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Research Paper Writing Guide

Research Paper Writing Guide


A research paper is basically a representation of different acknowledgements after you have thoroughly studied a respective subject-related topic. You might be thinking, what is the process of conducting the research work? The scholars execute this by incorporating primary and secondary research origins. Appropriate origins must be assessed, and thus, here is the place you exclusively need to utilize your sharp skills for thinking. Here, we try to provide a thorough guide to the art of preparing a research paper.

Objective Of Preparing A Research Document

The prime objective of preparing this research document is to acknowledge material and provide a unique solution, perspective, or response:

  • Acknowledging how a problem or procedure can be enhanced
  • Focus on both the weaknesses and strengths of the respective topic
  • Knowing how to assess the assignment of others
  • Moving/ on and computing to extant thoughts
  • Procedure to Prepare a Relevant Research Document
  • How to Select A Topic
  • You need to select the topic that appeals to your interests
  • Explain the topic in a way you want to
  • Discuss the topic with your college professor or classmates
  • Frame your topic in such a way that it looks like a question which needs to be answered or an issue to be resolved.
  • Thorough Research
  • Source Selection

Below mentioned are few expert guidance for getting primary and secondary online sources for your research document:

  • You can make utilization of libraries available online in the form of the Wall Street Executive Library or International Public Library 
  • You can seek for the websites of companies, colleges, universities, and personals, the ones who are professionals in the stream or the ones are prominent sources of subject know-how. Thus, for instance, Encyclopedia Britannica  (accessible with the assistance of a library) has exclusively been reliable bases of knowledge and information.
  • You can exclusively utilize databases like Science Direct and Google Scholar to eventually acknowledge journal articles, research reports and abstracts, scholarly articles, manuscripts, and etc.
  • You can also seek online newspapers stores which categorize a number of newspapers from each corner the globe

You need to focus on the domain name of the respective websites. Domain name is basically defined by the letters mentioned in the last section of a website link. If you desire to get reports from a college, for example, concentrate on websites with .edu at the last part of the website links. In a similar way, government sites will be having .gov at the end of the link. Details present on these websites is possibly more precise than the pages ending with .com. 

Information Documentation

Organize your research by using annotations and making lists of references. Use cards, colors, or any other method to group ideas. Note why you think the source is important and what point it supports. This is useful for creating a good outline and facilitates the writing process. 

Preparing A Structure

A structure is basically a plan or mapping of how ideally you will organize your concepts in the most appealing way probable. Details which were researched thoroughly has to be properly organized and needs to advanced logically for the ones who are reading to exclusively understand the motive behind your detailed research. 

Objective Of The Structure

The objective and benefits of organizing a structure before beginning the prepare a research document:

  • Making a structure exclusively allows a scholar to choose the most appropriate sources and eventually accommodate them in a form that supports your point of view. 
  • The scholars can categorize the details beforehand only; After that, they can concentrate on exploring the concepts and utilizing the right structures and grammar when you prepare the final research document.
  • A structure explores weak or irrelevant information. In the time of checking the complete mapping and how concepts are moving forward and exclusively support each other, weak information are easy to acknowledge.
  • Structuring saves lots of time eventually. The hard work of finalizing important details and supporting resources and information is executed with this process. Ultimately, all you need to execute last is to prepare it logically.

How To Organize Your Structure

The structure is not prepared in a brick that you can not change after you have started your research document. The scholars can always move back and exclusively modify segments if you get new details or discover better information from online. Although, the components of a structure are high level, and they exclusively differentiate the rough draft into an intro segment, body or middle paragraphs or sections, and a lastly a conclusion. The paragraphs can be categorized using subheadings and headings.

  • Primary headings utilize roman numerals and Subheadings utilize alphabets. 
  • Every single primary heading must have two or more subheadings to back the information. 

Body Format 

Here is where a strong outline makes writing easier. You know the number of body paragraphs to include. You have the main idea for each body paragraph as well as its supporting information, and you can integrate your sources to support claims. Remember you don’t summarize sources. You analyze, deconstruct, compare and explain them in order to lend weight to your paragraphs and, ultimately, your thesis statement. The number of body paragraphs depends on the depth of research. Longer projects need several headings and subheadings in the body. 

Conclusion Format 

You need to complete your research paper with a proper conclusion that exclusively summarizes important points mentioned above in the paper. You need to explain precisely and exclusively suggest fields of the subject that can be eventually researched in the coming time. 

Checking And Making A Complete Draft 

  • Concerns Related To Paragraphs: the flow of concepts within paragraphs, topic sentences, use summary sentences, utilization of information to back your concept, utilization of transitions within paragraphs.
  • Concerns Related To Sentences: choice of word, the structure of the sentences, spelling, punctuation.
  • Go through overall structure: the ideal flow of the introduction part, coherence and thoroughness of explanation in the segment of the body, the potency of the final part, which is the conclusion.

The significance of the research document in the educational period of a scholar just cannot be ignored. An exceptionally prepared research paper for a scholar can get top-notch grades when compared with others. 

Moreover, the research document which acquires genuine information or a reconstitution of the prevailing research in a specific subject can be exclusively published by dominating journals. This process can further enhance the professional life and prospects of a scholar. 


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