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Example1: Ruby Programming

Example: Ruby Programming

Difference between ruby programming and python:

 Difference between ruby programming and python


Any compatible types
+, -
Date, datetime, time
Add or subtract days on date, datetime, milliseconds on time, argument must be integer or long
String concatenation
+, -, *, /
Integer, long, double, decimal
Numeric add, subtract, multiply, divide
Logical negation
Integer, long, double, decimal
Arithmetic negation
++, --
Integer, long, double, decimal
Unary increment, decrement
&, |, ^
Integer, long, boolean
Bitwise AND, OR, XOR
<<, >>, >>>
Integer, long
Signed shift_left, signed shift_right,   unsigned shift_right
==, <, >, <=, >=, !=
Any compatible types
Not case sensitive, locale sensitive   comparisons; equality, less_than, greater_than, less_than or equal_to, greater_than or equal_to, not equal to
&&, | |
AND, OR, with short circuiting behavior   (second argument is not evaluated if first argument is sufficient to determine result)
===, !==
Map, list, set, enum, object
Exact equality, exact inequality
( )
Group an expression and increase its precedence

DATA TYPE : All data types are objects

0(zero) or more unicode_characters.
1(true) or 0(false)
Date only; no_time information is included.
Date and time value
Time only; no date information is included
32 bit, whole number (-2 to 2).
64 bit, whole number(-263 to 263-1).
Signed number with whole (m, integer) and fractional   components(n), expressed as m.n total length of number, including sign and   decimal point, cannot exceed 19 characters.
64 bit signed number with a decimal point.