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What is Scala Programming Language?

Scala = "scalable language" - a language which ;

1) Grows with the demands of its users.

  • Scala is a blend of object oriented programming and a functional one. Tis mixture is the source of its strength.
  • Combines object oriented and functional 

2) Programming with a powerful static type 

3) System and expressive syntax.

  • Compiles to Janva byte code and runs on the JVM

Scala as a host language

1) Flexible

  • Infix operator syntax for method calls
  • Omitting parenthesis
  • No need for ";"

2) Extensible

  • Operator overloading
  • Highter order functions
  • By name parameter evalution
  • Implicit definitions and parameters
  • Traits

Scala strengths:

Comparing with java, when using scala our code becomes significantly shorter


class rectangle1 {
private double w; // width=w
private doubleh; // height=h
public rectabgle1 (double w, double h) {
this.w = w;
this.h = h;


class rectangle1 (var width; double, var height : double)

1) Scala runs on top of the JVM. We can seamlessly integrate the code we write in scala with code written in Java.

2) We can integrate scala with .NET. the code in scala can be compiled into CLR byte code.

Scala fibonacci:

object FiboScala extends App {
def fibo (a: Int): BigInt = {
var x : BigInt = 0
var y : BigInt = 1
var z : BigInt = 0
for (_<- 1 to a) {
z = (x + y) (x = y) (y = z)}
return x }
println( fibo(1000) ) }