SBM4201 Systems Analysis And Design: Project Design Assessment 3 Answer

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Unit Code and Title: SBM4201 Systems Analysis and Design 

Assessment Overview

Assessment 3: Project Design

Assessment  Details:

A project has been developed for the students to work on that throughout the semester. Students will need to do various activities every week and will be required to provide answers and achieve identified outcomes.

Students will not be assessed on work that the tutor has not seen them produce in class so that attendance is required as part of this assessment. Students are required to submit the work that they have completed during the tutorial session.

 Project Design: APIC Mobile Application (AMA)

APIC College wants to develop a Mobile Application for their students, along with all the features for e-learning. The App will allow students to access their e-mails, lecture notes, in/after-class activities and many other features. The project requires launching in January 2021.

You have just completed your Bachelor’s studies and got an opportunity to work in this project. You need to produce a design for this application based on the University's requirements.


  •  Week1: Develop the six core processes of the SDLC required to develop the project.
  •  Week2: Explain the responsibilities of the project manager for this project?
  •  Week3: Write a System Vision Document.
  •  Week4: a) Create a Work Breakdown Structure that lists all the steps to complete the project. b) Develop PERT/CPM chart explaining the early and late start for each task. Identify the critical path and the total time to finish the project.
  •  Week5: a) Draw Activity diagram for enrolment sub-system. b) Draw the use case diagram for the enrolment sub-system.
  •  Week6: a) Draw the Class diagram for the enrolment sub-system. b) Draw an entity- relationship diagram for the enrolment sub-system.
  •  Week7: a) Complete a fully developed use case description for each scenario for the enrolment sub-system. b) Draw the System Sequence diagram (SSD) for the enrolment sub- system.
  •  Week8: a) Draw a network diagram that will support this configuration.
  •  Week9: Design the complete User & System Interfaces for a enrolment input screen.
  •  Week10: Plan suitable testing and deployment activities.
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