SBM1204 Project Delivery Systems: Assessment 3 Critical Review And Evaluation Answer

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SBM1204 – Project Delivery Systems

Assessment 3: Critical review and evaluation of a selected topic 

Due date: Week 9 

Group/individual: Individual 

Word count / Time provided: 2000 words 

Weighting: 30% Unit 

Learning Outcomes: ULO-1, ULO-2, ULO-3, and ULO-4

Assessment Details: 

Design of Project Delivery System influences the success or failure of the implementation phase of projects and programs. It is not just about selecting a contact model; it provides a framework for procurement of goods and services needed to implement the project. This assessment task is based on the review and evaluation of selected project delivery (contract) method. Students will be required to select one of the following five main contract types identified by Kerzner and complete a critical review and evaluation of that contract type in an industry of their choice.

The five main types listed on pg 975-1014 of the textbook 1 are: 

1. Fixed-price 2. Cost-plus-fixed fee or Cost-plus-percentage fee 3. Guaranteed-Maximum-shared-savings 4. Fixed-price-incentive-fee 5. Cost-plus-incentive-fee

This assessment task includes three components: 

1. A detailed literature review on the selected contract type, including the typical delivery models and contexts in the field or industry of interest. 

2. A detailed evaluation of the suitability of the methodology for successful project delivery in the chosen field or industry of interest. 

3. A consideration of the relevance of the contract type together with conclusions and recommendations for future use of the method.

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