structures. I have came across several experts of this domain who are prone to employ the Big data analytics to anticipate epidemics and several other chronic maladies in order to improve the quality of the services provided and subsequently prevent lethal casualties, even death.   

Objective description of the learning process

I have planned to visit remote health care centers to have a relevant understanding that how most of the units have planned to employ the tool. I have involved myself to some introspective conversations with the healthcare and analytical experts in order to endow myself with the prime requisite information regarding the deployment of Big data in the domain of Health Care services. Furthermore, I have came across several case study related to health care and corresponding story of recovery while employing Big Data analytics. I have came across several medical articles and journals to satisfy several individual enquiry regarding Big Data. Modern Medical sciences have exhibited a helpless inclination towards the employment of Big Data as a prudent equipment to forecast and simultaneously cure the anticipated malady. Several practitioners of life saving ayurvedic drugs have contributed to my acumen by their prudent apprehensions with their pro-ayurvedic references they have accepted big Data as an competent tool to cope with epidemic and several other lethal maladies. Furthermore, I came across several chronic and cured patient who have agreed to accept Big Data as a live saving yet cost effective way to get into treatment since significantly reduce the wasted overhead while ensuring considerable profits to the respective health care units.    

Evaluation of the Experiences

The opinion that I have been able to acquire is nothing but a cumulative insight regarding the employment of Big Data in the domain of medicinal practices. Most of the opinions resonate on a single note that it is an useful tool to determine and simultaneously cure lethal maladies. It vouches to improve the quality of being while ensuring the prevention of lethal maladies. Moreover, it endows the acumen of the archives that are prevalent in the health care units with the electronic account of the maladies, their specifications and the effective manner of treating. In the advent of technological expertise, Big Data earns its prominence simply by enabling the caregiver of the respective patient with the suitable device to monitor every activity of the patient. It indulges the employment of diverse electronic devices to monitor the instantaneous shifts of behavior in each of the patients (Raghupathi and Raghupathi, 2014)

Moreover, I have earned quite a lot of information from the retailer of medicine who committed with conviction that in most of the cases, they are supposed to be accredited as smart retailers since Big Data has facilitated their manner of working. Moreover, it considerably reduces the components of fraud, waste and financial abuse which are rife in the respective domain of healthcare services.    

Explanation of the learning process

The acumen that I have been able to acquire is from the prudent understanding of Big Data and its corresponding applications is associated with the encounters that I have conducted with several number of potential peers that I have been allowed to came across. Moreover, it is imperative to admit that I am also endowed with the eagerness of quenching of some of my enquiries since I have been going through a several number of journal related with the underlying issue. I am already aware of the fact about the coinage that appear essential to pose here that after the invention of Big data it has been extensively designated as The Healthcare Internet of  Things. Apart from that, I have made several visits to the remote healthcare units and medicinal retails that are prevalent regarding the employment of Big Data analytics. Furthermore, due to my personal studies, I have done a vernacular training course in Hadoop that mainly trains the effective ways to deal with the massive amount unorganized data. 

The learning process has to be adequate in order to learn the proper and adequate kind of skills related to the sector of big data. Big data can be turned to me a much complex procedure and thus the adequate kind of knowledge related to the concept of big data has to be considered and taken. 

Explanation of the application of the experience

The experience that is ban received because of big data can be well received with the help of different kind of tools and techniques. The right kind of knowledge and skill can be well apprehended for concluding different kind of complex work and tasks. These kind of tasks have to be adequately be summed up by the individuals. Thus, the right kind of skill and knowledge are to be acquired by the individuals. 


The study has been done and performed based upon different kind of detailed analysis and discussion related to the skills and the prospects that are essential in the realms of Big data. Big Data skill and knowledge is much necessary and this kind of skill is needed in order to conduct the work in a smooth and efficient manner. Thus, the right kind of skill and the knowledge has to be gathered by the person in order to work with Big data in a smooth manner. In the light of the above study it can be concluded that the Big data has been very useful in the aged care.