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Subject TitleResearch Methods
Subject CodeRES 800
Assessment TitleBusiness Research Proposal
Learning Outcome/s
  • Analyse ethical issues and considerations and their relevance in applied business research.
  • Apply research theories and methodologies to assist in developing a business research proposal.
  • Succinctly communicate arguments that reflect a synthesis of literature and business research concepts.
  • Utilise critical thinking to analyse managerial problems and formulate relevant research questions and research design.
  • Apply advanced understanding and skills in qualitative and quantitative data collection, analysis and interpretation.
Assessment type (group or
Word count3000 words
Assessment instructions
(clear, succinct, without repetition)
In this assignment, students need to:
  • Submit a 3000-word Business Research Proposal which includes their research objective, questions, literature review, research methods (sample, sampling, instrumentation, data collection and analysis), and the proposed timeline.
  • The Business Research Proposal needs to demonstrate students' advanced understanding of research theories and methodologies and their synthesis of the literature in the field to develop original contributions and suggest specific recommendations for improvement.
Please pay attention to notes below:
  • All reports are to be submitted to Turnitin at week 14
  • You will be expected to have consulted books, at least 15 relevant recent academic journal articles, conference proceedings, theses, dissertations, market reports and so on to prepare the report from quality sources listed in scholarly databases
  • Use proper in-text citations and referencing
  • Do not plagiarize
  • For style you need to use follow carefully the style guide document on the Moodle.
Readings for the assessment (instructions where they can be found e.g. MyAthens database, Moodle etc.)
  • Lecture notes (Moodle)

  • Recommended textbooks in the unit outline

  • Prescribed articles available on MyAthens database
Grading Criteria / RubricThe following criteria will be used to assess this assignment:

  • Structure of the essay, clear headings and sub headings.
  • Clarity, consistency and conceptual accuracy of arguments in the literature review and problem statement.
  • Clear and easy to understand explanations for data collection and analysis.

  • Accurate and well-argued justifications for the choice of sampling methods and analytical approach in line with research problem and questions.
  • Logical flow for the literature review.
  • Complete and accurate in-text citation and referencing.
Peer Review Evaluation (group work – optional)N/A

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Answer :

Assessment Title Business Research Proposal

Topic: The influence of Food Quality on Consumer Satisfaction, A case study of Grand Hotel, Sydney


This research work is mainly based on the topic of food quality related to problems in Australia’s hotels. 


There is approximately 25000 fast-food business, along with 470 hotels (Gov, 2019). But the hotel authorities some time forget to pay attention to their service system. Some problems are occurred due to the low food quality and low degree of service. However, customer satisfaction is one of the most vital services of the hotel industry. So this research is done in order to find out the effect of quality of food service on customer satisfaction.

Problem of the Research:

Quencher and the comestible service is one of the main and crucial services provides by Australian hotels (Luo & Qu 2016). But the organizations do not put any kind of focus on food services. But as per the Food standard code, every hotel needs to put its focus on the good quality, hygiene as well as the environment where the products are served to the customers. But sometimes it seems that due to the lack of money and time the hotels forget to give focus on the quality department. Due to this reason, a negative impact is created in the hotels of Sydney (Mohsin et al. 2019). Improper food preparation, improper service quality, and unhygienic food is the main concern of this research paper. Thus the research work is based upon the hygiene factors along with the low food quality. 

Research aims and objectives 

The main aim of the research is to evaluate the impact of the quality of food on the satisfaction of the consumers of Grand Hotel, Sydney.

The objectives which are based on the research problem are as follows;

1. To analyseanalyse the consumer's gratification factors  

2. To find out the relationship between consumer satisfaction and quality of the food of The Grand hotel.

3. To analyseanalyse the factors due to the food quality 

4. To find out different ways to improve the food quality regarding consumers satisfaction of The Grand hotel.

Research Questions: 

The questions are based on the objectives. Which are stated below;

  • What is consumer satisfaction
  • What is the relationship between consumers satisfaction and quencher quality
  • In which way food quality impacts consumer satisfaction
  • Which are the ways that should improve consumer satisfaction by food quality?  

Rationale and significance of the research:

Though various theories are developed regarding consumer satisfaction and food quality relationship, crack is also present in this n matter. Lack of service by the hotel authorities to their customers make disappointment as per the food quality norms. So it is a  vital need to analyseanalyse the fact that how the foodservice impacts on consumers satisfaction. Thus this research analysis the facts that should be able to improve the customer's satisfaction level. This research claimed is significant data analysis that could help to enhance the food quality of the hotel industries in Australia.  

Literature review

Customer Satisfaction Theory: 

According to the CSAT theory, the satisfaction of the customer is essential after the usage of some services or some product (Hill and Alexander, 2017). Customer satisfaction is considered as a psychological stage of any customer by this theory. There is a process by which the comfort of a customer can be measured. Examining the review that is provided by the customer is one of the best ways to gain knowledge about the satisfaction level of any customer. According to the point of view of Lu et al. (2015), it also depends on the locality, where the customers live and the scope of repurchase of any product from the end of the consumers. After analysinganalysing the theory of  Lu et al. (2015), it has pointed out that the satisfaction level of consumers can be evident by the prospects of the customer. The expectations of consumers are described as probability or likelihood thinking of a service or a product individually. The hope has also related to beliefs of consumers. Customer satisfaction is crucial to point for gaining recognition of the hotel. If there are the consumers give some terrible reviews, then it provides a terrible impact on the brand image of the business organisationsorganisations. The expectations of customers produce some outcome as terms like benefits and values of the products or the services. Customer expectations and customer satisfaction have related to each other (Jasinskas et al. 2016). Consumer expectations and consumer satisfaction are also affected by the business growth of the hotel. These expectation and comfort have also increased from cognitive feelings, behavioural aspects and also experience. The satisfaction level and the expectation level of the customer has described as a form like a collective form of these beliefs and expectations. According to Al-Msallam (2015),  the hotel authority always tries to make good relation with the consumers to maintain the brand image of this hotel. If the bad reviews come from the consumers, it is terrible for the photos of the hotels. So, it should be recommended that the analysis of the consumers are always be recorded by the hotels and try to maintain good reviews of the consumers. Useful criticism is the main key point to keep the brand image of the hotel. So it is crucial to point to keep the brand image of the hotel. 

Keno Model:

According to the theory of Keno Model, for the satisfaction of consumers, it is focused by the organisationsorganisations that to grab the attention of the consumers and fulfil their requirements. The requirements of the consumers are directly related to the satisfaction level of consumers. According to the point of views of Ren et al. (2016), it has described that the consumer's requirements are the essential Profit-generating Element for any organisationorganisation. There is some increment in global, and some business competition like the domestic business competition has mentioned in theory. As for that, the quality of hotels is also needed to develop to maintain customer service (Madar, 2017). So the business organisationsorganisations combat to hold their human resources. According to Hossain et al. (2017), to achieve the consumer's satisfaction, it is very vital to fulfilling their needs. So the organisationsorganisations should make themselves according to the demand or need. The products should be a type that matches the needs of the consumers. The products have to hold the virtue of threshold. And also it should keep in mind by the authorities that there are no guidelines against the services to various people. According to Keno Model, increasing consumers needs to define their satisfaction level also. Differently, it may be said that products or services which should be produced by the companies have to the full fill the needs of the consumers by this model.  

So it is evident that customer satisfaction is the primary concern which is to be fulfilled by the organisationsorganisations. According to Du et al. (2016), As if the organisationorganisation wants to gain business growth, it should produce the product according to the market demand. In all over the market a massive competition regarding the business status. So it is essential to achieve the brand value to remain secure in the competitive market.

Food quality and hotel industry:

According to various reports and journal, gigantic combat takes place in the Australian market for the hotel industries. The main objective of the hotel industries is that proper servicing regarding their foods to the consumers. According to Whelan et al. (2018), due to these reasons, every hotel should produce quality food, and also they have to apply quality food service in this business sector. Through proper servicing and good quality food, hotel authorities can able to gain the customer's attention. Every industry needs this factor for its business growth. Also, the commitment regarding the service helps the organisationorganisation to achieve customer satisfaction. The chief services which are provided by the hotel authorities are beverage and food. So good quality food can ensure the brand status of the hotel authorities (Evanoff, 2016). Low-quality food can also affect the services of the hotel. A huge impact should come due to providing low-grade food. To achieve proper servicing selection of raw materials, appropriate recipes and skilled employees are required. There are various rules and regulations regarding food quality. So as per the rules, it is obvious to provide high-quality food service. According to the standards of food quality, proper hygiene and natural resources should be included to make the food and also the organisationorganisation should keep in mind about the hygiene factor of the food. Because of which a lousy impact should come on the business of the hotel. To achieve business growth, these factors should be maintained strictly by the authorities of the hotel. 

Relationship with the research issues:

The main objective of the hotel is customer satisfaction. The authorities of the hotel should try to produce and provide high-quality food service to gain the customer's positive feedback. Customer satisfaction increases due to the beliefs of the hotel authorities. So the authorities should make its customers happy by providing the essential needs of their customers. The fact raised that the customer satisfaction level decreased regarding the low-quality food service provided by the hotel authorities. According to a recent report, the food hotels of Sydney does not seem focused on their food quality (News, 2019). They also failed to give right quality foods to its customers. The hotels also suffer from the critical issue of bad delivery timing. The consumers of the hotels wait for a long time after giving the order. So the lousy management skills reduce the brand value of the hotel.

Research Methodology: 

Research Philosophy: 

 Saunders and others developed a set of strategies in order to conduct research work which is known as research onion. It consists of some tools to accomplish the research work efficiently. In this research work, the researcher adopts the most appropriate tools in order to resolve the objectives and queries. The process through which the research is conducted is known as the research philosophy (Clarke and Braun, 2018). This philosophy consists of various authentic ways to gather data regarding the research subject. There are three different philosophies which the researchers use Positivism philosophy, interpretivism philosophy and realism philosophy. Positivism research philosophy is conducted for identifying the interconnectivity amongst the variable in the research. Interpretivism philosophy is the research philosophy to ensure the interpretation between the research topic and data in proficient in nature. Realism philosophy is based upon the emotion-oriented subject matter collection in order to collect data more significantly.

In this research work, the researcher adopts positivism research philosophy. Positivism research philosophy is the most fact-oriented, so the researcher has chosen this philosophy. Due to the lack of time and being the most proficient data collection method the researcher considered positivism research philosophy, As this philosophy is more relevant and trustworthy, due to the shortage of time, this philosophy considered. The positivist research philosophy helps the researcher to efficiently interpret the data with the objective. 

Research Approach:

The research approach may be defined as the process of collecting various ways to touch the conclusion. Here, two different research approaches are available viz., Inductive and Deductive. 

Inductive research approach consists of various new theories and models developed by the researcher in order to find out the conclusion of the objectives (Armat et al. 2018). On the other hand, deductive research approach deals with authentic data resources which are already present. In this research, the researcher adopts the deductive research approach. In order to reduce cost and time, deductive research approach has taken into consideration as it is most relevant to interpret the theories with the objectives. Except that the research approach time-saver, this approach is also consist of logical analysis. In this research work, the researcher did not choose the inductive research approach because this approach may be difficult to interpret with the objectives.  

Research Design: 

Research design is the way of collecting data in order to develop a framework which can significantly handle the research work. It is the process of interpreting data in a logical manner to establish the conclusion of the research paper. Three research designs are   “exploratory", "explanatory", and "descriptive" research design.

The exploratory research design consists of question answers and interviews to collect data, whereas the descriptive research design deals with journals, books to gather data. On the other hand, the explanatory research design goes through various survey's and hypothesiseshypothesises. 

Regarding the context, the researcher selects the descriptive research design method as it is so relevant to collect data as it can meet with the objectives or the questions. Except for this thing, this research design is trustworthy to validate and explain the research topic analysis. In order to reach a conclusion, this design is so helpful to the researcher. By applying this research design, the researcher could be able to identify the impact of food quality over the customer's satisfaction. In this research work, the researcher did not select the other two research design as they both could create clashes among the hotel industries. 

Data Sampling Techniques:

The data sampling method is the process through which each and every person should deliver their own statements regarding the topic. The techniques are broadly divided into two parts. They are probability and non-probability data sampling.

The probability sampling is based on the process that ensures that everyone in a group can give their statements. On the other hand, non-probability sampling deals with selected people in order to gather data. In this research work, the researcher will be selecting a random sampling technique to select 50 customers of the Grand Hotel in order to conduct the research work. The researcher will be using survey monkey for gathering responses after distributing the questionnaire online. This technique will assist the researcher in finding out the relevant data according to the gap in the relationship between customer satisfaction and food quality. This data sampling technique ensures that every respondent gets an equal chance for providing data. 5 managers of the hotel will be selected by the researcher using a non-probability method for conducting interviews. 


Research instrumentation represents the tool and techniques which are used to gather data. Choice of instrumentation technique is based upon the context of the research paper. Various tools and techniques are used like survey, interviews, group discussions etc. during the data collection time. This technique includes the quantitative analysis. Regarding this research work, the researcher adopts questions answers pattern for data collection. Primary data collection includes the survey, and on the other hand, secondary data collection consists of information which is based on articles, journals etc. The primary data collection method actually based on more natural resources, whereas the secondary data collection method based on developed resources. In this context, the researcher chooses the secondary data collection method as it is more time saving than primary.

Data Collection: 

Regarding the context, the researcher considered mixed methods data collection method as it is more relevant according to the point of view of the objectives. It basically includes both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. Quantitative collection methods consist of raw data collection method by the surveys and authentic data from various people. On the other hand, a qualitative data collection method built up by collecting data from just a few persons. Qualitative data collection procedure helps to identify the most trustworthy data for the research work by attending knowledgeable people. Likewise, quantitative collection method based is on the statistics. Thus, the researcher will be selecting a mixed method in order to make the research work highly effective. 

Data Analysis: 

 As the researcher considered the mixed method technique, so the researcher will be conducted by taking 50 customers and 5 managers of the Grand Hotel for the research. The observation technique should also be followed by the researcher to penetrate insight through the natural way. In order to interpret the objectives, the researcher chooses this path. By interpreting these data with the questions regarding the research, the topic can conclude about the various impacts of bad qualify food over the customer's satisfaction. 

Research Limitations: 

In this research, time is a crucial limitation and also there is a shortage of budget also.  Due to these limitations, the research work should focus on the main points rather than the full environment of the research topic. Therefore further research about the topic on the impact of the relationship between customer satisfaction and food quality may fulfil all the answers regarding the question.

Research Ethics:

Ethics should be defined as the moral values of a person delivered to another person. In the context of research work, it is an obvious thing that might be provided to the respondents of the research work to conclude the whole task effectively. In order to establish the conclusion of the research work significantly, the researcher has to give focus on the provision of security for the confidential information of the respondents. The researcher has to secure all the personal information of the respondents who will be included in the research. Due to this reason, the researcher has to obey General Data Protection Act 2018 (Granger, 2018). The researcher will pay minute attention to the point that the research should be conducted without applying any force to the respondents. And also, the researcher should avoid data manipulation and plagiarism during the research. By following every guideline properly, the research will be done. Thus, the researcher has to obey all the guidelines properly in order to conduct the research paper without any problem. The researcher has to maintain all the guidelines mentioned above properly during the research work.

Proposed timeline

Activities /time1st week2nd and 3rd week4th and 5th week6th, 7th and 8th week9th and 10th week
Selection of research topic

Formulating aim and objectives

Formulating research questions

Conducting Literature review 

Integrating the research methodology

Accumulation of primary data from interviews and surveys 

Analysis of the data 


Final submission

Table: Timeline

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