SBM1300 Research Proposal Brief: Proposal Identifying A Research Area Assignment 1a Answer

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Assessment 1 (a): Research Proposal Brief

Group/individual:Individual Assignment
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800-1000 words
Unit Learning Outcomes:ULO-1
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A Research Proposal Brief early in the semester is to receive feedback about the suitability of the topic so that by the time is a document that informs others of a proposed piece of research and its significance. This is the first stage of preparing a Research Proposal that could be used as part of an application to undertake a research degree or to apply for funding to conduct the research.

The purpose of writing the Research Proposal Brief early in the semester is to receive feedback about the suitability of the topic so that by the time you complete the Research Proposal (due in week 10) the final submission is of a standard that could be used to support an application for a research degree or for research funding.

The Research Proposal Brief early in the semester is to receive feedback about the suitability of the topic so that by the time is therefore very important as it provides the basis for feedback that will assist you to prepare an excellent Research Proposal and should be taken very seriously even though the weighting of the assignment is relatively low. The most important aspect of this assignment is to identify a solid research question, which also means justifying the question from previous research. This will save you time in the long run. If the proposal brief is well-designed it will be an outline of the full proposal for the thesis to follow.

You are required to submit a written Research Proposal Brief in academic format (800-1000 words) and give an oral presentation (5-10 minutes) about your research proposal.

This assessment is worth 10% of your marks for SBM1300 and forms the basis of the Research Proposal due in week 10 and worth 40% of your marks for SBM1300 and your Research Proposal Presentation due week 12 and worth 20% of your marks for SBM1300. Students develop the Research Proposal across the semester incorporating (a) feedback on the Research Proposal Brief; (b) feedback from the Feasibility analysis (due week 5 and worth 10% of your marks for SBM1300); (c) learnings from your classes, discussions, feedback and readings during the semester.

For the Research Proposal Brief you need to prepare an outline of your proposed research topic and research plan for investigating the topic using the template for the structure below. The document should be between 800 and 1000 words in length (excluding project title and references). The recommended lengths of each section are approximate, and will vary depending on the research question you are proposing to investigate and the methodology you are proposing to use in your research proposal.

ContentsLength (words)
1. Project Title: This is a brief descriptive summary of the proposed research topic. For ideas on how a project title should look, look at articles in Project Management journals such as the International Journal of Project Management< 20 words
2. Research Overview and Justification: This is a brief summary of the research topic that describes the topic and why it is important for a research study to be
conducted to investigate the topic
3. Condensed Literature Review (at least three research-based sources).
Discuss the objectives, methodologies and findings of relevant previous research

that provides a background for your research topic. The aim is to provide a
critique of existing work and identify gaps in knowledge and / or methodological weaknesses in existing research.

4. Research Objectives, Research question and Sub-questions. Linking back to sections (2) and (3), present and justify the question that your research project will be designed to answer.150-200
5. Methodology (which type- Comparative, Descriptive, Action, Ethnographic,, Explanatory, Exploratory). Think about how you would answer your research question (e.g., by reviewing trends in national / international statistics, by conducting a survey of consumers, by undertaking interviews with employers) and start to consider any advantages, disadvantages, materials needed or practical limitations of the methodology. This section is the most likely to change as you progress through the unit and learn about alternative ways of answering your research question. Remember, this is hypothetical. You do not have to
actually be able to carry out the study, but you need to think about what you would need to carry out a study to answer your research question.
6. Significance of the research of the project. This is a final summary of all of the sections above ending with a statement of why it is important to conduct the research using the methodology proposed.100-150
8. References and Resources: provide references to at least three research studies, government reports and/or industry reports using Harvard Referencing. Please note, websites are not acceptable resources for the purpose of the

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