Research And Review On Wireless Network Domain: Individual Design Project Assessment 3 Answer

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Question :

Assessment TypeIndividual Design Project
Assessment No.3
Assessment %40%

Assessment Description

An Individual Design Project will be on research in the wireless network domain. Students should research real world problems and provide in- depth review of their chosen topic.

Student can come up with own research topic, but it must be approved by the teacher. The topic selected must be unique; two students cannot have the same topic.

The research must include Wireless Network domain that can be integrated with one or more other domain(s), e.g., IoT, smart home, underwater communication, 5G/6G, smart cities, vehicular network, logistics, COVID19, healthcare, transport, and security.

Few of the suggested topics are:

  1. Adaptive Machine Learning-enabled 6G
  2. Scalable and Reliable Blockchain-enabled 6G
  3. 6G Network-As-An-Intelligent-Service
  4. Self-sustaining 6G Networks
  5. Modelling for Terahertz and millimetre wave communication
  6. Zero-energy-enabled 6G
  7. Routing schemes for 6G-enabled N-IoT and B-IoT
  8. Meta-learning-enabled 6G
  9. Artificial Intelligence in Wireless Networks
  10. Blockchain in Wireless Networks
  11. Quantum machine learning for 6G communication networks
  12. Wireless networks in smart cities
  13. UAV communications towards 6G networks
  14. Intelligent reflective surfaces for 6G communication
  15. Security and Privacy issues of 6G communications

Students will get higher marks based on the research innovation and quality. Student should submit a report (minimum 2000 words) including thefollowing sections:

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Literature Review
  4. Topic discussion/findings/analysis/review/methodology
  5. Open research challenges and future directions
  6. Conclusion
  7. References
  8. Appendices (if any)
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