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Unit 7.5   Research for Senior Managers 

Level 7    25 Credits


To succeed in this unit, you are required to carry out a research project.  The subject of the research must be business related and agreed by your tutor.  Your final report should be 4000-5000 words.  

Task 1: Decide on a suitable area for research and develop a detailed research question with the aim, scope, objectives and success criteria for the project.  

Task 2: Explain your research question, its aim, scope, objectives and success criteria to your tutor.  Justify the choice of research question.  

Your tutor must agree your research question before you continue.  

Task 3: Develop a detailed research proposal which includes:

  • research      techniques to be used and why
  • bibliography      of material you intend to read and why
  • timescales      for completion of primary research, completion of literature review, draft      report, final submission.

Task 4: Carry out the research project and summarise the findings in your report, drawing conclusions and making any appropriate recommendations.  Present the final report in a suitable format.

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