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HT2114 Sustainable Operations and Destinations THT2114 Sustainable Operations and Destinations (v3) Page 15 of 27 This Subject Guide complies with the Subject Outline authorised by the Course Committee Marketing, Branding and Development. We have also explored strategies to manage these impacts in an attempt to achieve sustainability. Assessment task 2 requires students to work in pairs (groups of 2) to: 1. Visit a tourist destination/ accommodation establishment/ theme park/ event/ leisure facility. 2. Analyse and discuss the extent to which the tourist site incorporates the recognised principles of responsible tourism. 3. Critique the tourist site against responsible tourism criteria by highlighting aspects where the principles are successfully addressed and making recommendations for areas requiring improvement. Presentation format The assessment task must be presented in a visual format such as video, digital poster or Web blog with Photos. Students are encouraged to use their creativity presentation style. For example students may choose to present their content in a video documentary style presentation or Digital poster with photos and info-graphics or Web blog with photos. Please note: this is an independent, self-directed activity/assessment task and therefore students will be responsible for identifying a suitable site to visit, negotiating any permissions if appropriate, arranging their own transportation and meeting any expenses incurred during their visit. Also note that in the case of visiting a business for the purposes of this assignment you must obtain permission from the management before commencing your assignment task. Group work Students must work in pairs (groups of two) for this assignment task. Note that both group members will receive the same grade for the submission. Submission Students must submit this assessment task by via LMS by Week-9 Sunday before 11:55 PM. Criteria used to grade this task: 1. Research and analyse the impacts of the tourism and hospitality organiation / business on destinations and host communities 2. Investigate the principles, theoretical application and practical implication of sustainable business management practices 3. Identify and categorise the key responsibilities an organisation takes when embracing CSR principles Subject Guide THT2114 Sustainable Operations and Destinations THT2114 Sustainable Operations and Destinations (v3) Page 16 of 27 This Subject Guide complies with the Subject Outline authorised by the Course Committee 4. Differentiate between businesses espousing sustainability and practicing sustainability. 5. Distinguish between the process of sustainability and the preliminary factors that need to be assumed when developing sustainable destinations in the context of global issues.

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In my life I have visited different location but I am always intrigued by the art and culture. Visiting the art museum across the world is my passion because I find high quality of work and enjoy the works of the creators and relate them to Mother Nature. The art museum of the New South Wales is one of the most magnificent art galleries with a collection of high profile art work of the maestros form around the globe. The art gallery show case magnificent works of some of the new generation artist as well. In my opinion I find it really fascinating as the modern day artist and there abstract style of painting helps to contemplate with my inner self in an effective and efficient manner. According to the authority the art gallery in the New South Wales is opened in every day of the summer. I planned a trip to the museum to observe the exquisite work of the artist and to hear the concepts of the artist from their mouth in a proper manner. As I went into the museum I was thrilled and exited in the same time to witness some of the astonishing art work of the several artist of the country. It is splendid to watch the different landscape and portrait pictures of nature and different abstract painting that depicts some of the moral concept of the life. I was overwhelmed to see the lyrical landscape paintings of the artist. The painting  and the strokes of the brushes really touches my heart as it is said that a beautiful painting depicts a thousand story. After observing the pictures I was really intrigued about the process of the brushes and strokes used in the painting. In my visit I attended the lecture session of some of the painters to know about the concept.

Paintings in art museum

Paintings in art museum NSW

While a tourist spot is able to cater to the tourists and their needs through their different services, however, there still exist some principles of responsible tourism which the tourist spot needs to adhere to. I have found that adherence and complying with these principles not only have a positive impact on the tourist spot, but it also allows them to regulate the tourists and manage them effectively without any issues. Throughout all my tourism visits and learning regarding tourism, I have found that there are some very crucial principles of responsible tourism that any tourist spot needs to maintain for the benefit of everyone. The first principle, which I have found to be the most important principle, is the preservation and safekeeping of the environment within the tourist spot. One might ask as to why this is important, to which the answer is quite simple.

Tourist Spot

The very tourist spot is even considered a tourist spot because of the value and beauty that its environment holds and by the virtue of which it is able to attract tourists. Without the environment, the tourist spot will completely lose its meaning and will only remain as a memory within the sands of time. Another big principle which I personally have found to be very important is the protection of the natural resources and prevention of exploitation. Often in tourist spots, it has been observed that many tourists take everything for granted and start exploiting the natural resources and environment. This not only negatively impacts the tourist spots, but it also affects the lives of everyone whose livelihood are dependent on the tourist spots. As such, laws and rules that protect tourist spots from exploitation are very necessary. The third principle, which I find very ironic, is the support for tourist facilities and the tourism community. The reason why this is ironic is that tourists are often associated with the cause of issues in tourist spots and yet a principle that protects them needs to be followed. However, on deeper inspection, one can understand that tourists are the backbone and the sole reason for which the entire market of tourism exists and without which, the very concept of tourism becomes void. As such, support for tourist facilities and the tourism community must be present at any and every tourist spot to ensure that they are flourishing in their business and benefitting all the stakeholders.

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During my visit to the Art Gallery in New South Wales, I have been able to observe quite a few interesting thing related to responsible tourism. The most important aspect of the responsible tourism in the Art Gallery of New South Wales is the security. The Art Gallery of New South Wales is one of the oldest and most prestigious tourist spot in all of Australia and as such, it holds cultural and national significance. As such, the arts in the gallery are protected with tight security as well as strict measures are being taken during the security check to prevent theft of the art or any possible harm to the visitors. Another big factor that impressed me while I was visiting the Art Gallery of New South Wales is that the conservation of the cultural heritage that was captured with the artworks that ranged from different themes and ideas. I was very much impressed and delighted to see how the Art Gallery made efforts to preserve their collection of Art that not only enhanced the beauty of the surrounding environment, but it was also able to attract a great deal of tourists and visitors for decades.

Art Gallery In NSW artworks

However, I have also been able to witness some issues within the Art Gallery of New South Wales pertaining to responsible tourism which made me upset. The biggest issue that I found was that the visitors and tourists that attended the Art Gallery of New South Wales each day exceeded that of the threshold for the capacity. This is due to the fact that the Art Gallery of New South Wales is a tourist spot of utmost importance and due to the significance of the spot, many people visit it. These results in the Art Gallery of New South Wales becoming crowded with more people than it can hold and as a result, it creates a congested and rushed environment where any individual is not able to properly view the arts. Another big issue that I have observed within the Art Gallery of New South Wales is that as a result of the overcrowded areas, many litters and garbage can be seen laying around inside. This is not only outrageous, but it is also an indirect form of insult and disrespect to the oldest and most prestigious tourist spot in all of Australia that has high cultural significance.Art Gallery of New South WalesThe art museum of the New South Wales is considered as one of the most important galleries in Australia containing different kind of valuable paintings of different Maestros. There are mainly valuable paintings and artifacts present in the Art gallery. These paintings of the art gallery are very much precious and valuable as they carry the concept of different artist. In my visit to the Art gallery I witnessed magnificent work off different new generation artist. The management of the museum is implementing security in an effective manner. One of the problems is that they are not giving attention to the plastic and litters those are dumped all around the campus of the museum. It will be essential to develop effective mechanism to stop the plastic litter as it has detrimental effect on the environment and is the main cause of land pollution. I recommend that they should form an effective monitoring team so that surveillance may be done in an effective manner by the monitoring team so that the plastic dumping may be avoided in an effective manner. However there are more problems that are the plastic pollution destroys the aesthetic beauties of the museum. In my visit to the museum I was intrigued by the pictures and paintings on the other hand I was totally disappointed seeing great amount of plastic litters around the art Museum that is causing a heavy amount of pollution. One of the important component that might be implemented is the campaigning may be performed by the Museum authority and the NGO so that the people get aware of the situation and do not dump plastic around the campus of the art gallery. Another important point is plastic may be banned by the authority the visitors should not enter the gallery campus with plastics. Fine should be charged by to the visitors if any plastic is dumped in an inside the campus. Another problem that is witnessed by me is the overcrowding of the tourist that creates problem for the management. One of the most important points of responsible tourism is formulating capacity of the management so that effective service may be given to the tourist who visits the museum. There should be a balance between the capacity of the management and the intake capacity of the tourist. A proper balance should be there so that the aesthetic beauty of the art gallery may be maintained