Role Of Human Services: Issues Within Health And Examples Of Global Social Work

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HCS103 - Fields of Practice

Faculty of Arts and Education 

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

From the list of topic questions below, choose two questions and write an 800 word response for each. Please write your two answers in a single document for submission. Please indicate using sub-headings the questions you have chosen. Include one reference list at the end of your two responses.

Question 2. Health (topic 6) Drawing from Chapter 11 (Beddoe & Pockett 2017) in the prescribed textbook, identify and explain two key issues within health and discuss the potential implications for social work and human services practice.

Question 8. International social work (topic 12) From reading Module 12 and Hugman (2010) 'Different visions of 'international' in Social Work', identify and explain two key examples of ‘global social work’, discuss the role of social work and human services practice within these contexts.

This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: 

• be able to demonstrate a critical understanding of practice in the social services and the historical development of social service practice and the social work profession. • be able to demonstrate knowledge of the range of vulnerabilities and contexts of practice. • be able to understand and participate in discussions that reflect the contested nature of social services • be able to identify and draw on relevant foundation knowledge from other disciplines that inform professional practice. • be able to identify and draw on relevant foundation knowledge, ethical principles and current debates to inform professional practice. • be able to engage in current debates surrounding professional intervention in a variety of contexts • be able to identify and discuss ethical and practice issues and dilemmas that arise in specific fields of practice This assessment provides you with an opportunity to explore contextual issues in two fields of practice of your choice. As in Assessment 1, the word count means identifying and discussing the main, most important information from your set readings. As well as reading for meaning, this assessment is designed to help develop your writing skills, in particular summarising information succinctly and structuring clear, coherent paragraphs. Please consider and try to apply the feedback you received on these aspects of writing in Assessment 1. 

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Answer :

Question 2: Health

Two health issues

Obesity can be considered one of the most common health problems of world. Overweight hails different other health issues and diseases such as heart problem and kidney failure. According to statistical data, it can be observed that this problem has become tripled after 1975 (Who, 2018). From the survey, data of 2016 it also can be observed that near about 650 million people of world are facing this problem. Survey data also reveals that 1.9 billion people of world having problem of overweight. From the survey it also can be seen that 39% of 18 years old adults of world having problems related to overweight. From this, it can be seen that 13% of these people are facing problems of obesity (Who, 2018). Obesity problems are one of the major problems related to people health and every year many people die due to this issue. Body Mass Index provides the idea of ideal weight associated with height of people. 

This index shows that weight above or below this certain index can be considered as a detrimental issue for health. The unit of BMI index is KG/m2 and weight of people are measured according to this scale (Who, 2018). According to the World Health Organization, the scale of the BMI index shows proper segregation between normal weight, overweight and obesity. According to the preferred scale of WHO it can be seen that 25-30 index indicates overweight and above 30 indexes indicates obesity problem. There are several negative effects of the obesity over human physic (Who, 2018). Due to obesity one person can face the problems such as heart disease, type two diabetes and disease related to bone and joint. These health issues can be the cause of death of a person. Immunization issues can be considered as other major health issues of a person and this issue can be seen more often in the people. 

Immunization problems can be seen worldwide and medical practitioners have developed proper vaccination process for preventing the immunization issues of the people. Approximately 1.5 million deaths of children happen worldwide due to immunization issues. Statistical data also reveals that most of these children belong from the age group of 1-5 (Chop, 2018). Different causes of these deaths are infections. Different causes of these deaths are Malaria, Diarrhea, Measles and HIV/AIDS. Besides this another cause of immunization issues are improper and neglected vaccination process of the children. Due to this reason, it can be observed that near about 2 million people are facing problems related to immunization all over the world (Historyofvaccines, 2018). According to Global, statistical data of WHO it can be observed that near about 100000 people faces the problems of measles. 

In most of these cases people faces problems for neglecting vaccination. Health consciousness can be considered as one of the major prevention policy for immunization issues of people (WHO, 2018). Most of the people do not consider preliminary treatment, which can help to reduce the problems related to immunization. Another major reason behind these immunization problems of people is growing level of pollution in world. Especially air pollution makes negative impact on health of people by increasing percentage of polluting gas in air. This can be considered as one of the major reason behind immunization issues of people. According to the data of WHO it can be noted that due to air pollution near about 3272 people die in Wpr-B grouped countries (WHO, 2018). This amount is too high and in most of the cases people suffers problems related to lack of immunity. This can be considered as one of the major health problems of the world and these issues are increasing mortality rate of world. 

Social works  

Social workers deliver health treatments by arranging different health campaigns to general people. In these campaigns social workers provides basic medicines related to the common diseases. In most of the countries WHO delivers basic vaccination to children for decreasing health problems of general people. In these health campaigns social workers provides people guidance of reputed health practitioner to develop their physics. Social workers also develop different campaigns related to the basic awareness about environmental degradation for developing environmental awareness of people. 

Moreover, in order to face the problems related to the obesity social workers arranges different campaigns where obese people are diagnosed with prudent medical practitioner. Medical practitioner set food charts and daily medicines to these people. Moreover, social workers also analyses the results of social surveys for analyzing data related to immunization issues and obesity problems of people to realize the region that needs to be considered for health campaign. Social workers in order to promote basic health facilities provide free medicines and vaccinations door-to-door of general people. These procedures help social workers to promote health services in world.       

Question 8: International Social Work 


Vision of international social work is to promote the aspects of humanity and to elevate the lifestyle of people by elevating sympathy in people. International social work also promotes the respectful behavior among people by which different conflicting issues of racism and discrimination can be mitigated (Lyons, 2016). Reduction in world poverty level can be considered as a major motivation behind this workforce surrounded social work by promoting the level of education among people of world. It also focuses on the process by which family problems and age discrimination issues can be eliminated from the society.


Different issues related to education can be considered one of the major problems related to international social work. Society imposes cultural barrier on activities related to educational wellbeing. This is one of the primary challenges for social works since this restricts development of social work force (Cswe, 2018). Moreover age discrimination factor also impose challenges on spreading education among people. This can be seen in different countries where prohibition on women’s education still exists. Hence, these cultural rules can be considered as major barriers in front of the social works. 

Moreover, globalization can be considered another major issue related to the international social work since this is making negative impact on global resource level. Globalization is increasing level of pollution of world and its direct impact can be seen on health of general people (Icsw, 2018). Globalization is increasing level of population, which is increasing conflicting issues among people by increasing level of racism among people. On the other hand, due to negative impact of globalization on resource level of the world-funding problem can be seen very frequently in social works. This is hampering the quality of social works and is reducing level of effectiveness of the social works in the world. 

Health practitioner faces problems in increasing the level of public relationship, as many people possess negative aspects regarding social workers. Speculations related to the social workers can be considered as one of the most common factor (Spolander et al. 2014). Moreover, family of social workers does not support their activities and profession and it makes severe impact on activities of social workers. Another major issue associated to the work of social workers is political barriers. Intervention of corrupted politics in social works can be considered as one of the main reason behind this issue (Ioakimidis, Santos & Herrero, 2014). Corrupted political leaders include monetary issues in social works and this in turn hampers the normalcy of the social welfare services. 

Communication problems can be considered as another major issue related to the social works as this increases difficulty level of social workers in delivering their services to general people. Furthermore, involvement of people in social services is another issue related to the social service (Lyons, 2016). According to psychodynamic theory, it can be observed that behavior of a person develops from childhood experience. Hence, on a person impact of family can be seen more profoundly. Most of the culture imposes barriers for developing a personality of social workers (Spolander et al. 2014). Hence, this can be considered as one of the major challenge for people to develop a personality of social worker. 

Example of social work and human intervention

Social justice can be considered as one of the major examples of international social work. In this practice social workers tries to protect innocent legally victimized people. In order to do so social workers practices and learns different legislation related to criminal activities of a country (Ioakimidis, Santos & Herrero, 2014). For providing people proper justice social workers consults with legal advocate by which justice can be delivered to innocent people. On the other hand, in this practice social worker also involves with police authority in order to prevent any kind of criminal attack on the victim or any social workers (Icsw, 2018). Interventions of police thus help to provide legal protection to victims and social workers. Besides this social worker tries to find out victimized people by developing 24*7 care facilities and different centers of social services. 

Another most important social service is educational wellbeing and this can be considered as most popular social service. Social workers seek to develop an integrated environment of education in different centers for providing people basic education by which they try to reduce the problems of illiteracy. In this practice social workers builds centers in different regions of a country and try to select those regions where the number of literate people are minimum (Cswe, 2018). After this, they arrange survey to assess economic status of people as well as level of literacy of the people. They arrange classes by which they spread basic education. Moreover, they provide monetary supports to people and encourage them to continue their study. In these practice social workers provides free study materials to people for reducing mitigating the economic issues in education of people (Icsw, 2018). Different social workers provide meals to children and pregnant women for developing their health.