SBM1201o Project Cost Management: Assessment 3 Critical Review Of Literature Answer

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Assessment 3: Critical review and evaluation of literature on selected topic

Unit Code and Title: SBM1201o Project Scope, Time and Cost Management

Assessment Overview

Assessment Task

This assessment requires students to review the literature and critically evaluate contemporary project scope, schedule or cost topic and discuss its application in a project environment, impact, current improvement in the selected topic…etc.

Type: Individual

Weighting: 30%

Due : Week 10

Length: 2000 words



Assessment Details: This assessment requires student to (a) review the most recent literature (last five years) on one of three project knowledge areas (Scope OR Schedule OR Cost) (b) critically evaluate contemporary topic of the selected knowledge area of project scope, schedule or cost management and discuss its application in a project environment along with its impact on project success and managerial decisions. Your work should include the following: See the resources by Monash University via this link 1. Abstract 2. Introduction 3. The body 4. Conclusion 5. List of references (use Harvard Style) It is recommended to visit the SLS page for more information about this type of assessment via this link

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