SBM1203 Venture/Project Economics And Finance: Case Study And Literature Review Assessment 3 Answer

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Asia Pacific International College (APIC)Unit Code and Title: SBM1203 Venture/Project Economics and Finance

Assessment 3: Case study and Literature Review (30%) 

Group/individual: Individual

Word count / Time provided: 2000 words 

Weighting: 30% 

Unit Learning Outcomes: ULO-1, ULO-2, ULO-3, ULO-4, ULO-5 

Assessment Details: The Case Study – Baxil Electronics This case study will assess your knowledge of key content areas of SBM1203. You are required to read analyse the case study “Baxil Electronics”. This case helps you to apply various capital budgeting concepts and techiques and to investigate how sensitive our estimate of NPV is to changes in that one variable. You are also required to review any four publications related to the topic as part of this assignment and critique them for relevance to case study. You will find the case study and related reading material on Canvasna and answer the questions. You can access this case when you click on assessment 3. 

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