SBM1300 Research Project Assessment Information: Feasibility Analysis Report Assignment 2 Answer

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Unit Code and Title: SBM1300 Research Project 

Assessment Information

Assessment 2: Feasibility Analysis Report

Group/individual: Individual Assignment 

Word count / Time provided: 700-1000 words 

Weighting: 10% 

Unit Learning Outcomes: ULO-1, ULO-2 

Course Learning Outcomes: CLO-1, CLO-2 

Assignment Details: For this assignment students are required to present their research proposal to an Industry Representative / Consultant or other approved person (this may include an academic staff member) to discuss their research project’s significance and feasibility and submit a summary and reflection on the feedback from the industry representative. 

This assignment is aimed at ensuring that the research project is important, realistic and manageable, and that the research question is appropriate and can be answered with the proposed methodology. It is crucial that the students can complete the research tasks in a timely manner and apply the relevant project management and research tools and techniques. 

The research feasibility report takes the research brief proposal to the consultant and investigates the possible continuation of the project and its realistic execution for the given time period and availability of resources, as well as taking into consideration the student’s capacity to carry on with the research task. Students can use a Gantt chart to keep track of their schedule for all assigned assessment tasks, and therefore, minimize risks.

The feasibility analysis may result in feedback that suggests changes to the research approach and these can be incorporated in the Research Proposal. The reflection on the feedback is important for demonstrating that the feedback has been considered and suggesting how it may be acted upon, for example, by reconsidering or revising the scope of the topic or research question or by revising the methodology. This is equivalent to the acceptance of the project charter for which the students have studied in their course and has been accepted by key stakeholders. The Feasibility Analysis istherefore very important as it provides the basis for feedback that will assist you to prepare an excellent Research Proposal and should be taken very seriously even though the weighting of the assignment is relatively low. The most important aspect of this assignment is to ensure that you have a defensible research question that is recognized as important by industry experts. This will be very important to achieving an excellent outcome for your research proposal.

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