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Assignment Brief

You are required to prepare a written sales proposal to a prospective organisational buyer for a product or service that you are familiar with.  

Your proposal should include an introduction or executive summary, a description of your company, a detailed explanation of what the client needs, a section on how your company will fulfil the needs of the client, and a section on why the client should choose you. 

This is a business to business (B2B) presentation and therefore your sales proposal should reflect the fact that your prospect is a business client and has a set of specific requirements unique to their business.

Small businesses and independent contractors use sale proposals to land a new contract or client. The best sales proposals highlight what makes your business the most qualified for the contract or task. A successful proposal needs to focus on the customer and what he/she is asking for, rather than focusing on your business alone.

To facilitate this, you will need to gather information about your chosen product/service and your prospective buyer using secondary research.

Your report should consider the following structure:

Executive Summary

The summary should include the major details of your report.  This is the time to grab your reader's attention and let the person know what it is you do and why he or she should read the rest of your proposal.

Your company/product/service

A brief overview of your company and its product/service.

Client’s requirements

You must identify your prospect’s needs and match these with your offering.

Product/Service knowledge and benefits

The features of your product/service and the benefits that can be derived by your prospect.

Why choose us?

Knowledge of competitor’s products/services and their benefits 

Information should be gathered including the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor’s offerings and how your offering is superior.

Learning Outcomes to be addressed in this Assignment

  1. Critically evaluate each phase of the selling process. 
  2. Create a sales strategy demonstrating a range of selling skills from prospect identification to      long-term relationship building and create a master selling plan. 
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of sales channels alternatives, challenges and selection
  4. Examine the roles and responsibilities of the sales manager.

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Answer :

Executive summary

The current report mainly highlights the role of a sales manager in an organization. It provides an overview of a company and a detail of their products and the benefits that are gained from their products. The report will also provide a detail on the products of the competitors and few challenges associated with the selected company in terms of sales management. 


The current report mainly focuses on a sales proposal to a prospective organizational buyer for the service of a product. The quality of the sales proposals will help in identifying the reason behind considering the business most qualified for a contract. However, for this current report Aventamed is selected as a small business that deals with medical devices. The report will provide an overview of the company and the requirements of the clients along with the features of the products. It will also provide the benefits that are derived from the products of the company and on the other hand, it will also provide a detail on the products of the competitor’s and the benefits of their products. 

Overview of the company 

Aventamed is said to be a pioneering medical device company, which is said to be cork-based. The company aims to revolutionise paediatric ENT surgery (ear, nose and throat). The company has been listed in InterTradeIreland best overall Early Stage Company. The company beat three other regional companies who were the winners in InterTradeIreland. Aventamed is a Dublin-based start-up company, which has designed their products in an unique manner and has also developed software that blends the knowledge of engineering with data analytics in order to allow the engineers to search and store for some particular designs on a cloud based platform (­­­­Prajogo, 2016).  

The products of the Aventamed Company mainly focus on treating ENT patients in a proper way with proper devices so that they do not face any problem. Even if the disease is not curable, they will provide appropriate device that will help them in living a normal life. Their aim is to treat infections and hearing loss in children with a safe medical device that will help them not to undergo any surgery and the ability to lead a normal life. They focus on developing patient care and reducing the cost for healthcare (Lin et al. 2017). 

Requirement of the clients 

Customer requirements are referred to as the requirements that are derived from a quotation, sales order and the details of the anticipated availability data of the products that are required in the fulfil the requirement of the product. It also contains the quantity of the product on the date that is specified in the sales order. Customer requirement information is always based on the quotation, sales order or the service order for the specific product. The clients of Aventamed are generally the ENT clinics, which require medical devices for their patients in order to provide them with proper care (Jelinek & Ahearne, 2015).

The requirements of the clients of Aventamed are generally the devices that will provide good services to the customers. The products of Aventamed company are generally hand pieces to pierce the patients eardrum with the tip of the device, a device that helps in deploying the pre-loaded ear tube. The clients mainly require for a high quality product as the products are used for medical purposes. The products need to be good enough to provide proper treatment to the patients (Ingram, LaForge, Williams & Schwepker, 2015).  

Features of the products

They provide most important devices that are required for ENT surgery. The products help the physicians or the surgeons to operate in a safe manner, avoiding any severe surgery as they mainly deal with the sense organs. The two most important devices they provide are discussed below-

Solo TTD-

The device helps in the treatment and it is a fast and two-steps are need to be taken for the process,

  • The tip of the device helps in piercing the eardrum of the patient by placing the hand piece into the patient’s ear
  • A blue button is required to be pressed in order to deploy the ear tube which is said to be pre-loaded

However, for the second ear, another cartridge is need to be loaded. The Solo TTD device is said to be disposable and for a single use (Linton & Kask, 2017).

The device helps them in turning ear tube surgery into a patient friendly procedure of treatment. The device helps both the surgeons and the patients in the process of treatment and the doctors are able to provide the patients with proper care. On the other hand, they also provide hearing aid for the patients who are unable to hear things properly. Hearing aid is generally defined as a technology that helps the patients to hear things clearly without undergoing any kind of surgery. The devices contain a microphone in it and it enables the device to collect the sound and convert it into electrical energy. An amplifier is also inserted which helps in increasing strength of the electrical energy (Tanis, Zhang, Arrington & Umstead, 2018).     

Benefits derived by the prospect

There are a number of benefits derived by the prospect of the products manufactured by Aventamed. The benefits are discussed below-

  • It helps in transforming the ear tube surgery into a patient friendly procedure of treatment
  • All the facilities are provided in one situation with the help of the pre-loaded tube
  • The device that are supplied are said to be ready to deploy
  • The procedure is said to be carried under local anaesthetic
  • No need of any room for the purpose of operation
  • The procedure is said to be patient friendly and also beneficial for the patients and the surgeons as well
  • The new surgeons do not require much training for the processes
  • It is said to be a faster process for treatment
  • The process is said to be cost-effective for the patients as the traditional placement procedure is painful and expensive as well
  • STT device is also not that time consuming
  • It is said to be less invasive 
  • No room for sterile operation is required
  • It is said to be the most relaxed procedure for the patients and the surgeons
  • It reduces the level of stress among the patients

In case of children and their parents, it reduces stress by undertaking the placement of the ear tubes away from the room of operation. The parents are generally worried about the risks of general anaesthetic (­­Dada & Jagboro, 2015). 

Roles and responsibilities of a sales manager-

The role of a sales manager is very vital in an organization for the success of the company. A sales manager is able to achieve the sales targets and on the other hand also helps in generating revenues for the organization. He is responsible for meeting the targets for sales in an organization through the process of effective planning and budgeting (Jelinek & Ahearne, 2015). A sales manager needs support from the sales team in order to achieve his targets. The sales manager and the sales team work together in meeting the goals and objectives of an organization. A sales manager need to have an idea as to who can perform what kind of task in the organization and allocate them with those work. The sales manager devises strategies and the techniques are said to be essential in terms of achieving the sales targets. The sales manager tends to decide the future course of action for the team members (Ingram, LaForge, Williams & Schwepker, 2015).   

Competitor’s products

A number of companies supplies medical devices. They are the competitors of Aventamed. However, there are some products of the competitors that are beneficial for the clients as they provide several other benefits as compared to Aventamed. There are companies who provide medical devices for heart patients. A number of companies are also there who provide medical devices for ear, which provides the patients with more benefits. Moreover, the products of Aventamed are said to be cost-effective and beneficial as well for the patients. It is important for Aventamed to obtain a clear idea of the strategies used by their competitors so that they are able to provide better facilities and services to their customers in order to gain competitive advantage (Bhattacharya, Pak & Bashey, 2018). 

Challenges- There are a number of challenges that the Aventamed Company faces, which are-

Diverse and more demanding customer base- The customers have different choices and demands in terms of the products and they demand more from the manufacturers and the equipments. They try to bring out more from the products with a reduced budget.

Increased competition- Due to increase in the competition among the companies of the medical device industry, there is an increased number of competition faced in the market and as a result of which, the profit margin for the manufacturers are said to be reduced. 

Increased complexity of medical devices- As the medical devices are becoming more complex, it is becoming difficult to diagnose the diseases and also in the process of treatment (Ruddenklau, Roberts & Green, 2017).  


From the above illustration, it can be said that, the sales manager plays an important role in achieving the sales targets and also generates revenue for the company. The report provides an idea for identifying the requirements of the clients and providing them with the products they demand from the company. There are a number of benefits that are derived from the prospects of the products that the Aventamed Company provides and a number of factors they need to be aware of regarding their competitors.