Research On Neural Decoding

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Conduct a detailed study on and present a report on Neural Decoding which divulges the process of electric signals which are sent to the brain through sensory organs.

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This research study has been prepared on the Neural Decoding which divulges the process of electric signals which are sent to the brain through sensory organs.  Neural decoding is the study of the activity of brain by the neurons, with the help of electric signals which are sent to the brain through sensory organs. The researcher conducts the research upon the signals made by the brain. The brain is considered as the mysterious organ of the human body as nobody as found the full capacity of the brain. The researcher had placed their concern in order to reveal the mysteries behind the human brain. After the images seen by the brain by retina where the image is shown to the brain and the brain on the basis of the object and its wavelength determines the color of the object. So the brain performs this activity, when the signals are send and such signals in the form of electric activity (Torlai, & Melko, 2017). The neurons in the brain performs random activity in the brain from which the convert those signals in to an image. The stimulus acts as a median from which such happens. The neural spiking in the brain actually represents the stimulus in the actual world. The decoding of neural data becomes impossible when such neurons are fired randomly and due to such the no result as desired is showed. In order to understand the information it is important to know that the object shall not be far range of stimulus. Once the object could be observed then the subject shall act accordingly and neurons shall perform their functions accordingly. Now if an image is shown to the subject then the image seen from the retina is send to the brain via neurons, which acts very fast. Once the information is transferred by the neurons then the brain makes a pattern on the basis of which the identification is made by the brain as to what the object of the image is. Therefore, the neural decoding can also help in identifying the object with the help of neurons in the brain by considering the pattern made by the brain and then comparing them with the other known pattern images.  Presently, ,many researchers are using large number of neural decoding technologies so that they could crack the neural code and provide the glimpse of the memory traces of the human beings which could make a great change in the science. This will also help to save lives of many patients. Electroencephalography (EEG) is used to diagnose the electric pattern in the brain in order to identify the head injuries, brain tumors and others. But it is still unknown the other uses of it. The scientists used the EEG to record the brain activity and the movement analysis (Ekanayake, et al. 2018). The scientists also considered it as valuable to the research and the result also helped to consider the development made in the neural study. This helped the scientists to make further more research so that new results can be obtained (Xie, et al. 2017). The neural decoding helps in understanding the brain activity clearly as this decoding helps in understanding the movements of the brain which could help in the different fields such as health department (Zhang., Liu, & Xu, 2015). The study of the neural decoding is done by the eye movement as the eye movement is considered by the brain neurons and on the basis of that the image is being made. Such image is recognized by the decoding of the neurons (Sennrich, et al. 2017).   Another aspect of the study of brain is by the mid brain activity which would explain the activity of the brain at the time of decision making when the person is doing any attention work. In this on the basis of the movement of the body it is understood that how and what the decision is going to be made by the person. Here the movements made are send by the neurons by the brain and then such decisions are made (Moses, Mesgarani, Leonard, & Chang, 2016).   The neural decoding is one of the most important research in the field of science as this would make a great change in the field of the science, health and research because this research could help saving lots of lives of the peoples. Patients in coma can also be saved as it can be understood as to what brain is thinking at that period of time. Since, being hypothesis the study remains the same to save the human beings and to develop the science (Frühholz, et al. 2016).  All the hypothesis will be used to evaluate the variables and factors affecting the Neural Decoding. Nonetheless, hypothesis of this research shows the independent and dependent variable in the research study which reveals the possible changes and factors affecting the electric signals which are sent to the brain through sensory organs. These all hypothesis will be based on the assumptions and uncertain factors for the electric signals found in the nervous system of brain (Zhang, Liu, & Xu, 2015). In the methodology part, PsychToolbox with the excel sheet will be used to assess the data and independent and depend factors in Neural Decoding. All the data gathered from the respondents will be used for the perceptual sensitivity analysis based on the responses bias done on each dependent and independent data (Tzovara, et al. 2015)