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Scholarship Guide


Scholarship Guide 

To promote the healthy spirit of co-operation among other countries in the field of economy, culture, politics, education, or trade programs between the governments of various countries has endorsed various scholarship programs to aid the deserving students in their crusade to develop a better future. 

The series of merit-based programs of scholarship set up by governments of various foreign nationalities are key in enticing international teachers, students, and scholars to study or conduct their research work in various universities. 

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Even before a student proceeds towards their application process they need to scout for the various scholarships that are present to aid them in getting their education at a reduced rate than they were originally to pay. The foundation of most scholarships is merit but the parameters for different scholarships are dissimilar. Different countries have different criteria of deciding student eligibility for scholarship and scholarship guide from us at ABC Assignment Help are the most knowledgeable in providing all the information on various scholarship that suits the purpose of a student. 

Here are a few of the scholarships that are offered to the students –

Academic Scholarships

It is offered to the crème students of academics who have at least a 3.0+ GPA on a scale of 4.0. Other than that it is also offered to students who have along with scoring a certain GPA has excelled in an important extra-curriculum of dance or sport. The academic scholarships are all offered to well-rounded students and the students who obtain them are considered to be the best in the field of academia. The academic scholarships are offered to students as a waiver for the high tuition fee of the course of their choice. 

Athletic Scholarships

It is offered to the crème athletes who have through their various achievements in the field of sports have collected enough accolades to get recruited by top Universities in their sports team. In this scholarship, the athletic students get recruited directly into the Universities who offer the high school pass out students’ Athletic scholarship on their performance level in the game field through sports recruiters rather than having the students apply exclusively for their scholarship along with the proofs. 

They have to often compete in order to win an athletic scholarship. Athletes getting academic scholarship usually have their full tuition fee waivered. The benefit of the full waiver of academic scholarship comes at a cost as the students receiving it have to balance both their studies as well as maintain their athletic performance level in the field.

Individual Scholarships

It is offered by the college or a donor or the Trust fund that is sponsored by a donor who is closely affiliated to the University. The individual scholarships are given for programs of engineering to commendable students or athletes of the genre alike. The individual scholarship is a wide-ranging scholarship that is capped by the personal conditions set forth by the scholarship granting authority.

Minorities Scholarship


It is offered to students who belong to a minority community who are qualified for receiving the scholarship. Minorities scholarship is given to students on the basis of them being a part of a minor community. In general, scholarship providers expect them to be a part of a certain community or ethnicity. Students applying for minorities scholarship have to represent their community, culture, or ethnicity before the officials to obtain the money.

Scholarships for Women

It is offered solely to women and is provided to them to study further in almost any field of education. Since education is considered to be a male domain and most students attending the college courses are male, the scholarship is awarded to female students in an effort to increase their attendance in different degree courses of colleges and Universities. This is done keeping in mind the patriarchal setup of most families in various parts of the world. Every female student should consider opting for this scholarship as it provides them with a better opportunity to diminish the financial burden on their family that the cost of rising education expenses puts on them.

Artistic Scholarships


These scholarships are offered to students who faithfully intend to pursue their vocation in creative or performing arts courses like music, painting, dance, etc. To win the artistic scholarships, capable students are generally anticipated to give hardcore auditions. These auditions form a huge part for selection basis of the possible scholarship winner. The artistic scholarships are offered to students in colleges of UK or USA or Australia where plenty of scholarships of the artistic genre are made available to students to help them get into art, dance or music school.

Requirement Based Scholarships

These scholarships are offered to students who do not possess a very strong background in finance but still display a positive affliction towards the passion to excel and learn on the ground academics. There are various factors that are usually taken into account or consideration while deciding on the validity of a person in the grounds of financial structure -

  • The monthly wages of the student’s family
  • The number of children that are enrolled in the various schools from the student’s household
  • Their current living expense of the student and the cost that they are to need if they are allowed to study in the foreign shores
  • The kind of job that the wage-earning members of the student’s family hold individually

Requirement-based scholarships are generally independent of scholarships related to academia. Any student applying for an academic scholarship can also apply for a requirement-based scholarship without any delay.

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