Reflective Writing: Use Of Big Data In Business Organizations

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Question :


1) Evaluate the effectiveness and your usefulness of the learning experience.
2) Explain how this learning process will be useful to you.
3) Describe objective what happened in the learning process.
4) Evaluate what you learn.
5) Explain your learning process.
6) Explain plan how this learning you will be applied.

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Answer :


The big data provides better benefits for the growth of business in the organization. This provides a better learning experience for me. As I am working in the retail sectors, where there is a high necessity of use of big data. This improves the efficiency of the operations and drives a new form of revenue. The use of big data provides ample of advantage in the competitive field of business for the other company. The concept of big data is important to analysis the velocity, volume and variety in the working. However, this requires techniques and advanced technology for analysis, storing and capturing of various information of the company.  

1. Evaluate the usefulness of the learning experience

Big data provides greater amount of experiences at the time of developing of business. From the use of big data, I have accumulated enough knowledge that has further enhanced the better learning experience. In the method of Netflix, provides the learning experience in a better manner. The use of big data in the business organizations provides the better experiences for the learning. However, this learning experience might increase the business performance of the company. The staff members could easily implement the learning experience in a proper manner that makes the growth of the working. From my opinion, I have known that the usage of big data provides the business in three forms that lies in the velocity, volume and variety. The ongoing process makes the development of the learning skills from the big data. In this case, there is a huge number of professional persons engaged in the company to carry out the entire process of big data. In this entire learning process, I have learnt about the importance of the big data that has provided ample of advantage in my retail shop. I have gathered information of the customer and preferences required to meet the demand of the customer. 

2. Describe the importance of learning process

This learning process is very much useful for me by providing the growth in the future career. As I am already working in the retail company, I could able to gain more knowledge from the big data that would be helpful for me in the present as well as in the future aspects. This knowledge from the big data learning provides me a unique feature in the growth in business. I could easily utilize this knowledge at the time of facing of interview of other organizations. At the time of working in the retail company, I could able to answer various questions related to the big data, if asked by the management or in the other firm’s interview. However, I could easily transfer my learning experience about the use of big data among new recruited members as well as among friends or family. The sharing or transferring of knowledge among the other persons would make enhance of skills in the big data. It is important to enhance the big data knowledge in the learning experiences, which makes the effective use of big data in the future growth of business in the organizations. 

3. Discuss what has exactly happened in the learning process

From the learning process, there are various objects raised from the use of big data at the time of developing of business in the organizations. I did enough planning and implemented various strategies to enhance the use of big data in the growth of business organizations in an effective manner. The big data provides ample of information of the customers and the preferences that needs to stored in the computer systems with the help of advanced technological software. I have read various books and journal related to the big data that could effectively enhance my knowledge and skills from the big data. I have seen dedicated professionals easily maintained the big data at the time of working in the company. The working seen by me from the technical persons helped to implement the better learning experience from the use of big data. However, the use of big data is important for the company’s aspects to develop the business and maintain the competitive advantage.  At the time of working in the company, I have heard about the exact use of big data in the company or else it might cause severe problems.  

4. Describe the learning gained from the process

This business research provides usefulness for enhancing my research learning process. This has helped to learn ample of information about the big data.However, there are various information that could be easily gathered from the big data and implementation of this process for making the growth of business. I have also observed that to meet the demand of the consumer it is important to carry out the big data process. It is important for the organization to keep all the preferences intact to meet the demand of the customers and yield the maximum amount of profit.  These make the growth of business and could be easily reach maximum number of consumers. In order to carry out the entire process of storing of data, there is a necessity to maintain a security installed in the systems. The installation of security would restrict the other persons to look out the preferences of the customer.  However, I have also observed that the use of big data helps the organizations to keep all the records in the organized manner. This would be helpful for the present and future aspects. 

5. Discuss the entire learning process

I have done the entire project in order to acquire an in-depth understanding about the emerging notion of big data analytics and simultaneously to develop the requisite competency to fathom the moot intent of it. As I have accumulated all of the relevant information through a covert survey in a retail industry who have recently installed big data analytics software and as my moot objective is to extract the requisite information that might cater the enquiry of the corresponding research proposal, I have delved deep into the investigation of every single faculty. Since it has become imperative for any organization to cope with advent of current technological expertise, they must endow themselves with a proper understanding about the potential advantages and drawbacks of the big data analytics. Moreover, in order to facilitate the predictive analysis coupled with the user-behavior analysis, the leading units needs to reinforce the requisite technical expertise and additional accessories in order to make the newly installed software function seamlessly. In this course of learning, I came to know a hell lot of things about the potential Pros and Cons regarding the installment of big data analytics software and all my apprehension can be summarized as the moot intent of installing the software’s is not to improve the capability of storing information but to impose an order to them.     

6. Explain the use of this learning process

In the advent of technological expertise coupled with the subsequent increase in customer, expectations have made it essential for any business enterprise to cope with this more structured and prudent software of data storage and management. On that note, it is essential for the leading players’ of a business venture to obtain a comprehensive awareness regarding the advantages and disadvantages of this information preservation module. Moreover, this research suite and associated study heralds to a governing statement which intends to reflect that the increase in the capability of information preservation is not the decisive characteristic feature. The decisive feature is to impose an order into the enormous amount of unstructured data. Moreover, this study intends to present a comprehensive awareness about the junk data nodes in order to advocate the respective user to separate them, which is very essential for making the accessibility of the information time intensive. Apart from everything else, big data analytics endow its users with the introspective insight to derive the requisite value from the empirically scattered information that appear impossible from the prevalent weaker tools of low volume for information.     


It has been concluded that the learning process helps me to gather enough knowledge about the importance of big data. However, the learning process makes the business research project in the effective manner. This project work has helped me to understand that the big data makes business efficiency in the present as well as in the future scenario. The learning process has provided enough skills upon me and I could shower this knowledge among the person, who do not know the importance of big data.  I have also learned that the big data is the necessary things that the company uses for making the high progress of business.