Research And Analysis On Global Marketing Strategies

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Differentiate between internal, domestic and global marketing.
  2. Examine the cultural environment of global markets.
  3. Explore and assess global market opportunities.
  4. Evaluate global marketing strategies for a product and/or service.
  5. Select an appropriate foreign market and develop strategic marketing decisions encompassing choice of target market and relevant product mix decisions.

Assignment 3

Individual Reflection on assignment 1 and 2

This individual assignment is a reflection on the work done in Assignments 1 and 2. Comment and discuss each aspect of the assignments in term of the following.

  • Theoretical concepts used in assignment 1 and 2 and how they could have been improved
  • How your group could have improved in assignment 2
  • Highlight the areas you personally contributed to in assignment 2 and reflect on how you completed the tasks
  • How the group worked together and reflection on areas for improvement. Discuss each group members performance
  • Discuss your own development over the paper

Guidelines for the report (50 marks)

  • The report may contain the following sections: cover page, table of contents, introduction, body of the report discussing the questions given at the end of the case, conclusions, recommendations, and a list of references.
  • The approximate word count for the report is 3000.
  • Be consistent with your report formatting such as headings, sub‐headings and numbering. Use Times New Roman (size 12) font with 1.5 line spacing.
  • Include the word count at the end of the report.  Word count does not include words in title page, table of contents, list of references and appendices.
  • Use APA 6 convention for both in‐text and in your reference list.  Wikipedia is not considered a good source of reference.

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Answer :

Global marketing strategies


Marketing is a challenging domain. Global marketing and strategic marketing form important elements that enable a clear understanding of how global organizations function in terms of marketing their products and creating brands. Working on the first and second assignments on global marketing and international strategies of various organizations was a great experience. All members of the team, including me got the opportunity to contribute to the assignments. I did share a lot of ideas and gathered information on strategic marketing. I also got to learn a lot from each of the team members as they presented their ideas on global marketing and international business. It has been a fulfilling and enriching experience to work on assignment 1 and assignment 2. 

The process of completing the assignments was filled with enthusiasm and understanding that each of the team members thought very differently. Synchronizing all ideas into one assignment was quiet a challenging task. So, we tried to first come to a decision as to what would our sub topics and assignment focus or scope be. Then we decided on what information would be required. Only then we began with the actual research and analysis tasks. This enabled us to ensure that none of the team members are isolated or working on the wrong tracks. This also helped us save a lot of time on not having to do any reworks after completing the project. Meeting often and discussing what each of us were working on helped us synchronize the assignments effectively. 


Theoretical concepts learnt 

Advertising is a critical action in exhibit day associations as it encourages them make better market positions and upper hands through marking. Promoting is a critical business action. It makes more elevated amounts of adequacy in connecting with the objective markets. If there should be an occurrence of promoting for an eatery, the primary errand is to successfully distinguish the objective client fragment. This helps shape the promoting techniques in like manner. It makes the correct sort of estimating and advancement procedures. 

Promoting and suitable situating are essential for the firm. Their promoting system, key destinations and upper hands shape the most vital parts of their advertising and marking capacity in global showcasing. Procedure is a critical component for introduce day organizations as business sectors are to a great degree aggressive. It is significant for firms working in worldwide markets to have the capacity to shape methodologies in light of market components and dynamism. Methodologies depend on vital goals. 

Organizations that are lined up with the necessities and inclinations of the clients have a superior opportunity to succeed and be more focused. It is essential for the business to center around understanding the client with a specific end goal to build up another item as indicated by his taste, inclinations, culture, way of life and basic leadership or legitimization process. This enables the firm to get better and critical vital arranging and methodology making capacity.

The understanding of the tastes and preferences of the consumers form the central aspect or the pivotal criteria in business decisions. Businesses that are aligned with the needs and preferences of the customers have a better chance to succeed and be more competitive. Hence understanding the consumer decisions making process is essential. Understanding the consumer decision process and forming a product which is compatible with it is an important part of marketing which can help in the creation of an successful business and effectively significant revenue. 

Performance matrix clarifies the significance of execution network as a determinant of change need. It breaks down the activities procedure and the vital tasks. Numerous organizations enter the commercial center with another advancement that draws clients, and if the development is a decent one, it can keep the business in a beneficial position for quite a long while. However they require to shape their needs for development in view of execution network and this structures an essential system instrument. The way toward conveying the idea through to realization is tedious and expensive, and this requires significant budgetary assets. Along these lines, the utilization of compelling strategies like execution network are vital. 

International marketing strategy depends on full scale angles and smaller scale condition has been overlooked. Miniaturized scale activities have not been considered. Bigger firms have more noteworthy access to both human and budgetary capital than littler firms. This could put littler firms in danger for falling behind in advancement. In this way, the utilization of execution grid as a determinant of change need isn't exceptionally compelling for littler firms. It likewise does not give extension to correlation. Watchful investigation of business patterns has uncovered that substantial firms are more effective in obtaining, while little firms are more fruitful in advancement. As the needs for littler organizations and bigger organizations are distinctive it prompts ineffectualness in prioritization. 

The choice to be made is centered around greatness. It can't be founded on a solitary grid. At the point when forms are limited to the field of innovation development, particularly mechanical complexity, they overlook the reason for the proposition and the mission of the association which makes a few confusions and incongruencies. On one hand, it alludes to the aggregate field of the organization, and not just the innovative angles. Then again, proposes that development changes are gone for consumer loyalty, which influences the organization to manage and development.

Project planning and implementation 

The team members met often to discuss various concepts of international marketing and strategy building. We focused on accomplishing the whole task by breaking it up into smaller tasks and then working on them one by one. In this way we contributed to the whole project without having to face issues of time crunch and rework. We used rationalization in several of decision making processes that were involved in helping us accomplish both the projects. Working in teams helped us create synergies, divide the work and finish the project much faster than what we could have done individually. We also could bring coherence with multiple ideas and perspectives thus improving the quality of the project to a great extent. 

An advertiser needs to comprehend the procedure of justification as this encourages them comprehend that the shopper pays special mind to an incentive for cash. Defense is a standout amongst the most imperative parts of purchaser purchasing and planning choices. At the point when the justification procedure is considered if there should be an occurrence of international marketing, it unmistakably demonstrates that they are to center around giving higher incentive to their objective client section. Along these lines it is conceivable to connect better to the clients by beating rivalry and concentrating on a particular market segment. We tried and used these concepts in forming the assignments and at the same time learnt a lot about how an actual business project might be implemented. 

Improvement in group

Planning well in advance and understanding the skills of each of the members before beginning the project would have helped us ensure that the USP of each of the member is put to use. After the first project we realized that we were dividing work without considering the abilities and exceptional skills of each of the team members. Research was being done by few members who were exceptionally well in analysis and analysis was being carried out by those who were exceptionally talented in finding the right material. The experience that we gathered in the first assignment was of great help in implementing the second assignment (Johnson et al, 2008). 

We could have focused on using various tools and marketing elements including different matrix, marketing models and marketing theories, statistics and elements that could help us improve the quality of our assignments. We were focused on researching basic theories and fundamental concepts which slowed down the rate at which we were accomplishing the research tasks. Never the less, the efforts of each of the team members has made it possible for us to be able to complete the assignments successfully and at the same time learn a lot about strategic marketing, international marketing and team building (Debbie Thorne McAlister, Linda Ferrell, 2012). 

Personal contributions and how tasks were completed 

I was focused on developing on the premise that the creation of an appropriate marketing plan for this business requires the analysis of customers, competitors and company. Then aligning the strategy to these components can help form the right form of integrated marketing  strategy. I was greatly involved in collecting statistics and supporting research material which could help us substantiate every claim and findings that we stated in our reports. 

The comprehension of the tastes and inclinations of the purchasers frame the focal viewpoint or the urgent criteria in business choices. Projects that are lined up with the requirements and inclinations of the clients have a superior opportunity to succeed and be more focused. Henceforth understanding the shopper choices making process is fundamental. Understanding the buyer choice process and framing an item which is good with it is a vital piece of promoting which can help in the production of a fruitful business and adequately noteworthy income. I was instrumental in researching customer preferences based on marketing models and how these concepts are used in organizations to build better learning about market trends (Debbie Thorne McAlister, Linda Ferrell, 2010).

One of my qualities is being a team person and cooperating with individuals keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish my objectives. Everybody can't lead without a moment's delay however can contribute successfully to achieve the shared objectives. Clashes can be stayed away from in a group by guaranteeing that there be change executed with the help of the majority of the workers and partners in the association. As a cooperative person, I attempt and guarantee that I comprehend the shared objectives of the association and after that contribute my thoughts through the conceptualizing procedure. In the meantime I attempt and guarantee that I tune in to the thoughts of other colleagues and connect with them so that I can understand their ideas and bring coherence and synergy (Avolio, B., Walumbwa, F., and Weber, T, 2009). I try my best to avoid isolation of ideas or group memenrs.

 This makes it an intuitive procedure and we as a group can bring out better efficiencies. It is basic to consider the working of a compelling framework that can help construct a more grounded level of certainty among the colleagues and acquire better co appointment. Working in groups is a critical idea and prerequisite that can add to authoritative advancement and for this situation, there is absence of cooperation which can prompt issues in the association. Absence of collaboration can bring about absence of initiative and bearing for groups as being a cooperative person is basic (Avolio, B.J., and Gardner, W.L, 2005). 

Team work and areas for improvement 

As a team we worked on multiple elements of understanding how it would be possible to create  synergies and change. Change is a basic component of present day associations and correspondence in associations can help frame a firm solidarity and also a typical comprehension. On the off chance that change isn't overseen well at all levels, it brings about protection from different gatherings of workers. Esteem based administration can help make more elevated amounts of norms of morals in the association. Change administration instruments like execution of progress models and successful correspondence in the association can help oversee change adequately. We would recommend that when working with teams, each of us have to focus on being able to adjust and adapt. 

Working in groups is a critical idea and prerequisite that can add to authoritative advancement and for this situation, there is absence of cooperation which can prompt issues in the association (Avolio, B., Walumbwa, F., and Weber, T., 2009). Absence of collaboration can bring about absence of authority and course for groups. 

In case of the group leader been introducing himself as a legitimate pioneer with no thought regarding how he needs to unite the group so as to complete a few of the work, it would become very difficult to complete the assignments. Passing up a major opportunity for this thought makes him a manager and not a piece of the group which isn't in sync with the association's approach, system and need and this can affect the execution of Leader and in addition his group. Authority is a critical part of changing administration (Saeed Samiee and Kendall Roth, 2015). Absence of administration and inclusion of the leader in the group can significantly affect the association's execution (Avolio, B.J., and Gardner, W.L, 2005). Senior levels of administration center around general execution of the association and its aggressive position. To make successful business advancement, pioneers center around operational effectiveness overall and manage supervisors who really speak with the colleagues. For this situation it is essential that the same be embraced (Debbie Thorne McAlister, Linda Ferrell, 2012)

Conclusions and Recommendations 

Two approaches to determine the issues incorporate authority and in addition cooperation in the group, its choices, heading and the procedures (Avolio, B., Walumbwa, F., and Weber, T., 2009). This can help make a powerful method for managing groups and their issues. It additionally would enable group leaders to win the certainty of the individuals from the group and this can enable him to be a piece of the procedures of the association. 

Valid administration and a few other contemporary styles of initiative are coming into put where in pioneers attempt and guarantee that their groups additionally create alongside the association. This makes better spotlight on the making of business and accomplishing of association's objectives. Along these lines they think about the fulfillment of the groups as a critical piece of the hierarchical advancement. They additionally enable individuals to take an interest in basic leadership and enable them to learn better (Avolio, B., Walumbwa, F., and Weber, T., 2009). 

If there should be an occurrence of mismanagement, it is basic that there be powerful use of association assets for which it is essential that the associations individuals are efficient and joined together. Administration is a critical component of dealing with an association, particularly in the present setting of elevated amounts of rivalry. It has turned out to be essential to make improvement in light of concentrating on aptitude advancement and propelling individuals to perform better. In the event that Leader does not embrace this level of initiative and contribution in groups, he can't deliberately develop with the association. 

Individual and expert fitness be exhibited as far as suitable conduct, relational styles and initiative styles at the senior administration levels is centered around guaranteeing that the pioneers and senior administration comprehend that their conduct and point of view impacts and effects the group working for them. This can help make better levels of inclusion in the association. The colleagues admire these directors and pioneers and endeavor to imitate their strides. They anticipate that them will be very much associated with the groups forms and the association's choices or issues (Barlett, Ghoshal & Birinkshaw, 2004).