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Assessment: Individual Reflective Journal
For this assessment, students are exprected to write a weekly journal over the duration of the 12 week teaching period that documents a critical analysis of their learning process. In the journal students need to reflect/review how they have progressed with the learning goal.

Students need to write their individual reflective journal concurrently to performing assessment, i.e from the first week of the subject. For each week, student need to make journal entries that provide reflection of their journey of gaining, and applying knowledge of the research paradigm. 

Answer the following question:

1. Evaluation of the effectiveness and the experience of learning experience

2. The usefulness of learning process

3. Happening in the learning process

4. Evaluation of learning process

5. Explanation of the learning process

6. The application of the learning

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Answer :


The learning process is the important criteria to go in depth of the subject, moreover apply those learning objectives in future so that it can able to help in many ways (Evans, 2014). The learning process mainly incorporates four activities they are perceiving, deciding, acting towards it and finally giving the feedback about the entire thing. Perceiving is the input that learning process includes then the deciding factor come with the processing in the brain, acting means the output of the whole process at last the feedback of the thing has put impact to the internal and the external possibilities. 

1. Evaluation of the effectiveness and the experience of learning experience:

The innovation and the effectiveness of the learning process help to culminate in future development as this learning technique help to gain a powerful consideration of things those are in need of the business and other things. The effectiveness and the experience of learning help in providing the best value for any of the business criteria and an individual take the suggestion from this basis and then work for the future growth and profitability in the business and by following the learning capability one individual can able to reach to a good position in the market. 

i) Opinion about learning experience-

The learning experience is a lifelong process that helps in growing in the market and able to get the acknowledgement about the market as well as the organizational method. The learning experience helps in creating a strategic period that suggest the best value to being challenged and go forefront with the different opinion and suggestion. A business always integrate the complex structure that in the initial stage and the opinions of the learner can many times can deleted from the database as well as the negative and the positive feedback can fetch no longer response. 

ii) Value of the experience:

the experience that come from the learning technique will help in future to get the information in a positive way and one can able to know how to use the experience and learning theories and by following this pathway the business or the trading possibility will be easy and comfortable (Tang & Popp, 2016). The learning experience is able to create an entire brand for the self as the person cable to acquire knowledge and understanding. The different probabilities that occur in the business get a suggestive phrase from the learning experience and by the help of this thing the uncertain future situation can get a appropriate phrase and the proportion of the business technique will serve the best possibilities (Saroyan & Trigwell, 2015). One of the most important experience that the learning technique can incorporate is deal; with the different situations that the business can carry with the progression in the market and the market probability will be clear to the individual and that person will get to know that how to progress with the business. 

 2. The usefulness of learning process:

The usefulness of the learning process is the information about the relationship and the nature of the different stakeholders who are associated with the business as well as the maintaining the business structure (Tang & Popp, 2016). By avoiding the complex structure of the business one can able to get into the possibility that how to bring to the business and to progress in terms of profitability and productivity. 

i) The ways of the learning experience:

There are different ways that closely associate with the learning experience and by the help of these tools and measures the individual able to get the possible solution and information in the business. 

Course- The organizational value is the important criteria in the market ad by taking help of these factors the individual gain the suggestions that how the process needs to progress. Different course that closely related to the business and the trading information help to get the data about business and these courses will suggest for the development of the personal characteristics and personality that will be positive sign for the business. 

Program- Program is the knowledge-based information. The individual gain knowledge by the help of the program and this is the way that can effectively help the business to meet the supply and demand. The program will also serve the information related to serving and gaining the competitive advantage in the market. The knowledge that will acquire the appropriate management process and the proper availability of things will create the best strategy for the business. 

Future career- The future career development will help in fueling the entire process and the individual will experience the best process for the business. In future, one can take up professions like be a business developer, organizer, marketing manager and operation manager. 

Life generally- The decision making process will face a clear and concise pathway and by the help of this things the individual will cater the best information towards any of the thing and the participation in the things will help in cooperating in the manner. 

Transfer and apply of the new knowledge: 

The insight in future will help the individual to transfer the knowledge in a positive way and this knowledge will help in future to culminate the better thing. The new knowledge will help in for better discussion and the information that need in the process will take up the transfer of knowledge so that it can able to view in the business possibility. The business that is proactive and the discussing value will ensure the possibility that it will foster in the sustainable partnership and help in collaborating the entire process. 

3. Happening in the learning process:

The learning process will observe several stages and it will serve the best values for the entire thing as it will serve for the business in future. There are several principles that the learning process will incorporate and it will take up the formal training, and it will explain the better the combination of the learning technique (Odena & Burgess, 2017). The happening in the learning process are certain behavior, business structure, skills and knowledge, instrumental basis and other happenings. 

Listening, learning process-

The considerable process of the learning technique will help for better listening, skill development and the hearing process. The individual will learn for the development of the skill by hearing the individual will get to know that how he needs to progress in the market in terms of getting ahead (Gunel & Yesildag-Hasancebi, 2016). Then the speaking skill will develop the communication power and the learner will get to know that how I can take out the possible information from others. Those information will cater the best values and it will help in progressing to the market in order to the development of the business. 

4. Evaluation of learning process:

The evaluation of the learning process will help in the accomplishments in the learning process can come in best use when to take out the experience in a positive way but many times, it can fall in the wrong place. The evaluation phrase will incorporate planning, implement and at last the evaluation process that will fill up the objective of the entire thing (Rieh et al. 2016)

Judgments connected to observations during the business-

There are judgments that will follow the learning process as it will connect in a better way and by observing those things the individual will get to know that what is correct and what is incorrect to the business method and how it will serve the values in future. 

The usefulness of the business research-

The usefulness of the business research will incorporate qualitative and quantitative research. By taking help of these research process one can get to know the strength and weakness and it will take out the information about entire business probability. 

Research about the learning process-

The research about the learning process will include engagement, exploration, explanation and apply of the entire thing in a fruitful manner. 

5. Explanation of the learning process:

In the business process, it is very essential that the individual able to evaluate the market well and then by using the learning perception statistically apply them in the business in consideration to the global market scenario (Boekaerts, 2016). The positive and the negative prospect in the business is a common factor and by using the efficient process of the learning technique, these problems can solve. Learning process will take up the view of the different features, techniques and other things. 

New insights, connections with other learning, feelings and the hypothesis-

By the help of the learning process in the business, various new things will come and the business structure will adopt those things in a positive way so that it can give value in future (Quendler & Lamb, 2016). Another significant criteria in this prospect is to know that what is the real problem and effectively take out the solution with time so that analyze in the useful way can provide value to the practices and the method for future assessment.


The learning technique is the best procedure for the future development in personal and professional space. The different business tools have become the perfect aspect to take out the information that help in growing in the market there are various complex and challenging phrase that come with the learning prospect and the individual need to learn the process that how this problem need to solve and the progress in the market. 

Reason behind doing particular activities-

By taking of this research, the business will get well resources system in the business structure will come with the learning experience and the significant process will fill up the technique for maintaining those business resources and fetch profitability.

6. The application of the learning:

The application of the learning process, will take out the information related to the business needs to be flexible and demonstrate positively the several alternative processes, management of change, challenging phrase in the business, promotion of the business moreover diversifying the business in various way (Baş et al. 2016)

Relevance of the research subject, comments, course and future profession-

The research subject will cater the best values so that in future the individual can go for higher studies and can gain fame in the market. 

Learning that will apply in the future profession:

The learning will come in help for the future development as the person can able to effectively think and take decision can solve any problem and can take up different challenges with the strategy to solve those in a positive way.