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Assessment 1: Case study

Due date: Week 3

Gropu/individual: Individual

Word count / Time provided: 700 words

Weighting: 10%

Unit Learning Outcomes : ULO-1

Course Learning Outcomes: CLO-1, CLO-2, CLO-6

Graduate Attributes: GA3, GA4

Write a report including the following sections:

1) Introduction about phishing attack and their impacts on the society
2) Three recent variants of phishing attack
3) Working mechanism of phishing
4) Potential threats posed by phishing attacks
5) Summary
6) References in Harvard style

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Answer :

Executive summary 

With the emergence of social security due to severe impacts of phishing the paper intends to discuss phishing attacks and its related notions within the paper to advice the staff of ITech Company to store the sensitive data in the secured manner.

Introduction about phishing attack and their impacts on the society 

Increasing use and dependency on technological development challenges related to technology is increasing rapidly. The act of tricking individuals using covert means to obtain sensitive information to use the information as mask as a trustworthy individual can be referred as phishing. Online forum is the significant platform nowadays where phishing starts taking place to impact the individual’s life adversely (Tian, et al. 2018). The impact of phishing is sever in individual, society and business as data breaching, information extortion, identity threat, financial loss and more are the examples of phishing. Apart from that, the trends of phishing in social information can have disastrous consequences on the victims and the users of social networks. Thus, it is important to take note on the severe consequences of phishing attacks and storing the Itech Company’s sensitive data securely.      

Three recent variants of phishing attack 

Phishing can take place anywhere in the online forum and due to the increase of socialisation it has gone easier for the hackers to trick people using covert means as personal information activities are available in the social platforms of media and social networking sites. Different types of phishing attack are increasing rapidly in this era of digitalisation (Harrison, et al. 2015). The means of phishing attacks are the basic forum, and that can be anything phone calls, voice messages or text messages. The visitants of phishing attacks are briefly described in the following points:   

Search engine phishing: Phishing on a search engine takes place for assault with the development of fake webpage or website that links victim’s accounts and e mail with obstructed links. The click does all the tricking for the attacker to hook the user for harming adversely. 

Spy phishing:  Spyware is one of the significant variant of phishing that is used to threat others for example Trojan. With the click on the Trojan or fake link spying activates on the user’s personal information, identify financial credentials. A spyware is inbuilt in the systems secretly that logs personal information without raising any suspicion. These spywares creates obstruction in the path of using personal information.    

Whaling:  Whaling is type of spear phishing where the targeted groups are specific. It targets the big players of any organisation such as CEO, COO, managers to trick bigger amount from the victim. With the ease of huge number of users and high dependency on technology whaling is significantly beneficial for the attackers (Wu, et al. 2016). 

Working mechanism of phishing 

Deceptive phishing, malware based phishing, Trojan, phone call phishing, spear phishing and more are present in the concept that takes place with high secrecy and great mechanism as it it well-known that phishing can take place without raising any question until it is too late and breached. Mechanism of phishing mainly takes place anywhere where technology and internet is accessible (Alsharnouby, et al. 2015). With the current researches, each majority number of population holds an account in the social media platform and online shopping is common nowadays. With the ease of accessing personal data and information phishing mechanism takes place in the online portals. Emails, fraudulent malwares, spears and more are the basic forums of phishing mechanism. 

Potential threats posed by phishing attacks 

It is aforementioned that phishing is greatly been able to threaten people with a single message or voice call for personal or organisational benefits. However, threats are not that common in this era as phishing is used in this era as the basic step of fraudulent and deceptive conducts like destroying an entire organisation or individual’s mental health (Ferreira, et al. 2018). In this era, social media platform such as Facebook and Instagram are the easiest forum and example of personal data and information are breached and people are threaten with physical assaults, mental threat using personal photographs and more. In organisational context, online portal is used to breach consumer activity, behaviour, interest on products to avail more customers and benefit personal financial credentials. Thus challenges and threats of phishing are severe and disastrous.  


High use of technology and ease of available data accessibility makes phishing easier for the attacks.  The fraudulent links provide value added services, offers to attract the victims and with just one click fraudulent take place to steal and conduct deceptive activities. Thus phishing has significant impact on the social life as well as in the corporate world as it is longer accessible to the hackers but also the individual with in internet access (Higbee, et al. 2016)