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Assessment 2 Workplace Culture Report

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1. Discuss the role o the nurse in the delivery of compassionate care as it related to historical, social and political factor in healthcare environments. 

2. Evaluate the significance of human to human connection in the provision of healthcare in the healthcare environment.

3. critically examine and reflect on professionals values and beliefs of compassionate care and how it impacts provision of care for others. 

4. investigate and analyse synthesis data from a practice environment in order to recommend changes for improving a caring workplace culture. 

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Nursing is a kind of profession which requires lots of empathy, compassion also a kind and gentle heart. A nurse should always be kind and compassionate towards her patients to understand their sufferings, pain and also what he or she was going through.  Compassionate care is a very important part of this nursing job. With this compassionate care, patients will always feel safe and comfortable with their nurses. They can easily share their pain, emotional or mental stress, sufferings as well what he or she is going through. By this compassionate care nurses can provide confidence and support to their patients which will be proven a very much beneficial for their recovery, also the patients can become positive to fight against their odds, pain, and sufferings.

1. Discuss the role of the nurse in the delivery of compassionate care as it relates to historical, social and political factors in health care environments.

The word compassion can be described in different ways. Mostly this word uses in case taking care, nursing and nurturing the distressed people or the people who needed the support mentally, physically and emotionally (Blomberg, Griffiths, Wengström, May & Bridges, 2016). Precisely this word involved with spreading the sensitivity among the people who also are not related to the nursing but can act as a nurse. This compassionate care is related to three different factors which are as follows:

Historical factors:

This factor is related to the Florence Nightingale who was considered as the greatest example for all the professional and aspirin nurses around the world. She was the founder of modern nursing and also she was remembered as a social reformer also. She was the true example of the compassionate care nursing system (Beauvais, Andreychik & Henkel, 2017). She served various war victims without any hesitation and also she took compassionate care to the patients who were suffering from various chronic diseases without any second thought. She inspires lots of people to become nurses and dedicate their life to help the distressed and helpless people.

Social factors: 

This compassionate care is all about building a good relationship and having comfortable communication (Jones, Winch, Strube, Mitchell, & Henderson, 2016). Most of the patients can be comfortable with those nurses who make them feel like a homely environment. Some of the patients who are living a lonely life for them the nurses become the greatest companion for their recovery and the rest of their life also in some cases. 

Political factors: 

Political factors harm the care of compassionate nursing. This work must perform selflessly to serve the people who needed help. Workplace politics and professionalism is harmful in these cases (Robinson et al., 2019). This factor will reduce the empathy, kindness among the nurses and also influences competitiveness and professionalism among them.

2. Evaluate the significance of human to human connection in the provision of care in the healthcare environment.

Interactions and verbal communication is the most important part of this compassionate care system.   Nurses need to build great bonding and relationship with their patients through communication. This way the patients also feel comfortable and can rely on those nurses as well. There are different types of patients are present in the healthcare sector. Some of them are suffering from chronic issues for a long period and they almost give up on their life (Christiansen, O'Brien, Kirton,  Zubairu & Bray, 2015). With the help of this compassionate care, the nurses need to create hope in their life and for their living. Nurses need to take a very crucial part for those people who gave up. This system can enlighten the positive energy among the people who are going through long suffering. Sometimes the people who live a lonely life need this care treatment. With the help of this, they can get the greatest companion for a lifetime and can easily overcome their depressive state of mind (Codier, 2015).  In such a case, the nurses need to listen to their problems with great patience and need to be very compassionate about their problems and suffering. The nurses need to be very sensible and emotional to understand their perspectives and situations.  The nurses need to act like a more humble and show them the humanity inside them to make them comfortable and comforting them with compassionate care therapy.

3. Critically examine and reflect on professional values and beliefs of compassionate care and how this impacts the provision of care for others.

Nursing is a very insecure profession and it is full of challenges. Values and morals play a very important part of this noble profession. This can influence one's attitude both positively and negatively. These beliefs and values come straight from the heart. According to human morals, empathy and care are the most required element for the nursing profession. I believe that empathy is the ability of a nurse to understand, to sense and become sensitive as well, to aware of someone's sufferings and pain. In my opinion abilities and willingness to treat the patients is the most positive thing a nurse can do. Apart from this communication is another most important thing for taking good care of the patients (Coffey et al., 2019). The nursing skills are often utilized to maximize and influence the confidence, self-belief, and dignity into the patients. Sometimes nurses need to imply some psychomotor skills to motivate their patients and enhancing the positivity into their mind. In case real life treatment nurses need to apply some clinical therapies and help them to recover from their pains through this compassionate care. These therapies can be nutritional, pharmacological, etc.  

4. Investigate, analyse and synthesis data from a practice environment to recommend changes for improving caring workplace culture. 

In the real life environment nurses need to be very efficient, dedicated, and knowledgeable and must be well trained. We all know that this job has full of insecurities. Most of the time nurses need to take necessary actions by themselves according to the situation. The nurses need to be accurate in their work to make decisions (McSherry, 2016). Some cases nurses need to question explore and wonder the various possibilities and perspectives to help their patients and to solve their problems also. Apart from that most of the health care centers need sufficient amount of nurses, so they can allot single nurses to a single patient. This way the patient can get more attention and company with will become beneficial for their recovery.


To improve the situation and circumstances nurses need to be very professional and besides she needs to be more kind and empathic s well. in those case nurses need to follow some principles which are, nurses need to respect the choices of their patients and should not make their information public without their acknowledgment. Nurses should try their best to enhance the benefits for their patients and maximize the chances for their speedy recovery.