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It is very much important for the student to know the exact ideas from author at the time of identifying in the assessment work. The referencing is the author quotes the most accepted way for acknowledging the referencing system that. In order to complete, the assessment it is very important by the student to make the proper in-texting of the author to make the assessment more relevant. The referencing system is the basic criteria that are followed by the university. The students’ needs to make the proper referencing to finish the assessment or else it would be like copying of the assessment from other person. The accepted way that is made in referencing system is Harvard referencing system. This process is followed with the help of two steps that includes with reference list and in-text citation. This two process needs to be followed by the student to support the answer of assignment. Moreover, the referencing system assists the readers to support the arguments that rise from the made assignment by the academic author.   


Referencing the point:-

According to Bunnel (2015), there is a huge important to make the referencing system due to make the arguments based on the proper evidence. The exact referencing helps to accumulate enough evidence and arguments to support the knowledge that are made by the academic writer. Moreover, the referencing system provides the exact framework for the academic writer to form a proper structure to make the arguments more relevant  (Campos et al. 2013). The proper referencing assists the academic writer to make the information or arguments to support the academic work that is made by the student. 

A proper referencing assist to draw the exact information or data required to support the answer made by the student. This provides the exact depth in supporting the academic writer by making the exact citation of the author. The referencing supports assignments that includes with essay, report, presentations etc that are made by the student. This makes the proper demonstration of the ability of the student, in order of making the exact ideas or information by performing the research work. The proper referencing helps to acknowledge the task and makes it exactly summarized by discussing the assignments. (Bunnell, 2015). Moreover, the proper referencing increases the grading of the student to after submission of the assignment work. The referencing system can be formed from a text books, newspapers, journals etc published by the academic writer. It is very important to make the correct referencing system to avoid the issues of plagiarism. The exact referencing assist in demonstrating the student has been gone through the topic (Richetin et al. 2016). 

Moreover, this helps in supporting the made hypothesis that are done by the academic author. The correct referencing allows the reader to go through the reference list and assist in gather enough information to support arguments. This helps in making the student more accountable to finish the assignment. The direct quotations are followed with the materials that are made by the academic author. The most important referencing system used in the university is the Harvard system. The referencing helps the readers to know the assignment made by the author is completely evident and are not cheated from any other files. Moreover, the student might use the exact referencing system as followed by the university to support the answer.  The referencing makes academic writer to build new arguments that are supported by adopting the referencing system.

We can take as an example, such as “According to Bunnel (2015), makes the proper referencing to avoid the plagiarism among the student to complete the assignment.


Citation required in text:

The potential of citation to validity an essay is great. It is very important to refer to someone’s work to authenticate a statement. Whenever a journal or paper is used to collect information and in text citation is given to validity the whole information and to state that the given information is genuine and authenticate. In the intext, generally the surname of the author and the year in which the journal is published is mentioned (Leary, 2013). It can be integrated in the sentence also however, it should be put in a bracket to show the in text information. A direct quote can also be used under the citation for the authenticity of the statement. Examples are Hartley (2005) and B.S Singh (2011). 

It is the most evident way of praising and acknowledging author’s work and ideas. The copy system can be hugely negated using citations and in text. Harvard system is one of the simplest type of referencing system. In the academic portfolio, It is very important to mention others ideas and works in one’s own work to ensure that the work is not done by mere cheating. In the academic system, if proper intexting and referencing is not  done properly then it will be shown as plagiarism, which is a serious offense in the academic environment (Aktar et al. 2014). Plagiarism does not mean to copy other’s statements and ideas without proper authentication. However, it also occurs when one reword another author statement claiming as one’s own work. In the Harvard referencing system, the student needs to mention different sources from which the information has been gathered. The sources include a range of books, journals electronic media to collect all sorts of information.

For example: Wild, J., Wild, K.L. and Han, J.C., 2014. International business. Pearson Education Limited. Gives a detailed information about the journal and the author from which the information has been collected in the light of the context (Beha et al. 2015).

According to Hartman, DesJardins, MacDonald and Hartman, 2014, proper referencing system enables the students to avoid plagiarism to a greater extent by offering authentic and real jornal evidence in their work.


It has been concluded from the above context, that there is an urgent need of referencing system in an assignment process to refer to someone is other work. It creates authenticity and reality of a context giving proper light in the authenticity of the facts quoted from other journal or work.