SBM1300 Research Project: Analysis Of Methodologies For The Research Project Assessment 3 Answer

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Unit Code and Title: SBM1300 Research Project 

Assessment Information

Assessment 3: Analysis of Methodologies for the Research Project 

Group/individual: Individual assignment 

Word count: 2000 words 

Weighting: 20% 

Unit Learning Outcomes: ULO-1, ULO-2 

Course Learning Outcomes: CLO-5, CLO-6, CLO-7 

Assignment Details: Prepare a 2000 word research methodologies analysis report for your chosen research topic. There is a proposed structure and a recommendation for how long each section should be below. The recommended lengths of each section are approximate, and will vary depending on the research question you are proposing to investigate and the methodology you are proposing to use in your hypothetical research proposal. When preparing your research proposal please keep in mind that you are being assessed as a level 9 AQF student. This means that your report must: (a) Follow the accepted conventions for writing academic reports in terms of writing style and referencing; (b) Demonstrate your ability to critically review evidence and draw conclusions based on your evaluation.

Preparing the Assignment   1. Use the topic of your Research Proposal, or another topic area relevant to project management or business research with approval from the unit coordinator. 2. Describe and justify a research question / research questions associated with the research topic. You may vary the question so that it is appropriate for the different methodologies. For example, an experimental / quasi-experimental or time-series design may be useful for answering questions about causes, such as schedule delays associated with highly complex projects. A qualitative methodology would be more appropriate for exploring how people carry out teamwork tasks in projects or a business scenario. (~200 words) 3. Present three different methodologies for answering the question (~600 words each). For example, you might consider how the question could be answered using a quasi-experimental, time-series and qualitative methodology. In your answers you need to indicate for each methodology 

a. Type of data to be collected and / or analysed (e.g., self-report questionnaires, structured interviews, existing data set) 

b. Description of sample required to answer the question (number of people, relevant demographic characteristics) 

c. Advantages 

d. Limitations 

e. Ethical considerations in using the methodology 

It is recommended that you start on the assignment early and develop it throughout the trimester, thinking about how you could apply each of the topics that are considered in the unit to the question.

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