Rreport On Revisions To The Budget

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Task 6 – Propose realistic revisions to the


Based on the outcomes of the budget, at least two realistic budget item revisions must be

recommended to senior management. Suitable evidence must be included to justify these


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Task 6: Proposing realistic revisions for budget

Budget revision:What evidence supports the need for the revision:Senior management person reported to and outcome:
Overhead costsSuddenly overhead costs increased and started to spin out of control   (Shelton and Sharma, 2017, p.3). Excess money had been spent in large amounts   on a frequent basisFinance Manager has been reported to. He had promised to investigate   the matter and it is currently under investigation
Staff salaryStaffs have revolted against work pressure and have informed that   their present salary does little justice to their job responsibilityBoard of Directors have been reported to. They have decided to specify   job roles and have agreed to increment salary based on job performance
Marketing expensesSuddenly it has been found that expenditure on marketing purpose has   escalated and more than allocated budget money is being spent Marketing Manager has been reported to. He has asked for revision of   budget and had decided to restrict marketing activities to an ideal level   (Tonkova, 2016, p.170)
Sales volumeRecently, there has been a drop in sales volume and comparatively less   number of customers have turned up in past few weeks Sales Manager has been reported to. He has agreed to talk with   Marketing Manager and shortly come up with a plan to boost sales volume