Role Of Social Worker In Remote Rural Town Working Within NSW Assessment 1 Answer

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 Assessment 1

Assessment Type Essay Weighting 20% Aligned Learning Outcomes a) b) c) f) Describe what theory is and its link with practice. Describe and discuss concepts of equality, fairness and social justice and how they underpin the philosophical base of social work. Articulate social work values and ethics and describe the influence factors such as gender, ethnicity, ability, age and class have on shaping these values and ethical and cultural practices. Demonstrate the use of `reflection' in theory and practice in order to be able to respond to more complex issues with people and communities. Length 1000 words

Assessment 1: Details and Instructions

This task is an introduction to using critical theory in a practice setting.

You are a social worker in a remote rural town in NSW that has a large Indigenous population who are active in the Community Centre where you are working. A number of elders approach you about the recent Bill Leak cartoon that they have viewed in the Newspaper and are angry about it. They want to know your thoughts and what they can do in response.

Using post-structuralism, provide a brief analysis of the cartoon: • Utilise post-structuralism's consideration of culture, power and language to discuss how the cartoon has constructed a representation of reality and outline the dangers of this. • Explore the concept of "power" and explore how minority voices are missing or even silenced by this cartoon depiction. • Use critical social work theory to suggest some approaches the elders and community could take in addressing this cartoon and the harmful portrayal of Indigenous people, it perpetuates. • Refer to relevant social work values and ethics in your answer.

You will be assessed on:

1. Demonstrated understanding of post-structuralism 2. Exploration of "power" in relation to the discourse perpetuated by this cartoon 3. Critical reflection on the impact of harmful discourse upon minority groups 4. Application of critical social work theory to this practice context

5. Reference to relevant social work values and ethics 6. Structure and development of analysis 7. Clarity of expression 8. Grammar, punctuation and spelling 9. Referencing using APA (6th edition) conventions

• Attend all sessions and complete the set readings • Active participation in class discussions

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Answer :

Social Theory


Through this essay, the purpose is to understand the role of the social worker in a remote rural town which is working within the NSW that has to work progressively over the large Indigenous population who are active in the Community Centre. As observed, currently there is an issue of the Bill Leak cartoon that has aggravated the elders which was published in the recent newspaper. The purpose of the essay is to evaluate how to understand the implications of the cartoon would be depicted and it would help to overcome reality and outline the dangers. Depending on the power” and understanding of the minority voices that has been missing in the cartoon depiction,  it is important to think about the critical social work theory and to also sync into the elders and community which can work over the poverty and also depict the harmful portrayal of Indigenous people (van Wijk, 2019).

Post-structuralism, provide a brief analysis of the cartoon

Post-structuralism is the social theory, which helps to understand the literary and philosophical work which can be building and also be identified with the rejected ideas that can also be related to the intellectual project that can be preceded with it (Bourdieu, 2019). As per Structuralism, it is important to understand, how there can be human culture that can also work over the structure modeled on language (structural linguistics).

As depicted from the cartoon, it shows how the Aboriginal people are projected as the bad role models. The elders, where infuriated, as the political cartoon has shown the Aboriginal man with a beer can and has failed to even identify himself and also son’s name is identified to be "attack" within the Indigenous Australians (Clifford, 2019).

Form the social theory, the literary and philosophical work would have to be building and rejects ideas that would work over the intellectual project which has also substantially recede it. As per the structuralism, the main focus is on the human culture that would be identified as the structure modeled on language (structural linguistics).

As the cartoon, is shown in the wrong image and even further stereotypes Indigenous Australians as "second-class citizens",

Post-structuralism's consideration of culture, power, and language

From the views shared by the editor, who can defend the use of the cartoon and also posts it’s as the confronting cartoon, while in the views of the Aboriginal elder people, who projects how the cartoon has been shown in the bad image and stereotyping the community (DeLanda, 2019).  A political cartoon that projects how the Aboriginal man holding the beer is been schooled and even asked about the son's name as an "attack" to the Indigenous Australians. If the person stead of the Aboriginal depicted image would have shown the different causal price, this picture would have been reviewed in the lighter spirit. From the third person viewpoints even if the picture was shown some Asian or the Muslim person, it would have been taken in the same way. As media has projected the picture in the wrong manner, targeting the specific community, causing the conflicts and even the racial tensions. The power from the media publishing such cartoon shows, that the Indigenous community as second class citizens (Elliott, 2019)

The culture depicted form the image shows that the Indigenous are ill-mannered and do not have any specific responsibility, accountability, and even have no role to play with. The language is also shown to discriminating and even tends to use the wrong depiction, the wrong presentation of the facts, and has specifically caused hampering of the image of the Aboriginal community. 

 “Power” of the cartoon tends to silence the minority from the depiction

Through the cartoon, which has been projected in the wrong terms, it is evident that publication used the cartoon to make fun of the targeted community and also stereotyping as the bad irresponsible community. When the cartoon questions about the whereabouts the cartoon and the image, it tends to identify how they have no role to play and also have a limited role to control the over the children and have a low role in raising their children. The power of the cartoon also shows how there can be oppression, facing the problem with direct racism and indirect racism. As seen from the cartoon which rightfully projects, that the cartoon has shown the image of the Aboriginal as the second most compromised low-class citizens within the country (Lind, 2019). The power is also to control the continuous attacks and also and how there can be continuous action that what understood in terms of the constant attack on Aboriginal people (Repko, 2019).

Social work theory and Approaches towards the elders and community that can help to overcome the portrayal of Indigenous people 

While approaching the Indigenous people and having conversation other blow social theory can be used-:

Systems theory

This theory is focused on human behavior and problems that can help to derive the perspective and also help in overcoming the complex and interrelated systems. With the holistic theory, often the problems and the challenges lie in the needs, behavior, and also deriving the experiences of how to interact with the systems. The systems theory is also a projection of the social worker that can help to interpret the system that can be impacting the client (Ritzer, 2019)

Transpersonal theory

The theory represents the spiritual nature of human development and how to have the change of the focus. The primary functions of the treatment are based on the wisdom, acceptance along with attaining the forgiveness. Transpersonal theory can help to derive a better wellbeing approach.

Social learning theory

Social learning theory is also known as the ways to protect and engage the social workers that can work to overcome the destructive behaviors and habits. The theory further represents the new behaviors and how to model healthier behaviors (DeLanda, 2019). For example, Cognitive therapies can be used to treat any sort of behavior and also overcome the dysfunctional issue.


To conclude, social theory and the use within the practice, is described as the power, culture and the sensitivity to any issues” which would cause oppression and can cause racial tension.  It is important to think about the critical social work theory and to also sync into the elders and community which can work over the poverty and also depict the harmful portrayal of Indigenous people