Report On Culture Related Initiatives And Performance Related Initiatives Assessment Answer

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You need to select an Australian Publicly listed company/organisation from one of the following industries: Tourism, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, Mining, Agriculture and Manufacturing. The list of companies is available via the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). You can find the list of companies at

Please note that Tourism is my preferable sector, but still you are free to any other above-mentioned sector if you want

•  Using a Report Format, include the following components:

 o Introduction (150 words) 

o Performance Related Initiatives (600 words)

Identify how your selected organisation/company is seeking to improve the performance of its workforce? Using at least TWO performance related initiatives discuss the ways that the organisation/company might measure the success of the initiatives?

 o Culture Related Initiatives (600 words) 

Identify the key components of the “corporate culture” of your selected organisation/company and using at least TWO culture-based initiatives discuss how they are trying to improve its culture and how they might measure the success of the initiatives?

o Conclusion (150 words) o Reference List (using the Harvard Referencing Convention throughout your report and reference list at the end) 

• You should refer to at least two theories to support your discussion of the Performance Related Initiatives and at least two theories to support your discussion of Culture Related Initiatives. You should include a minimum of 5 references (contemporary business articles, news items and/or comparison websites). While many of your references will rely on the organisation/company’s website, you cannot use this as your only source of information.

You are required to create a concept map. This map should be included as an appendix at the end of report.

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