SBM1105 Strategic Project, Program And Portfolio Management Assessment Answer

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Unit: SBM1105- Strategic Project, Program and Portfolio Management

Case Study Analysis and Presentation – 2500 words + 10 slides power point presentation

This assignment requires student to analyse a given case study pertaining to organizational Project Program and Portfolio Management (P3M) and to write response to the questions to demonstrate their critically understanding of the scenario. The Case Study is attached to this email. Student is also required to present his strategic recommendation in a separate presentation session. 

Unit: SBM1204- Project/Program Delivery Systems

Analysis of Case Study – 3000 words

In this assessment task, you are required to choose ONE of the following four failed projects in

Australia ( and answer all the questions stated below.

Project Options:

i. Myers online shopping disaster

ii. Queensland Health and its Payroll System

iii. The Australian Cargo Service

iv. Victorian MyKi Smart Card

Answer the following questions:

1. What were the objectives of the case project?

2. What were the main issues associated with the Case Project?

3. What were the failures with the early implementation of this project?

4. What were the cost overrun and schedule delays, and what contributed to these?

5. What was the early delivery method for this project?

6. What changed in the final delivery method if the project was not cancelled? If it was cancelled what was the main cause of cancellation of the project?

7. What recommendations would you make if you were assigned as Project Manager of this project in its earlier stage?

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