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Unit Code and Title: SBM1201o Project Scope, Time and Cost Management

Assessment 4: Applied Project and Presentation slides- Project management plan for Project Scope, Schedule and Cost 

Assessment Details: 

This assessment is designed to assess your technical skills in planning and communicating a project effectively. You required to work individually, select a project case (either from the provided links to the real-life projects or a project case from an organisation of your selection). The project should be in final stage of initial process, with either a signed off project charter or in the stage of getting the approval of the project charter. 

You are required to write a report of scope management plan, schedule management plan and cost management plan. This report should include an introduction to the project case, a stakeholders’ register, a brief project charter, project Scope management that includes: project justification, in scope and out-of-scope, constraints, Limits, assumptions, technical requirements, statement of work (SOW) and priority matrix (use the provided template). WBS structure (minimum of three levels), WBS dictionary, work packages and linking WBS to OBS, scope verification and validation methods, scope change control, and designing the change control boards (CCB) and roles and responsibilities.  

You are required to continue working with your group on the selected project and develop and write a schedule management plan that includes processes, tools and techniques to be used and documents to be developed as per your client’s requirements, define activities (activity list, proper activity logic, activities identification), milestones list, activities sequence, relationships (F_S, S_S, S_F, F_F), Lags, leading times, project network and critical path(s), estimates of activity duration (basics of estimation, durations, resources estimation and allocation), roles and responsibilities in scheduling, and monitoring and controlling schedule (EVA relevant to project schedule) Just provide a description of the methods and tools.  

Since we are moving to online teaching and you don’t have access to MS Project at APIC Lab, you are required to develop schedule plan, and develop schedule baseline using the Technique of Gantt Chart you learned in class, and to develop resources plan (resource sheet and allocation for each activity) using tables and figures by using MS Word. You also require to develop and write project cost management plan that includes: plan cost management (identify processes, tools and techniques to be used and project documents to be developed as per your client’s requirements), define cost elements (labour, material, variable cost), identify types of cost (direct, indirect, fixed, variable), determine the estimating method (s): (top-down, bottom-up), use estimating techniques (analogous, parametric, three-point method) to estimate budget (creation): establish time-phased budget, provide a discussion on monitoring and controlling cost (EVA relevant to project cost including forecasting and variances), and establish a cost baseline. This all can be done in MS word. You will also need to write power point presentation slides of your project management plan (scope,  schedule and cost). 

For successful completion of this assessment, you require to study the material provided (lecture slides, tutorials, and reading materials), engage in the unit’s activities, and in the discussion forums. The prescribed textbook is the main reference along with the recommended reading material. You are expected to discuss your work with the lecturer and to seek support. Links to real-life projects: (those are mainly infrastructure and construction project, it is not compulsory to use it as your case, you can select a project from your area of expertise).  

• The Australian Government's Department Infrastructure and Transport. National Infrastructure Construction Schedule (NICS): 

• Transport for UNSW: 

• City of Sydney, Changing urban precincts:

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