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Write the topic on" Research and Data Analysis of Visamo".

Q1: Problem statement

Q2: Research questions

Q3: Literature review

Q4: Research methodology

Q5: Data analysis and findings

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Executive summary

In this research Visamo has been selected as the organization upon which the study has been conducted. The study focuses on the current condition of the restaurant and highlights the existing issues of the organization. Moreover, the research questions have been set and the objectives has been identified based on the existing problem with the purpose of increasing the revenue of the restaurant. In order to increase the revenue customer retention and complementary to that customer attraction policies are required. In order to serve the purpose of the objective the views of the managers and the customers have been taken under consideration. Based on the above mentioned factors the literature review have been performed the research methodology has been adopted and also implemented. The data have been collected accordingly and the analysis has been made on it. Finally, the research has reached a conclusion made on the findings. The recommendation have been made accordingly.


Visamo is a Sydney based restaurant that is famous for casual dining and mainly serves Indian quality cuisine in Australia. Visamo has been the most favorite destination for Indian food for last few years but recently due to few customers related issues the restaurant is unable to keep up the profit margin that the restaurant usually had. In this research paper the possible problems due to which this service organization is facing issues are identified and possible solutions to the problems are also suggested in the later part of this research paper.

Visamo has proved to be  a well functional business organization since its establishment. Because of its quality Indian delicacies it has been successful in attracting a number of customers. Apart from their specialized Indian food, this restaurant is also famous for its interior decor and customer services. A major section of the customers has been the Sydney based Indian people whose taste buds crave for the Indian taste in abroad. But the strength of this restaurant has always been the local people who prefer to spend their quality time in this restaurant. From the reports from the recent past it is evitable that the glory of this restaurant has faced noticeable decline and one of the major reasons behind this has been poor customer experience. The restaurant is constantly failing to maintain their initial status and mostly getting negative feedbacks. The issue that has emerged is a customer related issue and the primary aim of this research is to explore such customer related issues of this organization.

The aim and the objective of this research are to identify accurately the possible reasons behind the decline of the organizational glory of this restaurant and with elaborate discussions recommend possible solutions to the existing problems. The project attempts to analyze both the interior and exterior problems prior to this organization.

The primary focus of this project is to identify the key issues faced by the customers and the employees of this organization. It is important to justify the issues according to their relevance. This project also attempts to analyze the problems with the help of the already existing research papers which have focused on the food service based organizations. This can proved to be helpful in analyzing the customer and the employee psychology which is crucial for the growth of the service organization. In the first section of the project the issues and the problems which are functional for the hindrance of this organization have been identified. In the next section already available data on the problems are analyzed. In the next section the research method for this project has been focused and discussed elaborately. Then a detailed analysis of the primary and the secondary data has been provided in the data analysis and findings section. Finally in the conclusion section the complete research work has been summarized and possible solutions are suggested.

Problem statement

Food industry is one of the high risk business propositions that always tends to has a lofty numbers of competitors. Due to such high level of competition restaurants often lose their quality service(Taylor, Bogdan & DeVault, 2015) According to a recent study 60% of the restaurant ventures fail in the first year of their establishment(Vieveen, 2017). But this restaurant under current study namely Visamo is not a new venture of the investors. Even this organization has faced success in the initial years. But a recent study has shown that the restaurant is not only suffering from negative customer feedbacks but the employees are also not happy with the prevailing organizational structure. In order to increase the chances of success it is necessary to state the common problems regarding both the structure and the structure of this organization (Lee, Hallak & Sardeshmukh, 2016). The primary issues the organization is facing are stated below.

  • Problem with the menu: A well structured menu is key to success for any restaurant. The menu requires to be balanced with proper items and the delicacies need to be priced appropriately. The menu that Visamo provides lacks specification and is too-large (Heo, 2016). As it lacks focus the customers take longer time to order and consequently it takes more time to produce the ordered items. The frontline employees require to thoroughly memorizing the menu in order to ensure better customer service.
  • The initial success of this restaurant depended vastly on the customer service as it counted as one of the key factors related to the first impression of the restaurant (Lee, Hallak & Sardeshmukh, 2016). The employees need to be dedicated towards customer service in order to ensure customers’ well-being.
  • The criteria mentioned above are not the unique selling point of the restaurant. This restaurant also lacks the unique selling point. Although they master in the Indian cuisine and that has been their specialization throughout these years, now they need to incorporate several innovative ideas or to sum up they need to provide more reasons to the customers so that they choose this restaurant over other competitors.
  • Another common problem that this restaurant needs to work on is the existing management issues in the organization (Kimes, & Beard, 2013 ). The organization needs to analyze the business accurately for better outcomes. It is evident that the organization keeps track of the total customers they are feeding daily along with the ordered menu items. They can improvise their based on the frequently ordered items. The delicacies which are not ordered frequently, they can consider removing the items from the menu.
  • Marketing and advertisement of this restaurant requires improvement. The owner of this restaurant does not pay much attention to the marketing and thus this restaurant is lagging behind in the competition. Formalizing the brand standards which include graphics, logo and the mission statement of the restaurant require up gradation. Even the website of this organization needs to be more responsive. This organization also lagging behind from other restaurants in the field of social media and digital marketing. They do not have any customer loyalty program and email database.
  • Capital is another problem that is looming large on this business organization. The organization is failing to achieve the required revenue for last few years and it has a huge impact on the business of this restaurant. The issue of capital is further problem with the decreased profit margin of the restaurant. The restaurant owners need to have enough financial resources in order to avoid such issues. Currently with the decreased profit margin the organization is running on the basis of the existing sponsorships and additional capital support from the owners.

The above mentioned problems are the key factors that have been identified as the issues behind the organizational decline of these restaurants. Based on the key issues the research questions have been developed that can help the evaluation process.

Research questions

The identified problems have created a great scope for research. Based on the grounds the primary research questions that have been developed are

  • How the decline in revenue has affected the restaurant industry and how this particular restaurant is coping up with the revenue problems.
  • The correlation between the sales and the status of revenue in this sector. What impact does a sale have on the current revenue system of this restaurant?
  • Significance of revenue elevation with a reference to this restaurant.
  • Importance of the changes in the revenue systems and its impact on the growth and development of the restaurant.

The study focuses on the research questions and how they are relevant for the prevailing problems of Visamo. 

The identified issues are the major factors that are hindering this restaurant from further growth and development. It is necessary for this restaurant to concentrate on the problems and rectify those so that they can survive amongst the strongest restaurants in Sydney. In a city like Sydney running a successful restaurant is extremely challenging as there are multiple other choices for the diners. The city has dining options which are beyond overwhelming and sales and marketing strategies of those multi cuisine restaurants are well structured and developed. 

In order to compete with them efficiently Visamo needs to consider the existing problems more seriously and their policies associated with marketing and sales require obvious improvisation. The location of this restaurant is a prime one, for a Sydney based restaurant the current profit of this restaurant is comparatively lower than expected. It can be stated that the customer service and the food need to have a quality check. It is important for the organization to calculate potential increase in the revenue and this will ensure productive result for the organization. Keeping a track of the annual revenue and calculation of the annual profit are necessary steps that the organization needs to focus on.

Literature review


Food service and the restaurant industry is evolving in nature because of the changes noticed in the consumer needs, rising costs and increased competition. For growth and development of the restaurant it is necessary for the organization to explore new and innovative ideas in order to maintain a firm grasp on the current trends that will improve the bottom-line to meet consumer demand(Vieveen, 2017). The operating performance of the restaurant is influenced by some of the factors that affect the retail stores. The business model of this particular restaurant is easy to understand and they follow a simple structure. The array on the value line page is also same as that of standard industrial company.

Major key aspect of the business is to attract customers and customer retention is complementary to customer attraction. These two aspects can be successfully achieved through effective marketing strategies.

In order to analyse the possible procedures that can help the restaurant to run successfully it is important to understand the reasons behind the failure of the restaurants. As per the reports of previous few years a large number of restaurants have gone through ownership turnover most of which were in the first year of their service. Another identified reason is that ineffective management of family life cycle that decreases the level of growth and development in a restaurant. However, the earlier issues can be nullified with the advent of the present more alarming issues that are found in the recent study.

  • Restaurant owner turnover in an alarming rate at a span of one year.
  • Problems that the restaurant faces during the early years of their establishment.
  • Ineffective management of family life cycle can be considered as an issue.
  • Decreased quality of life has emerged as one of the primary reasons for such turnover.

Evidently the failure rate in this industry is quite higher than other industries but according to recent studies this myth has been proved to be wrong and according to statistical reports the failure rate of the restaurants is limited and depends on few wrong strategical implications.


As there are multiple dining options the competition between the restaurants is intense. Every restaurant location needs to compete with other publicly traded chains, but also with a wide range of local, small establishments(Vieveen, 2017) industry tends to be cyclical as the restaurant meals are discretionary purchases.


The top line growth of this restaurant is generated in two ways which are opening restaurants in new locations and boosting the sales of the existing branches. Opening new branches in different cities of Australia can prove to be a good strategic move for the restaurant. It can also function as the main driver of the revenue. But it is important to consider that it becomes difficult to maintain the benefits once the chain grows in size. For Visamo it is important to establish their branches in the profitable locations. The managers need to be careful not to situate the branches too close. If the branches are located close to each other then the branches can harm each other’s sales.


 The managers of this restaurant need to incorporate different food items in the menu. It is necessary for the managers to develop a menu that can attract more customers. This restaurant has operating margins in the mid-to upper teens and net profit margins in the mid to high digits. The costs of the foods are obviously important factor and it can fluctuate highly at times (Heo, 2016). The pricing needs to done strategically and this restaurant also requires to increase the revenue of the food items in order to maintain the profit margin. 

Labor cost is another important factor for the service oriented restaurants (Kimes & Beard, 2013). The workers of this restaurant earn modest salaries and often their salaries are slightly higher than the government-mandated minimum wages. The employees fall into different categories among which the service workers are usually paid less. Consequently federal or state level changes in the revenues have a huge impact on the restaurant’s cost and margins (Kimes & Beard, 2013 ).

Emergence of fast-food:

This restaurant has casual dining services that is been affected with the emergence of several fast-food corners in Sydney. The performance of the restaurant requires assessment and in order to fight with such fast-food corners the restaurant can come up with fast-food options in their food services. In a recessionary environment the fast-food service providers can have convenient profit margins compared to the dining service providers.

The restaurant owners need to deal with the place, pricing, promotion and product. The owner must understand the competitive landscape. It is also important for the investors to understand that running an independent restaurant is different from operating a restaurant chain.

In order to ensure better profit margin this restaurant needs to customize their revenue system. They can introduce new dishes in their menus with higher prices. The recent recession has affected people’s spending habits. Recent studies have observed that standard meals are no longer in vogue.  Financial tightening the people order less during their meal. It will be a wise decision for the owners to introduce customer friendly meal packages in order to increase their sells. Off-peak offerings can also prove to be profitable for the restaurant. If the restaurant plan the capitalization of the off-peak demand, it will increase the traffic without affecting the peak hours (Heo, 2016). 

In the restaurant industry it is difficult to increase the revenue of the restaurants all of a sudden. Increasing the revenue is a developing process and it needs to be done in a calculated manner otherwise, the restaurant can lose their existing customers because the in order to increase the revenue the organization needs to increase the prices of the food items.  Along with that customisation of the employee recruitment and their salary system are also required.

Another strategy that the restaurant can apply is improvisation of the existing menu. The new menu can add different attractive delicacies and the pricing can be higher than the usual items. To broaden the profit margin it is necessary for the restaurant to attract more customers with attractive menus and quality services.

Research methodology


Research methodology provides an overview of the systematic method of the research. Research onion helps in the better understanding of the several stages of the research methodology. In this chapter the different tools and techniques used in the study have been discussed.

Research onion:

The research onion provides a framework that has been followed to conduct the study. The research onion is based on a layered approach that depicts mainly three levels.

Research philosophy

In this research a mixed approach has been used. The research philosophy used for this particular project is pragmatism. Pragmatism is the best suited for this research (Flick, 2015). Pragmatism suggests a deconstructive paradigm which advocates using the mixed methods in the research work. Pragmatism rejects the position between two opposite perspectives (Silverman, 2016) philosophy and it focuses on what works as the truths when the research questions regarding the investigation are taken under consideration.

Research design

Mixed method research design has been widely accepted in the last few decades. The advantage of using mixed method is that it provides the opportunity of using multiple methods in order to explore the research problem. This study has used a mixed method of research design. 

Using mixed methods has been proved to be helpful for this project as it provides the scope to overcome the limitations of any single design. The advantages of using this method is it makes the data explanation and interpretation easier and helps to explore a phenomenon in a more concrete manner(Flick, 2015). It also provides the opportunity to develop and test new instruments.

 The research has included different tools while conducting the study. Apart from observation as an important research tool, the study of the external environment has been done with the help of PESTLE analysis in terms of the industrial background. Assessment of the current situation of the restaurant is based mainly on the observation.

Research approach

The research approach used in this project is the deductive one. As a qualitative research the inductive approach is used here in order to develop a theory on the basis of the collected data (Flick,2015 ). deductive approach is concerned with generating new theories from the emerging data. In this project the collected data has been given prior importance for the study of the problems already present in the organization.

Data collection method

Both Primary and Secondary data collection method has been used for this project. Within the primary data collection method this research has identified that qualitative data collection method is appropriate for this research. The managers and the representatives of the authority have been considered as the sample of the project. Secondary data refers to the data that has been collected by someone else other than the researcher for any other purpose which is not associated with the researcher’s current project(Silverman, 2016). The data available from other sources have been used in the project. Along with that the interview reports of the managers of this restaurant have also been used for the research development. Secondary data has been useful in developing the literature review.

Sample size

The sample size for this research is consisted of 5 managers of this organization and 20 random customers who have been questioned in order to judge the customer satisfaction related to this organization.

Sampling technique

Sampling methods can be classified as probability or no probability. In probability samples each member of the population has a non-zero probability to be selected. Here the sampling is majorly done on the managers of the restaurant. Probability methods include random, systematic and stratified sampling (Silverman, 2016). In this project systematic sampling has been done. Along with the managers of the Visamo restaurant representatives of the managerial body are also considered in the sample population.

Data analysis technique

In this research qualitative data analysis has been used in order to unravel trends to opinions and thoughts. In the qualitative method semi-structured methods have been used and the managers of the restaurant have been interviewed. Individual interview process and the observation are included in the qualitative method of data analysis technique used in this project.

This research has applied the usage of different tools which have proved to be helpful in the continuation of the research process (Panneerselvam, 2014). Graphical as well as statistical analysis has been used for the analysis of the acquired data. Different research tools have been used such as usage tools like mean, median and mode. The data collected from the respondents are laid down and these are taken up for the purpose of statistical and graphical analysis of the data.

Ethical consideration and Research limitations

The data used in the research has been ensured to be authentic. Another ethical consideration is protection of the data and maintaining privacy of the personnel associated in the project. The identity of the sample population which are the managers and managerial personnel are not been revealed throughout the project report. The questionnaires that have been prepared for the interview have been destroyed after the interview procedure. Important decisions have been granted in order to ensure the protection of the data. Confidentiality of the data has been maintained by the researcher and protection of the data has been acquired through several data protection acts and legislations forwarded by the government. 

Data analysis and findings

In this specific topic, a thorough data analysis and findings will be conducted on the performance of Visamo restaurant, situated in Sydney. This restaurant provides Indian food to the natives of Australia. It specializes in authentic Punjabi dishes and had earned considerable reputation in doing so. Services related to the provision of Indian dishes in foreign lands, had always been in vogue and   demand. Traditional Indian dishes are very much in demand in the foreign territories because of the authentic taste it provides to the food lovers. The various uses of rare spices in the dishes make the menu of such a restaurant more captivating and attractive. Since the restaurant’s foundation in Sydney, it has been observed that it continued to serve authentic and diversified Indian dishes to the residents of Australia. In doing so, the restaurant has earned considerable reputation down the years and built its brand value in Australia. But according to a recent survey, it has been tracked that the services it used to provide to its potential customers in Australia in the recent past, has declined to a considerable stretch. 

It so happened because the restaurant completely failed to make an effective market research and consequently faced several challenges to heighten its reputation for the future. It was due to the lack of knowledge related to the demand of the customers, and lack of quality service of food to its potential customers. During the recent two years of time span, the reputation of the restaurant has declined to a great extent. An analysis would surely bring forth the shortcomings confronted by the restaurant called Visamo. The factors responsible for the breakdown in the performance of the specific restaurant would be a few to discuss. In order to bring out the ambiguities in the operational management of the restaurant, the first thing to discuss would be that it failed to cope up with the current market trends (Fayers, & Machin, 2013)

The owner of the restaurant failed to comprehend the recent or current market demands or trends. There was a lack of analysis regarding the trends of similar restaurants in the market. This makes a restaurant aware of the business strategies of the competitors in the prevalent market and takes necessary measures to throw   challenges to the existing competitors in the prevalent market. The future planning of a restaurant or any other organization forms one of the basic criterions that needs to be fulfilled. Another constraint faced by the restaurant called Visamo is the lack of business capital. A restaurant whether in domestic or foreign domain, should always focus on its capital investment into the business. 

A scarcity of enough capital or financial strength would put a negative impact on the continuation of business transaction of a certain restaurant. A same kind of situation has been confronted by Visamo. The shortage of enough capital has paved a hurdle some way for the restaurant. In the recent few years, the restaurant is running short of capital due to some sort of any ambiguity in the management. 

A once prospering restaurant like Visamo, is on the verge of its decline because of the lack of provision of health care coverage to its potential employees. An integrated system of management is inevitable when it comes to smooth functioning of an organization. Since, Visamo is a well renowned and well recognized restaurant in Australia, it is quite expected that it should have a considerable volume of workforce. As every employee expects some additional benefits from its recruiters or employers, the employees of Visamo also expected additional benefits from the organization. In this context, additional benefit would be a more vague term to consider, as every employer is responsible for the health coverage of its employees (Miles,  Huberman, & Saldana,2013)

The management of the restaurant has completely failed to acknowledge the essentiality of health coverage of its employees. This has harmed the stature of the restaurant,  as it failed to retain its efficient employees. Smart inventory management and effective pricing of the menus was also questioned. The restaurant, being one of the quality Indian dish provider to the Australians, completely lagged behind other similar restaurants. This has happened because it could not set the appropriate price of the dishes in the food menu. 

An interview was conducted regarding the current performance of the restaurant. Two of the managers of the restaurant gave their consents regarding the recent performance of the organization. The interview reflected the performance of the management system and the recent constraints faced by the restaurant. 

Manager 1
Manager 2
1. Are you satisfied   with the job?
2. Does the management   look after your well-being?
3. What is the current   footfall of the restaurant?
4. What is the quality   of food maintained?

In the above table, it is observed that two of the managers of the restaurant have given their consents regarding a few major issues. When two of the managers were questioned about their experience regarding working in the restaurant, they both provided similar replies. Both the managers said that they were not satisfied with their jobs. It so happened because they the management was not responsible for looking after the additional provisions to its employees. Health coverage was denied by the management of the restaurant because it had ceased to function properly and in addition it completely failed to generate surplus profit. The shortage of surplus profit incurred by the restaurant made it compelled to exclude the employees from providing benefit and health coverage to them. Untimely payment of the salary to the managers was also one of the reasons behind the discontent among the employees, including the managers (Rollinson, 2014). The management system of the restaurant is truly responsible for not being able to satisfy the employees. This led to the substandard performance of the restaurant in recent times.

The management totally neglects the well being of the employees of the restaurant and as a consequence it remained unable to retain its employees. It is generally believed that a sound system of management holds itself responsible for retaining the employees, and in return the hard working employees would give their utmost to attract and convince the customers to make repetitive visits to the restaurant.

The current footfall of the restaurant is up to a substandard value as there has  been a deterioration in the quality of food and services offered by the restaurant in recent times. Due to the inefficiency of the management of the restaurant to satisfy the demands of the employees, it becomes very evident that the employees would not put the right effort to bring in the customers by improving the quality of services and food quality. The quality of food offered by the restaurant is moderate, as told by the two managers of Vismo. It is indeed much unexpected from Vismo because the demand of Indian food is really very much in demand all over the world. Failure to expand its business transaction to such an extent is really disheartening. 

A table layout regarding the changes in the price of the food items from the year 2013 to 2017 has been displayed below. This will show the performance of the company in the last five years. Any kind of incoherencies in the menu price list and the elimination of food items in the menu would show the standard of deliverance of the restaurant to its customers.      

Food items 
$ 5
$ 10
$ 12
$ 8
$ 10
$ 10
$ 12 
$ 15
$ 12
$ 14
$ 12
$ 14
$ 16
$ 14
$ 13
$ 8
$ 10
$ 12
$ 11
$ 10
$ 15

$ 20
$ 21
$ 18
$ 16

By  analysing the above table a thorough understanding can be developed about the change in price of the famous food items of the restaurant. Thus, through this analysis, one can comprehend the demand of its food items in the recent five years of time span. It is observed by the above table that the price of the demanding food items has depreciated. It so happened because the demand of the food items offered by the mentioned restaurant has fallen (Woodside, 2013). This shows that the quality of the food items declined and as an outcome the price of the food items declined. The drastic fall in the price of the most demanding food items shows that the performance of the restaurant has gone down due to the inability of its management system. Key elements related to the restaurant’s functionality have ceased to function. Proper advertisement of the delicious food items, the supply chain management and efficient workforce were the key aspects that were absent (Best,  & Kahn, 2016). By analyzing the above data, it can be observed that in the recent five years of time, the restaurant completely ceased to function in spite of countless opportunities.

As this is a customer related issue, it is important to understand the customer satisfaction regarding the services of the restaurant so that Visamo can work on their services. In order to judge the customer satisfaction 25 random customers were chosen arbitrarily and asked few questions related to this organization. Their response can help in understanding the issues behind the stagnant condition of this restaurant.

Questionnaire used in the survey for the customers:

Question 1. How will you rate this restaurant in a scale of 5 as your preference to other fine dining restaurants in this locality?

Question 2: In a scale of 1 to 5 how will you rate this restaurant based on its food?

Question 3: What rating does this restaurant deserve based on its décor and design?

Question 4: How often do you like to come in this particular restaurant?

Question 5: How will you rate the customer service of this restaurant?

Question 6: How will you rate the ambience of this restaurant?

Question 7: On the basis of quick service how will you rate this restaurant?

Question 8:  Are you satisfied with the service? Yes or no?

Question 9: Does the menu need to be customized? Yes or no?

Question 10: According to you does this restaurant require any improvement related to its food?

Question 11: Does the customer service need any changes?

Question 12: This is a well advertised restaurant. Do you agree?

Question 13: This restaurant requires innovative policies. Do you agree?

Question 14: Do you think this restaurant requires any feedback policies?

Question 15: Do you expect any kind of seasonal variations related to the menu? Yes or no.

For the statistical representation of the answers refer to the appendix.

The restaurant did not apply the sound technique of media marketing related to the advertisement of its food items. Although it sounds costly, yet it is a very effective tool to conduct advertisement regarding the food items of any reputed restaurant (Bryman, & Bell, 2015).This initiative is adopted by most of the food services organizations. It is effective since it allows spreading relevant information about the food items launched by any particular restaurant. 

In this perspective, some light will be shed on the sustenance of a restaurant during desperate times. Any organization which goes through desperate times must make an investment in media marketing (Schabenberger, & Gotway, 2017). It is not that a restaurant must make investment in media marketing during the whole season. The food and beverage organizations face threats frequently because there always an issue of wastage of the cooked food items. The owners of restaurants must know when and how to bring in media marketing in the spotlight. It is the smart implementation of media marketing that will bring in considerable profit. Delicious food items are always in demand during the whole season, but the demand increases during the festive seasons. It is during the festive season when reputed restaurants get the privilege to make surplus profit (Gelman et al, 2014). 

As discussed above about the impact of media marketing, it can be stated that it is during the time of festive seasons that restaurants get a chance to bring in media marketing in the scenario. The word of mouth is one of the aspects that help a restaurant to flourish and expand its business transactions. A cordial and healthy relationship should always be maintained in order to retain the old customers (Silverman, 2016). It is the old customers who introduce the brand of the restaurant to his circle of acquaintances. The old customers of an organization acts to promote the brand value of the restaurant indirectly. 

Here will be a sales statement of the last three months of Vasimo in the year, 2017. The sales analysis will provide an idea about the performance of the company in the current year.

Food items 
Chicken Tandoori
250 dollars
375 dollars 
856 dollars 

Mutton Kabab
374 dollars 
453  dollars 

734 dollars 

Chili Fish
400 dollars
235 dollars 

476 dollars 

Loose Chicken
565 dollars
456 dollars 

500 dollars 

Chicken Lollipop
376 dollars
700 dollars 

374 dollars 

Mutton Biryani 
250 dollars
324 dollars 

437 dollars 

Chicken Biryani
450 dollars
349 dollars 
243 dollars 

Mutton Rezala
354 dollars
500 dollars 

645 dollars 

Lamb roast
250 dollars
600 dollars 

745 dollars 


By going through the sales analysis it can be comprehended that the restaurant has made improvement in sales. After a long struggle the restaurant has finally been able to recover from its constant friction in the contemporary market. If one goes through the record of the sales process of the restaurant during the month of October, one could very well comprehend the difference between its performances in the later two months. It has all been possible due to its improvement in the various sectors of management. Recruitment of the efficient workers and provision of additional benefits to the employees have paved the way of the company towards success (Ott, & Longnecker, 2015). 

The restaurant has also implemented Media advertisement to make its food items more popular among its customers. Any new item in the menu has been advertised through the use of media marketing. The implementation of media marketing has cost the restaurant to some extent, but the outcome of using such an effective tool is phenomenal. The drastic change in the performance of the restaurant is noticeable and this has been possible only because of the evolution of restaurant’s management system (Miles, Huberman,  & Saldana,2013). The restaurant has built cordial and friendly relationship with its old customers because the owner of the restaurant realized the importance of building cordial relationship with its customers. The old customers of the restaurant have assisted the restaurant to draw in more customers. It is the old customers’ friends, relatives and other acquaintances that helped the restaurant to flourish in the trade. The restaurant has also applied innovative strategies to recover from the state of regression that it was going through (Larose, 2014). In order to name a few would be employment of expert cooks, provision of health coverage to the employees. This strategy has worked miraculously because it has encouraged the employees to work for the restaurant with complete devotion. The employees in return have proved themselves to be efficient enough to bring in surplus profit.

The financial statement of the restaurant of the current year is quite impressive as it has been able to recover from the past regression and struggle. The restaurant has also arranged live performances of bands and also introduced the service of beverages or liquors to its potential customers (Lazer,  Kennedy, King, & Vespignani,2014). The live band music has become one of the several innovation induced for the sake of the future of restaurant. Additional services like soft and hard drinks were made available due to the demand of the customers and also the trend in the contemporary market. Since live music has become one of the integral parts of any reputed or standard restaurant, the owner of Visamo has thought of applying the idea to work. Previously the restaurant did not provide any hard drinks service to the customers, but now the owner has allowed this service to all of its customers (Miles, Huberman, & Saldana,2013). These innovations and application of the correct and effective strategies have really affected the restaurant in a positive manner and thus saved the future of the restaurant from imminent disintegration.   


From the above discussion it has been concluded that Visamo which is a Sydney based restaurant, famous for casual dining that mainly serves Indian cuisines. For the last few years, Visamo’s Indian food had been the most favorite for the Australian population, but due to customer related issues the profit margin of the restaurant went down. The organization is well functioned with famous interior decor and high quality customer services. The main focus of this research was to identify the issues faced by the customers and the employees working in the restaurant. As food industry is one of those business that always tend to have huge number of competitors, thus leading to the lost of quality service. The restaurant Visamo is among those restaurants that have been facing negative feedbacks from the customers and the employees are also giving complaints regarding the prevailing organizational structure. There was problem with the menu of the restaurant, lack of unique selling point, problems with the existing management system and at the same time there is need of improvement in the marketing and advertising strategy of the restaurant. 

With multiple dining options, the competition among various other restaurants is high. This marks to the growth of the restaurant being generated in two ways which can be stated as opening restaurants in various locations and boosting the sales of the previously available branches. The managers of the restaurant must add different food items and dishes in the menu of the restaurant to attract more customers.  It can be also said that the managers of the restaurants should maintain good behaviour with the customers. This shall help in attracting more number of customers towards the restaurant. Thus, the average turnover of the restaurant shall increase to great numbers leading to the overall growth and development of the restaurant. The restaurant should aim in increasing the overall services and food menu that are been offered to the customers. 

The menu and the food items should be set up and served as per the needs and the choices of the customers. Further, the restaurant should aso ensure that quick services are been provided to the customers so that they can get the best kind of service and all of the their needs are properly satisfied by the restaurant. The restaurant should always ensure that the best kind of food and services are being offered and catered to the customer. The menu items should be regularly updated and new menus and food items should be added up in the menu charts in order to attract more customers. Further, the restaurant should also have provision for bars in order to attract more customers. People people prefer to have alcohol while having their food. Thus if this provision is also kept by the restaurant, many customers ahll easily get attracted towards it. The restaurant should also have smoking places so that the smokers do not have to go out of the restaurant in order to smoke every time. Thus the provision of smoking rooms shall also help to adapt other kind of customers towards the restaurant. 

The restaurants should also have spaces for parking vehicles as in the modern age, average of the people have four wheeled vehicles. Thus the restaurant should make way for parking lots and parking spaces to that all kind of people may arrive easily at the restaurant. The restaurant should also arrange for different kind of home delivery facilities in order to meet the need of other customers. Many aged or disabled people fail to reach at the restaurant every other time. Thus a home delivery facility from the restaurant shall be much convenient for those kind of people. 

Thus the restaurant should make sure that all the needs and the demands of the customers are properly met. It should be kept in mind that the customers form to be the most important part and the essence of the business. Thus, appeasing the customers should be one of the most main aim of the business organization. This shall not only help in bringing considerable growth and development in the business but also shall help in making the restaurant famous among all the customers in the market. Thus, the organization shall be able to raise goodwill in the market and gain full competitive advantage among its rivals. 


From the detailed analysis of the data collected from the research work done on the Visamo restaurant it is evident that this restaurant needs improvisation both in their menu and their customer services. The owners of the restaurant should incorporate and introduce different kind of lavish and delicious dishes which would help in wooing off many customers. Different kind of menus should be kept in the restaurant ranging from Chinese dishes, continental dishes and different kind of Australian dishes. These kinds of varied dishes shall help to meet the taste and preference of the customers. The restaurant should give special emphasis on the dishes and the items that are mostly demanded by the customers. The food should be easily available and the food should be served within a short time span. This is necessary as in today’s world; people have less time in their hands. 

Therefore, by giving quick service, the restaurant shall be able to attract a huge number of customers. The possible changes that can help in the development of this restaurant are necessary changes in the menu. Introducing new dishes can prove to be helpful and can attract more customers which will ensure better profit margin for the organization. Incorporating several details of the restaurant in the menu can make it more attractive which will be helpful and eye catching for the customers. Keeping in mind the problems that this restaurant is currently facing it is necessary for the restaurant to upgrade their existing organizational structure. The restaurant should focus in providing the customers with quick and best kind of service in order to meet each of their criteria and demands. The customers should be properly welcomed in the restaurant and all of their needs and demands need to be properly catered in order to retain those customers. 

It should be the most important aim of a business to retain the customers that they have gained in the future period as well as gain and attract new customers. Most of the time, it is seen that the business organizations fail to properly retain the customers and due to this aspect, they have to suffer from huge amount of losses. The average turnover of the business falls at great pace and the business has to suffer from acute financial crisis and shortage. Thus, the restaurant needs to aim at gaining new customers as well as retaining the old ones in order to maintain a large customer base. Thus the gaining as well retaining customers are two side of the same coin.

Secondly, the restaurant needs to develop more attractive offers and discounts for the regular customers of the restaurant or they can come up with new innovative services for the regular customers of this restaurants. In this present world, most of the organizations aim to attract the customers by providing them with huge level of discounts. The customers are accustomed to receiving of discounts from different business organization and so they also expect the restaurant to provide them with discounts or offers. Giving customers with discounts and offers has become a trend in this modern day. It is generally seen that the organizations who give their customers with discounts can gain huge competitive advantage. Most of the customers are attracted towards that organization or brand and avail all kind of services from that organization. Thus the restaurant should also aim to provide discounts.

Thirdly improving their existing decor can be helpful and can bring freshness in the ambience of the restaurants. New decorative items should be placed to make the ambience suitable as per the needs and the requirements of the customers. The restaurant can even arrange for some entertainment programmers such as Blue concerts or Jazz Concerts or set up Hard Rock concerts in order to attract maximum number of customers. People like the places where good shows and entertainment programmers are being held. This things help in improving the overall experience that the customers have while visiting the restaurants. Thus it can be said that the chosen restaurant in this study should also make arrangements for these kinds of things in order to attract maximum number of customers. Customers often seek uniqueness in the restaurant atmosphere. Hence, this step can prove to be helpful in attracting more customers.