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The assessment item is based on the case study titled Constructive Relations at Top Trucking Company: Human Resource Management in Australia (5th Ed.) by Kramar, Bartram, De Cieri, Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Wright, McGraw-Hill Australia).
Based on this case study, write a business report that answers all the three questions:
1. How do the new workplace practices introduced by the new yard manager complement one another?
2. What are the risks to sustaining these changes if George or the yard manager moves on?
3. Do you think tough blue collar unions like the Transport Workers Union are more of less likely to engage in workplace changes like these than public or service sector unions? Why? How would you find out if you are right?

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Executive summary

The Top Trucking Company need has been widely popular due to it functions and high performance and employee skills. The yard had been managed and owned by a family who had an effective work role and hold in the local market. The family initially owned the top Trucking Company who had few drawbacks as they did not spend money much on maintaining the old trucks. However, the families had experienced certain conflicts and fights among specific workers that affected the overall performance and work structure resulting maximum number of accidents and stoppages. The Top Trucking Company was then bought by another owner who transformed the yard in to a better place while improving the work structure of the drivers implementing best practices in regards to efficient working. The paper focuses on addressing the problems within the company and the implementation of the best practices in resolving the issues, sustaining the changes and examining the Transport Workers Union. 


The Top Trucking Company’s Wollongong yard with time has established efficiently and had been gaining all round fame and name within the top trucking company due to its high performance and workforce. Due to its effective and grand transformation the yard could generate a strong position in the local market. However the company has been experiencing several drawbacks due to accidents, stoppages and conflicts with time things began to change as the company was bought by a national transport group that transformed it to a different level while achieving and expanding due to a number of existing and new contracts (Mansfield & Gibson, 2017). The paper focuses on the constructive relations of the Top Trucking Company detailing its new workplace practices, risks and the factors governing the work process.

Q1. How do the new workplace practice be introduced by the new yard manager complement one another? 

The big national company had bought the existing top trucking company had established its new practices through which the companies and the employees tends to be benefited. The owner had enough capital and funds to renovate and uplift the existing condition. The owner cleaned up the yard with its efficient team of employees who were given new uniforms. However, a new yard manger was appointed in handling the process and the functioning and the workers were given union representatives who would look after the queries and maintain workforce and issues relating to the yard. One of the major positive side of the new venture so that the owner never tried to blame his employees for any dispute or issue rather explored the sources of such issues in regards to the approaches implemented and examine the issue rationally (Krechmer et al. 2015)

Initially, the employees were not satisfied with the existing practices but later could analyze the positive outcomes and benefits of such practices. With the introduction of occupation safety and management, uniform, strategic functions the workers were motivated and dedicated towards working effectively. In addition, the workers including other members were satisfied with their managerial functions and policies. The manager was appreciated as he shared valuable information in regards to the yard and assessing their performance with the truck drivers, workers, union representatives and collectively finding solutions to the issues experienced. There have been several factors such as economic, social; political that affects the workplace practices. According to the various researches that has been conducted over years in relation to workplace practices, the economic empirical research has been identifying issue within and out of trucking industry, exploiting, firm and truck management, selling and buying of trucks through distinct surveys (Lun et al. 2016). The Top Trucking Company needs to stand in support of workplace practices that determines and examines employee involvement and performance, empowerment and management, distribution and planning etc. One of the important practices is information sharing that fosters communication between members, workers and owners conducting meetings and arrangements in order discuss production problems, rewards, suggestions, individual and team-working, incentive schemes and financial participation, driver hiring and recruitment, driver’s occupational safety and management (Coenen & Kok, 2014). The owner of the yard has earned to positive impact on the management of trucking company that has fostered business output resulting in high performance workplace practices. The paper tries to reflect the best workplace practices that will have positive impact on the new workplace objective measures and facilitate financial performance. The several practices that can be incorporated with the establishment of sustainability and innovation include the correlation that exists between innovative practices and the truck company’s performance; hiring drivers through effective process assessing their performance, experience, ideology and skills; crisis and fund arrangements for the maintenance of yard and regular development of the trucks and management system. The other major practices in relation to the top trucking company, the manger needs to make are safe and quality environment that will foster healthy communication and performance (Lim & Bernstein, 2014) The manager needs to use appropriate tools and equipment that will help the drivers to work properly. The new owner and the manager of the yard need to address the necessary problems and provide immediate response to the problems accordingly need to determine the conflicts or fights that often arise due to several external and internal factors.

Q2. What are the risks to sustaining these changes if George or the yard manager moves on? 

It is important to realize the change and address the risk that is related in sustenance of the changes associated with the new yard management. The manger has adopted new policies different from earlier that acts as benefits for the employees. As examined, resistance to change has been a failure in the change management system. Therefore it is important for the owner who has bought the Top Trucking Company to address the evolving issues of the problems post the provisions of the new yard management and analyze the threats and risks that the issue creates. In the risk management and change control people often fear change, and employees are often seen uninterested assess such risks due to improper training and management (Steege, Boiano & Sweeney, 2014). When George tends to move on from his existing position, several alterations might take place attracting changes and the new manager who will be appointed need to understand the ways to resist the change. It is important for the trucking company management system to ensure that drivers are having clear ideas about the risks and should be trained in the possible ways as to how they will be reacting if change occurs. The risks will affect the cost of distribution and management and affect the upcoming policies of the projects and policies undertaken by the owner at different levels. The several risks that occur with the sustenance of changes include unavailability of resources, increase in negligence and avoidance, failure in delivery results and supply (Hofmann, Burke & Zohar, 2017). The manager needs to adopt effective change management that needs to be applied on the employees for resolving the issues. Such management system can help in we can the reduction of transport costs and mitigate risks while utilize the changes for further improvement in relation to the transport and trucking company’s objectives and targeted goals. 

Q3. Do you think tough blue collar unions like the Transport Workers Union are more of less likely to engage in workplace changes like these than public or service sector unions? Why? How would you find out if you are right? 

The tough blue collar unions like the Transport Workers Union will be able to engage in relation to the workplace changes than the public service sector unions (Wang, Huang & Zeng, 2017). The Transport Workers Union a generally are based on the organizing model who determines the company’s transport services and functions including driving management, road and transport costs. The Transport Workers Union is largely progressive and militant in nature how help in addressing every issue with the transport workers and transport management. The Workers union has hold on major segments of trucking company as well as the transport industry that includes passenger and road issues and transport facilities, guest and ground services, fuel and oil services, assessment and repairmen of vehicles and safeguards, recruitment of drivers and dock hands, recruitment of members for management of vehicles and related (Evangelista, 2014). The Transport Workers Union also determines and allocates forklift drivers, dock hands, clerical and management staff in relation to the transport and trucking company. The TWU focuses on road transport, company supply and distribution, trucking operations, drivers. A blue-collar worker can be referred to as working class person who helps in determining the transport sector labor. Blue-collar work like that of the TWU tends to have and indulge both skilled and unskilled labors for custodial work, oil field work, construction, vehicles and yard maintenance, warehousing, technical and mechanical installation and recruits labor for different types of yard management and transport departments. Blue-collar workers have the advantage of being highly paid sometimes as hourly wage-labor on the other hand certain workers and professionals are paid through theincrement in annual salaries and are often given beneficiary incentives (Lun et al. 2016). The tough blue collar workers are identified due to their specialty and experience upon the specific field of transport and management. 


From the above report, it is understood that new policies and practices are important in the management and helps prevent conflicts and complexities in several disciplines and perspectives in regards to the Top Trucking Company and understand the importance of constructive relations that fosters growth and development. The owner and the new manager who has been appointed for the management of the new transformed yard need to face and keep up with the challenges of interventions, employee performance and structure. It is important to derive a wider entry of workers and workplaces while being attentive to the several influences that affects the in the workplace of the new yard. On the other hand the blue collar workers scheme have several  socio and economic class connotation and their importance are registered with the increasing importance of skilled labor and work efficiency in the transport industry.