Samsung Case study 

Samsung has been committed to improving our world through their different electronic products and development. As a worldwide pioneer in the advanced innovation industry, they are continually searching for better approaches to interface with their clients on an individual level. 

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A case study is a detailed and methodical analysis of an organization or business based on a research. Samsung case study includes series of experiments that interrogate a business activity and complete analysis of the company’s operations. Samsung case study demands deep thinking and in-depth study of the case that can be associated with any department of a business such as marketing, human resource management etc. 

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Company’s Profile

The development of Samsung Electronics was exclusively initiated by the enhancement of diplomatic attachment amid Japan and South Korea in the year of 1965. The relation eventually allowed the owner of the organization to go ahead with with the Japanese dominance on the tech support of the electronic market and this was only growing in the region South Korea. The company’s case study can eventually be processed from a perspective of a joint collaboration of an company owner and a state for the growth and betterment.

This company’s case study assessment exclusively showcase that the organization has selected the ideal place and spot of its exercise. The economic and political circumstance in the place was nowhere near to ideal for anybody, but the organization managed to acknowledge issues and exclusively revise unfavorable circumstances into working one for itself and its clients.

The products of the company found purchasers very quickly. In the year of 1972, the organization exclusively released the first black and white televisions. The color TV’s were released in the year of 1977. At the same moment, the company decided to grow its trading by creating washing machines, home appliances,  and refrigerators.

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